Lucky Plants for Money, Love and Wishes

Tree planting and the birth of a child

The presence of ancient trees adds homeliness to the house, making it more beautiful, more serious and safer. In many families, the tradition of planting trees to commemorate the birth of a child or a wedding is continued. This is an old custom, already known in the times of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. When the male descendants came to the world, mostly oaks were planted, and when the girl – lindens.

Tradition (with different trees) is known throughout Eurasia.

Money, Wealth – Feng Shui

Bamboos etc.

Lucky Bamboo at first glance is almost indistinguishable from bamboo, but despite its name and similarity, it is not at all. Its correct name is dracaena sander, otherwise a dracon (Latin: Dracaena sanderian). The name dracena itself derives from the gr. draconian – dragon.

Happy Bamboo comes from southern Asia, where almost for four millennia is a symbol of happiness. In Chinese, Fu Gwey Zhu is called, which means: wealth, energy, bamboo. The symbolism of this plant is often used in Feng Shui practices.

The number of stems of Happy Bamboo has its symbolic meaning in Chinese tradition:

3 stalks give good luck,
5 stems bring wealth,
7 stems provide health,
21 stalks combine all the benefits – happiness, wealth and health.

Avoid putting together 4 stems, because in Chinese the word “four” sounds very similar to the word “death”.

Lucky Bamboo is considered to be an ideal example of the element of wood combined with the element of water. Its stems are often tied with a red ribbon that symbolizes the element of fire – it has a positive effect on the flow of energy. It is believed that the plant produces positive chi energy, because it grows well even in conditions in which other plants are rapidly deteriorating.


Wish trees

They were based on the assumption that the tree is the home of powerful ghosts. Making them victims (often symbolic), brings their favor. Tibetan shamans emphasize dependence in the other direction – unjustified destruction of trees, attracts the anger of their tenants. It can manifest itself as eg diseases.

Forms of wish trees

Contemplation with trees – health, love, finances

outdoor meditations – ebook with full instructions

Lucky Plants for Money, Love and Wishes

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