The Law of Attraction Dream Job: 7 Proven Tips


If you’re currently employed, try to:


Love the job you have.


I know. You think that you can love the work you have, you do not need a new one.

It can be a bit complicated – but it is extremely helpful to minimize the horror of your current job.

The reason is, as it says the law of attraction “similar attracts like” – so if you hate your work, it will continue to manifest – even in the new one. You must first change the vibration, not the work. Otherwise, it is only from the pan and into the fire.

You can manage your mood by looking for things that will appreciate your current position.


Just remember: the best way to get a new job is to love the job you have.


If, on the other hand you are currently unemployed, an important tip is:

Appreciate your time.

It is easy to emphasize while you do not have a job. But this stress sends a signal to the Universe that it must agree. (One way or another). Finding a way to relax, trust and maybe even use this time would be perfect.

It doesn’t mean that you will not take action to get a new job. Try to minimize complaints or stress the situation. Fear, anxiety and reluctance can serve as blocks to your dream job.

So try to reduce the time of bewilderment. It is normal that we are worried when we are not working and the pressure is on, and it is natural that stress increases longer we are absent.

But that is why it is worth knowingly managing the “weird” factor.

Feel your feelings and then level yourself.

This is vibrational management: find thoughts that feel you better. You can do it.



Watch out for words

Stop talking / think about how much you hate this job, you need a new one, or you’re afraid you will not find it.

As you say, it will be so.

So choose your thoughts, which are good for you, ok?


Instead: “I will never find a new job”, switch it with “Sometimes will come” or “Things have a way to work out.”


Just soften as you say and think about it.

Give the Universe something to work.

If you still say, “It’s impossible” it will definitely be.


Open your mind.

Be open to how your new job could appear.

Let the universe amaze and delight you, as it is easy to get a new position.

The more open we are, the more funny the Universe can have with us.


Get to work.

This tip may contradict the “enjoy time” tip, but it does not have to be – and it’s incredibly powerful to let a new job happen.

I’m talking about behaving like a happily employed person.

Meaning, waking up, preparing yourself and doing something with your life.


Make sure you have the wardrobe you need, and start working with the required skills.

It will help you feel confident and ready, and send a message to the Universe that you have something to do and somewhere to be.

“Acting as if” can be a great way to create a vibration that requires work to manifest in your world.


Calm down

When you see that you are excited, do not get attached.

Sometimes we devote ourselves to a deficiency thinking that this is our only shot, and we are better at work and everything is lost if it does not.

But this vibration not only makes it impossible to reveal itself to other possibilities, but also makes us an unlikely candidate for employment. (Desperation and need are deterrent energies).

Keep off these unhelpful vibrations, remembering that you live in a rich world with many possibilities.

If not, something better can happen. That’s how the system works.


Choose inspiration over desperation

The more nervous or nervous we get new finds, the more we will take action that did not help. Unlucky energies do not lead to happy endings, no matter how many actions you take to “make it happen.”

First start by looking at the desired final result, feel the joy in advance and then take action,








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