Affirmations of happiness and success

Affirmations from the book Power of subconscious Joseph Murphy

"Today I choose happiness. Today I choose success. Today I am choosing the right procedure. Today I choose love and good will for all people. Today I choose peace. "

"My subconscious knows what is best for me. Favours the good and podszepnie me the right decision, which will come out to me and to all concerned. I am grateful because I know that I am sure I will have the right inspiration. "

"God is the source of all happiness, is infinite love, understanding, omnipotence, wisdom, perfect harmony, God is perfection!"

"The Will of God lays down today and always my life. Everything is turning to my advantage today. Today begins a new and beautiful day – happier than any before. I am guided by divine wisdom, and God bless all that I will do today. It surrounds me and protects God's love, I go toward the light. Whenever I start a thought from what is good and constructive, I immediately przywołam to order and focus solely on the good and the beauty. I am a spiritual and mental magnet that attracts happiness and goodness. All of my actions today will bring an success. All day I will be happy without rest. "

"My mind is full of peace, balance and niewzruszonej certainty. I have my particle in an infinitely wise common mind. I am not afraid of anything in the past, present, or future. An infinitely clever subconscious mind directs me on all roads. Since then, in every embarrassing situation, turns certainty, peace and trust. There is peace, freedom and joy in me. I forgive myself, but I also have forgiveness. Henceforth, self-discipline and unwavering confidence will be guided by my thinking. "

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