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50 symbols good luck from around the world updated updated on December 15th, 2014. Monarcha13 profile Photo Monarcha13 The contact author signs and symbols of good luck do you believe in happiness? Do you have a charm of happiness or a symbolic talisman to scare evil and bring you happiness? Many people do the same thing. Cultures around the world have developed signs and symbols that are believed to be happy. Other symbols are conceived as giving wishes and even healing of the SICK. There are also symbols protecting against evil and providing protection from Curses. Symbols of happiness are found in many shapes, sizes and forms. In nature there are signs of good (or bad) happiness, including plants, animals and Insects. Many cultures believe that there are happy objects, numbers, symbols and Jewels. Here are the most popular signs of happiness and prosperity from around the WORLD. I tried to capture a whole range of happy symbols from around the WORLD. Enjoy the happiness! Good luck char: At first glance few people animals betting objects stones turtles (protection against black magic) Clover four horse horseshoe (final open, for Protection) Eye of the cat crisis (warning for the close Danger) stallion (lightning Protection) coins (in The new pocket of jackets) Safira dolphins (for protection of bamboo axes (for success) amber swine (for property) Wheels Red bat (for long life) ladders (but not bending About the Wall) good signs of the success of nature rainbows are considered to be happy because, as we all know, at the end there is a pot of gold! Rainbows are considered happy because, as we all know, at the end there is a pot of gold! | The source of soldiers and their carriers, oak trees bring happiness according to folklore Norse. The Vikings Associate Oaks with Oaks with thor, god, who created a great anvil and a hammer to create lightning and Lightning. Because the tree attracted lightning, it was sacred to Hory. The Vikings believed that the oak fruit, the acorn, was spareded to the wrath of thor, so the Vikings put the lonely acorn on the windowsill to protect their homes from lightning. The rainbow is mentioned in the old Testament. God created the rainbow after the flood as a sign that the earth will never again be destroyed by flooding. It is said that Irish trędowatościs hide gold at the end of the rainbow, though we all know that the end of the rainbow is impossible to find! Eggs are a powerful symbol of fertility, purity and rebirth in traditional People’s Religion. They are used in magical rituals to promote fertility and restore masculinity, look to the future, bring good weather conditions, stimulate crop growth, protect cattle and children from misfortune, and scare off the “evil eye”. In england, a gift of white egg is considered lucky, but the brown egg is unhappy. Insects Happy Świerszczyk in the hearth for thousands of years is a sign of happiness in the HOUSEHOLD. Świerszczyk in the hearth for thousands of years is a sign of happiness in the HOUSEHOLD. | The source of opacity in the hearth for thousands of years is a sign of happiness in the HOUSEHOLD. This conviction could have resulted from prehistoric times when Świerszczykowy Chirp assured a kind of companionship. In China and other Asian countries, cricket is considered to be the Guardian dogs: at each pass the danger of the tweet is Stopped. In the far east, as well as across europe, killing cricket, even by chance, is very unlucky. Almost every indigenous American tribe believed that cricket brings happiness and that imitation of his twittering was reckless. On the charms and amulets appear images of cricket, especially those that are to scare the “bad eye” in the cultures of the ancient Middle East and Europe. Wadybugi are considered to be a harbinger of success and Prosperity. It is said that the Ladybug has the ability to release one of the daily Problems. By wearing the Ladybird amulet or having a living earth you brighten up your day, you give patience to those around you, and most importantly, reduce your weights. If get sick, when the Ladybird lands on you, it will pick up the Disease. If a ladybug lands on your hand and then departs, it is said that the next Sunday will be a good weather. The ladybug Kill is considered Unlucky. For Ladybugs Dots: If a ladybug lands on your wrist recently Żonatej women, the number of dots on her ridge is the number of children she will Have. The number of spots on Biedronka can also indicate the number of lucky months that are waiting for us to Come. Folk folklore also suggests that if catch ladybird at home, you will find the same amount of dollars as is on the backs of the ladybugs. Another happy insect is a dragonfly. The Dragon as a wind creature represents a Change. As water beings they represent the state of the subconscious, which is the state of “sleep.” Other symbolic meanings associated with dragon dragonflies are prosperity, strength, courage, courage, peace, Harmony and Purity. The Paszniki come from ancient Egyptian times, where they were considered good beetles. As a symbol of rising sun and P

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