Reprinting past

If you could change your past, you would be another man today… I want to give you a hand-time machine that will change
The course of his personal history

Reprinting past

Can you change the past?

How many times did you want to undo the time? Undo actions, Undo words? How many times returned to the past reliving it anew, again feeling all the accompanying wspomnieniom emotions?

But you know, you can't change the past. What did you expect? The past has already happened, the handle was gone, the end, the Finito. At least it is so widely believed.

But when we start to think about it, you can come to quite different conclusions.

You can't change the results of your actions in the past, but you can change your personal past to become another man now and change the direction in which your destiny follows.

You only need a little bit of ancient knowledge and a few moments each evening. You can read on or go straight to the form.

Why bother with your past?

Your conscious mind has no power sprawczej. The results you achieve are your subconscious mind, which is a cyber mechanism aimed at achieving programmed objectives.

The subconscious is the election of the programme to be implemented, based, inter alia, on the experience of czerpanym from his personal past. If you have performed an action once (a program) that has completed its task, it is very likely that you will continue to use the program even if it no longer is useful to you. It is enough that will conditions that will be the signal to run the program. By changing your past, you can radically transform decisions of your subconscious mind. Take for example the habit of smoking cigarettes.

A former smoker who never smoked

Using the technique of Przedrukowywania past the smoker with a large internship may within a few days become a former smoker who has never smoked. It sounds paradoxical, but with this technique anyone who is struggling with any addiction can repeatedly increase their chances of being geted.

You are changing your past to one where you have never smoked cigarettes. If you have never smoked, you are now a non-smoker, right? With a simple, easy and almost always pleasant Przedrukowywania technique, you can achieve this.

Shy man who never feared

The same may apply to undesired character traits, such as shyness or uncontrollable anger. Tropisz in his past all the memories that confirm the unwanted traits and przedrukowujesz them. Wymazujesz and replace the new ones in which you are brave (because in the past you have always been so) or always perfectly mastered (because in the past you have been, now so also you are).

Change the past,
Change the present and future

Przedrukowując, or replacing your personal past, you can have a gigantic influence on your present and thus for your future.

You can build a database of experiences that will provide a new foundation for your new life-designed by you.

This new (though ancient) tool in your arsenal of mental cleansing techniques and methods of using the Law of Attraction proves its effectiveness if you give it a chance and use it.

What does the publication contain?

From Przedrukowywania past you will learn:

  • What is the nature of perception
  • What is what you think of as reality
  • What is awareness and subconscious
  • How are memories produced and how they are played
  • What is the nature of the time and what can be

First of all, you will learn how to:

  • Change your past to make other choices in the present, think differently and feel different,
  • achieve other, better results in your life
  • Improve your relationship with other
  • Purify your mind with unwanted programs and beliefs
  • Start the Law of attraction in a new way

This is another "secret" at your disposal

The method I describe in the Przedrukowywaniu of the past is at least 5 000 years old. It is used by the initiated adepts of the Huna, by the Tolteckich of spiritual warriors, and by shamans from around the world, who thanks to them travel untied Okowami of time and bring changes to the ENERGOINFORMACYJNEJ structure of the universe after To out potential problems before they occur.

But you don't have to be a shaman or a magician, you don't have to change the whole world to get amazing results with this technique you've just been able to meet. You can use it to change your own reality and to run processes that will allow you to create a life for yourself, which you have always dreamt.


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