Affirmations – meaning of words

You should carefully and judiciously draw words to create an affirmation. We need to take care of the details.
"A flood in my life"
Quite tricky, risky. Why?
Consider the word: Flood
It may mean flooding, flooding.
The subconscious can bring to us not what we meant to end with.

"I got a new Mercedes"
From the foregoing sentence does not indicate who is the auto, but that is in my garage, it may be, for example, uncle.
In some unfavorable situations it may happen that someone new Mercedes will not brake and crash in our garage just.

Affirmations should be easy to remember, clearly worded, but still literal. We don't use any metaphors or words that can have different meanings.

If the affirmation is to refer to the selected
We like some girl.
False Affirmation:
"The subconscious will make it (your name) Be Mine"
We can inflict harm in this way. We do not know so until the end of the person's character, we rely on some general information only. We do not know whether to ourselves we will fit for the rest of the life really.

"I attract to myself a wonderful woman who give me With Love"
Affirmations can also in no way hurte others, exert influence. Remember to keep the other person free.
Likewise, we should not pursue our plans at the expense of the other person's harm.

As for the length of affirmation is a matter of what we feel better. We prefer longer or short. If the thought was to be unclear it is better to clarify it yet and make a longer affirmation.

Of course, affirmations can be arbitrarily expanded, those that I gave for example as correct, are short. I meant to point out the elements to be given special attention.

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