The Tree of Happiness


What does the Tree of Life represent?

Ever wondered about the importance of the life jewelry tree and what does it mean for the people who wear it? The symbolism tree of life has a long history, crossing many Cultures. Although it would be an overwhelming explanation of the significance of this culture for every culture, the tree of life has prevailing themes and meanings that span many nations. Symbol of the combination of all things. This tree has roots that reach deep into the soil, recognizing its relationship to the Earth and accepting food from mother Earth. The leaves and branches extend into the sky, recognizing the sun and accepting energy that transforms into Nourishment. The tree of life means that you are not an island, but you are deeply tied to the world around you and dependent on it when it comes to your ability to grow and Flourish.

A tree of happiness as a symbol of families and ancestors

The family Symbol and the connection to the Ancestors. The tree symbolizes the generation of your family; The tree germinatinges with seeds, grows and branches out, sees how far it can go, and then creates a new fruit that gives life to the next generation to start Over. The Tree of Life also symbolizes the family through its extensive network of branches, showing our continuity through all Generations. Thanks to constantly expanded troops we connect with parents and grandparents and our children and KIDS. As a symbol of your growth in a beautiful and unique Person. When the trees are young, they look quite the Same. however, as the ageing older, the weather storms burzują and are zmaganeed by the forces of wind and Water. Their branches can break and grow in a different direction, or the soil itself beneath them will break their bodies, causing them to grow even stronger roots that keep on them. Over time they become very unique and beautiful in their eccentricity and idiosynkrazjach. They are just as we all want to become – shaped into fascinating, intriguing individuals who have endured the hardships and rich life experiences that have made us become who we are.

Szcześcia tree as a symbol of birth and immortality

As a rebirth Symbol. In the fall the trees are losing their leaves and fall for a few months for hibernation resembling Death. But come in spring, the tree sprouts tiny buds, bursts with dramatic blooms and leaves and is born Again. In this way, the Tree of life is a symbol of a new start in life, positive energy, good health and a bright future. As a symbol of Immortality. The tree grows old, but it contains seeds that contain the essence itself and thus becomes immortal.

A tree of happiness as a symbol of growth and strength

The young tree begins with shallow roots, which over time strengthen and grow deeper. The branches begin as small buds and stretch upwards, reaching the sun and the Sky. Like this tree, a person grows and strives to acquire more knowledge and new Experiences.  

Celtic Tree of Life

Warriors people felt deep bonds with nature, especially in the direction of the Trees. The trees were not simply inanimate objects that were meant to serve as food and shelter, but were also a place of accumulation, with spiritual links with the ancestors, divinities and the Celtic WORLD. This honor for the trees grew from a deep appreciation of what the tree provides to People. The Celts believed that without life trees it would be much harder. Trees supply food, shelter, warmth (through FIREWOOD) and house for many animals and insects. When Warriors people purified a piece of earth, they left one large, single tree in the middle, believing that it had special powers to deal with all life on Earth. This tree was called the Bethadhem crankshaft. It was thought that it was so powerful that the Celts believed that pruning the enemy tree would make them impotent. In addition to having the power to care for life on earth, The trees also had links with the supernatural world, spirits and Ancestors. Celtic Tree of Life doors to the world Celtic Spirit the word "oak" is the expression "daur", the origins of the modern word "door". So the root of the word means the door to ' Otherworld ', the Kingdom of the dead and other powerful spirits. Until today you can go through the Irish country and find the trees decorated with ribbons. These trees, also known as greeting trees, cartoons or May shrubs, are places where people bind ribbons and ask for blessings from saints, spirits and Fairies. The Celtic symbol of the tree was a symbol of the nutritional power of mother earth, the connection with the ancestors and the world of spirit and the presentation of the path of spiritual growth Celtic the node of Life tree has branches reaching to heaven and roots that reach the earth, all these connect into an infinite circle of knots, symbolizing the interconnection between heaven, earth and all living things. The Tree of Happiness

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