The Law of Attraction: The Secret to a better life

Under the Law of Attraction, you attract not only successes and opportunities to break the estate, but also unpleasant, situations, what is called bad luck.

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Law of Attraction: What Makes the "secret" work?




Many books on subconscious power have been written. Many books on the Law of Attraction have been written.


Why, therefore, a lot of people give up using it in life, saying that it is crap that does not work.


This article is based on my years of experience, where by applying the principles of the Law of attraction gets always what I need and speeches of people in many forums. In the books they teach that the first thing you have to do is define what you want, imagine the exact goal and recognize that you have it… and here is a small mistake.

Law of Attraction

The first thing you have to do is realize that you are the child of the universe (God if you are a religious person), as important as trees, stars, animals. When you run out there will be an empty place that no one fills up. For some reason you came to this world. You are important. You have the right to be here and enjoy the gifts that the universe brings to you.


Why do I emphasize this? Because I still have the meditation in mind that I have led a woman in a very hard family and financial situation. In meditation appeared her flowing into her beautiful chalice adorned with precious stones. The charm of peace and serenity, St. Grall… and she in mind said "I am not worthy" and the chalice has disappeared.


I regret to say that it is still in a difficult situation, although it visualizes the goals and the improvement of life. Unfortunately, subconsciously sabotages them because they do not believe it is worthy.


The first thing we have to realize is… We are worthy of love, happiness and trust. We are worthy of health, fulfilling dreams and joys. We are worthy.


Secondly, when you are already aware that you are worthy of everything that the universe has to offer you the most imagine the purpose of your dreams. They teach us to be in the present tense. This is correct, but as usual the devil is in the details. First, if I am healthy, then I have no need to cure. If I have a dream house, then I have no need to build it. If mam…to something I do not need to earn. So I do not take action in this direction. Secondly, only the dead things are immutable. If he wants something alive and developing się…to I have to give this place for development and change.


Example. When I was sepsis, I didn't say "I'm healthy", but my affirmation was "healthier, with every moment I go back to health." Within 16 days I left the hospital… thank God (the universe as he will), doctors and myself.


When I needed a job, my affirmation was "I am a good employee, every company is happy to be able to hire me"-and it works


Wealth-money come to me in abundance from all sources.


From what I noticed on the forums very often are committed basic mistakes.. Using past or future tense.




"Pass exams"-future tense, future not determined. Someday it can.
The correct recognition for me would be "I have the knowledge and skills to pass the exam. The answers to the questions come to me with ease. "


"I'll get a job"-I used to sure… "The employer is happy to employ a skilled and good employee I am"-a better idea


"I won (here a big sum) and I fulfill my dreams:-a double mistake. The first is the past tense. Since I won… what should I play? The second is the assumption that the only way to meet your dreams is to win the lotto. This strongly limits the way I can achieve this. Wouldn't change it on-"I'm lucky in games of chance. I always win as much as I need. " Two – the universe favors me and everywheres the possibilities and opportunities to fulfill dreams. It accomplishes your goals and dreams with ease.


It is important to define clearly and very clearly the purpose. Here I come to mind my stay at the bowling alley and the words of archery master to his apprentice. When I was at the bowling alley at the beginning I had zero results. This changed when I started to focus on the ball and the goal. To the extent that Gacze next noticed that if reverse my attention, the Orb strayinged with the goal. Maybe they weren't the highest scores, but the 7-9 bowled Strącałam. Focus on purpose is key. Nietzsche said, "Many stick to the chosen road. Not many aspire to the goal. " Affirmations have to help you always have a goal before your eyes.


It even better illustrates the story of archery master and his disciple.
"The student asked the mast
er: The master Why I can't hit the target. You hit every time.
The master asked: d
o you see this bird on a nearby tree? You hear the stream noise next? You see how the Wind sways the grass, and the clouds calmly flow?
The disciple replie
d: Yes Master.
The master replied: Sto
p letting the environment dissipate and focus on the goal. "


Remember – your will creates. Know what you want. Define your goal clearly, and be willing to reach it.


Thirdly, emotion is a carrier. If you don't appreciate what you have and you are nieszczęśliwy…to you will not be happy with that twice as much. Remember that the law of attraction is not even to the end of attracting. It is even the awakening of the right vibrations and events around you. Thought, emotion is a wave. Like sound. Let's imagine a music store with Kamertonami, if hit in one pitchfork appeal those with the same sound. We are such kamertonami. Emotion creates strong waves, if our thoughts (our desires) are not consistent with our emocjami…to these waves get abolished. If you want love, joy and happiness, first inspire in yourself these feelings… The universe will respond.
Two – Faith Protects thy dreams. Believe in yourself, believe yourself and believe that your dreams are within easy reach. Enthusiasm, gratitude and joy are the wings that will bring you to your goal.


Fourth – Maintain common sense. This can be quite an extreme example, but the visualization of snow in the desert really has a poor chance of realization. We define the goals in which our minds are inclined to believe. We are well understood. I believe that everything can be accomplished and every dream we can fulfill. However, I share my way to the stages and I use the basic principle of the Mage "I am who I am, in the place where I am, I take things as they are and uses them as best I can." Many people focus on what is not what they want. "With the empty, even Solomon does not pour." First I focus on what I have, and then I look at how I can use it to get what I want.


Fifth, start to make your dreams come true and listen to your intuition. If everything goes across, think about whether to make sure the road you've chosen is good. If something says "no"… then be it.
Remember, no affirmation will replace the action.


Example. I really wanted to have a cape. When I ordered and gave an advance on one… I got the other from the relative. When I needed a gas cooker 9bo from the old gas to ulatniał), I bought a lot and won money. Every time I did something in that direction. When I had sepsis I listened to doctors and slept a lot. However, after leaving the hospital I found that within three months I would be able to dance a rock end roll without any breath and… I went for walks and slowly zwiększałam effort. Of course I succeeded. Conclude


1. Believe in yourself. Value you. Remember that you are worthy of all the best.
2. Determine your goal in the present tense, preferably undone, to give you a place to grow and change for the better.
3. Be full of good emotions. Remember that they are the wings that carry you on your goal. Believe in yourself and the fulfillment of your dreams. Be thankful for what you have.
4. Maintain common sense.
5. Act in harmony with your intuition.


My grandmother Powiadałaed when he still books about the law of Attraction and the power of the subconscious were not fashionable:


If you have faith in yourself and a goal in front of you, no obstacle will zmogą you.


And the second, which I always check:


When thoughts, emotions, words and deeds are compatible dreams are fulfilled freely.


Of course, each case is different. We cordially invite you to consultations and courses






What has taught me the law of attraction?



I had a long break in writing. But no break in thinking. I have never stopped feeling in my thoughts of the power that I have given me to know the law of attraction and never zapomniałabym what it gave me, that is, myself. Perhaps they are right, whose voices appeal to claim that the law of Attraction sounds here as a religion or as a sect to which I have decided to belong. But it's not like that. It's just two words that include a certain element that no one ever taught us; Two words, which testify to the fact that each of us is able to be whoever wants and only we ourselves can stop ourselves. You can call it as you wish: esoteric, development psychology, love, God, whatever. I don't care about the name or the label. I care that I am finally the who I wanted.

It's good that you're a skeptic

For many of the people we meet on the street all this twaddle about Ezoteryce sounds like a funny baloney. "Fabless, fabless – child, where are you living?! Snap out and start living this reality, and you don't go with your head in the clouds! " I'm not going to convince anyone now that I am sure you are right. Everyone has his own and I do not want to penetrate. I will just try to say what each of us could teach the thinking served in the "scientific method of enrichment" without a shadow of faith, that there are some Super mysterious vibrations of the universe.

First: Thoughts Create your reality

Even if you do not believe that we are all unity, even if you do not want the treasures of the world to be convinced that one thought attracts the other, the other third, and so on, it is enough to simply reflect on how the process of deciding Different things in your life. You make the choices by thinking, isn't it? What makes you ever liked this video, and now no longer? Your mindset and preferences have changed. You just have to put a little effort into changing one or two thoughts, and you'll change your point of reference and replace the whole situation.

I used to think of myself as a really fatal thought. People felt it, they did not even have to ask: the same stawałam on the side rejecting itself and from the top condemning as unpleasant and unattractive socializing. Although a change of beliefs about myself took me a lot of my life I am very proud now. Rejecting the theory that I attracted to myself being a cool girl just say it straight out: people of certain self are well received by others. What determines that they feel that way? Their thoughts.

Second: Never give up, what you want is just around the corner

The law of attraction says that what you want has already been created at the vibratory level. Let's leave that statement behind. We do not want to delve into some spells-Mary-Z-Cosmos. Well, how many people you know that despite the defeats ultimately succeeded? There are a lot of them, but it does not mention it aloud because these people rule the countries, steer large companies, established worldwide brands without which we could not imagine their daily life and no one can remember their trips! So it is in reality: the pursuit of something and the improvement of our purpose through mistakes gives a sense of control and motivation. Even if it may seem different at first. Being stubborn and brave in the pursuit of dreams always ends in the same way: a success.

Often miewałam moments of tremendous refraction, when I thought that my work on myself did not give me anything and what I wanted to end up will never show. However, dostrzegałamed his tiny sukcesiki that strengthened me. I said to myself: how can I do so and twice as much as I can advice.

Third: You can be happy here and now!

Lucky it's really a choice! Conscious or not, but it really is! I have watched in my life different people, but usually as I am young my observations were about schools: some people learned worse but were always relaxed, happy, confident, and no worse assessment or stupid sentence they said did not caused them to feel insecure. The others, in spite of their literal uśmiechali, rarely get on their heads, or when they call Wyczytywano their surname. I wondered what the decision is that some of them were just the opposite, because I wanted to belong to these full-life and positive attitudes. Did you mean the achievements? Of course it does not.

If you consider yourself a good man, maybe not perfect but just okay then you start thinking about other people and your contacts are improving. If you do what makes you happy then you give others more freedom to also express yourself freely. If you want to be happy then you are. Developing this habit can take a moment, but it's really worth it. If we steer clear of the text in style: The Law of attraction will give you everything you want: fame, money and happiness (I hear my parents as they want me to take on exorcism, because opętał me Satan and hustled in the sect) then I hope such an explanation would like To remain skeptical.

Your decision

Personal development, the way I have been: quite long, but very satisfying properly has become a school of life for me. It's not the school that Przygarbieni venial days of serious adults: "You'll see, Life will teach you the same thing," threatening your finger. It is a school that I have created myself, in which I set a principle in which the goal is to be happy and fulfilled in the way that suits me. I have given advice and although it may sound like a demeanor, I love what I have created, because thanks to that I have the courage to speak and write with conviction about what, for many years to this day, has helped me to simply become a happy man.

Now maybe you are labelled.










What is the law of Attraction


The law of attraction can be learned by understanding that "similar attracts similar". This means that we are responsible for bringing both positive and negative things into our lives. The key element of the law of attraction is knowing that what you focus on can have a strong impact on what is happening to you.


If you spend your days contemplating regret about the past and fear of the future, you will probably see more negativity emerging. But if you look differently, in every experiment you see the opportunity to grow. Therefore, the Law of Attraction encourages you to see that you have the right to take control of your future.


When you learn how to use many powerful and practical tools related to the law of Attraction, you can start to live and think in a more optimistic way that is specifically designed to attract even more positive Events and experiences. Whatever you are yearning for, no matter what your dreams and goals, the Law of Attraction can teach you valuable experiences that will bring you closer to your most precious ambitions.


We are powerful manifesting machines, but since we have from 50 to 70 thousand unconscious thoughts a day, of which about 80% are negative we are not always manifesting miracles!


While it is true that the first step to using the law of attraction shifts to a more positive mindset, the reason people give up work with LOA is that they believe that if they start to think positive thoughts, then all of their dreams will manifest.


The law of attraction is not magic wand. Since the brain preferentially scans and saves negative experiences, we need to deliberately, to customarily build positive mental muscles. We all have layers and layers of history, limiting beliefs, fears and blocks that have become the inner landscape of our heads and cannot be changed from day to day simply by thinking positive thoughts.


To become a master in manifestation with the law of Attraction, we need to undo the patterns that have been saved in our unawareness and replace them with positive, enabling patterns. In other words, the wiring of the brain.


It may seem complicated, but it is not.


Through the implementation of daily positive practices in our lives, we will move and elevate our energy vibrations, so we can manifest from a place of tranquility, inspired by actions, achieving faster results. If you are in the habit of using tools that will insert empowering and positive thoughts into your mind, you'll be ready to produce good experiences and results!




10 Habits of the Law of Attraction to actively manifest energy




Beware of the focus


Start by paying attention to what you focus on. Do you pay attention to what's going on right, or what happens wrong? When you work to manifest your dreams, the obstacles and challenges will emerge, but if you focus on what is true, you become an unbelievable problem solving that builds confidence and quickly elevates your energy vibrations. You will move the obstacles faster.


Keep your list of concerns


Since the brain is Velcro-based for negative experiences, it is natural to have so much trouble. This is simply a tendency of the brain. Write down the list of concerns for 2 weeks. At the moment you start to worry save it. This not only helps to relieve the heavy energy that often keeps us stuck, but at the end of the 2 weeks you will notice none of the concerns were justified. Your subconscious will feel that you take responsibility for your life, so it can help you.




Deep Breath


Breathe from your abdomen, not your chest. This type of breath activates the parasympathetic nervous system (rest-and-digest), which helps to create a sense of relaxation and contentment and allows us to be calm and clear when making an inspired action.






Meditation calms the mind of the monkey, which is naturally biased toward negativity. Musing does not mean to stop thinking. This simply means the grip around the thought of softening. Meditation helps us to pay attention from the stress, the negative patterns we have created over time.


Move your body in any way


Negative emotions stored in our body at the cellular level. Moving is one way to free yourself from stress and negative energy. It does not have to be intense; You can Dance, practice yoga or go for a walk.


Keep an gratitude Diary


Gratitude is one of the simplest ways to raise vibrations. When we recognize our great fortune and appreciate all the blessings, it automatically puts us in the "well-being" energy vibrations.


Save your goals and connect with "why".


Writing your goals will not only help you get clear, but it will help you to create inspired steps to take action towards your dreams. Connecting to your "why" means connecting with the feeling that you are achieving the goal you give. When we combine "why", we raise our vibrations and become magnets of attraction to people, circumstances, etc. that will help us reach our goal.


Visualize how it will look when you reach your dreams.


Read written targets first thing in the morning and before bedtime at night; Then, five minutes to visualize and combine with a sense of achievement of your dreams. Get it to your subconscious mind!


Feel like you've had what you want.


Be like a child who does not allow the impossible to enter her reveals the kingdom. "Feeling" helps us to liberate all doubt and negative energy. It generates emotions and positive feelings that support us to take action inspired! So go Test drive that car you want, or feel what it will be like to have a perfect partner in your life because the feeling is believing!


Whether you subscribe to what some people call "airy fairy-Ness" right rules of attraction or not, implementing these habits can only make you feel better, improve your mood and your brainwaves, so why not give it a chance?




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