I am a human being and I know the difficulties of modern life.

Trouble with work, partner, health, yourself.

Nevertheless, in everyday struggles everyone has an equally high chance to find fullness.

It is possible because there is no contradiction in dealing with the mundane and the spiritual.

Explore the vibrant ocean of energies

Just as every living organism responds accordingly to danger and rapid changes, the human soul also has the strength that helps it deal with problems.

And just as a doctors intervention can help our body when in need, our soul also may also require a therapist’s care. What’s more, life isn’t just about getting back to a healthy state.

We instinctively sense that the matter is related to discovering ourselves from scratch.

All spiritual traditions emphasize that such wisdom is not only important in itself, but also allows miracles to manifest in real life.

The blog is a condensed description of my experience and a summary of my thoughts on esotericism and magic in its broadest sense.

They are authentic and intended for researchers like me, who can help to understand or disenchant certain phenomena, and I have included here what I would like to find somewhere at the beginning of my magical journey. You will find many book titles that will allow you to start your own magic studies, as well as some examples of my own practice that will help you overcome your initial scepticism. Unfortunately, when I started, there was no such collection, so I had to laboriously accumulate my knowledge over the years from various sources. Maybe my experience will help someone to accelerate their progress or avoid mistakes. All texts available on the blog can be linked and quoted with reference to the source.

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