Good case

Neither the lady nor the Lord of the curses have, and had no. It's hard to throw a curse on a company because it's not a tangible thing, so I think the curse wasn't at all.

What appears to me as a cause of failure is the words of competition, science, learning something, traininging something, acquiring new experiences.
Do you not have any divergent visions about the functioning of the company, dealing with it? Somehow I sense the absence of a community in the energy going to the company.
If she (the company) was a man, then the flow of energy in her blokowałby on the vital chakras and the throat, hence the question of a common goal. The throat chakra for the company would be evidently communicating. Here the company's name is Rudna to pronounce, and therefore to remember.
Vital and presently the joy of its pursuit.
As far as the States themselves are concerned, in terms of work and activity, this is seen as:
Crown Chakra, weave, throat.
The base chakras, the crown and the disharmony between the heart and the plexus.
In general, you now have a lot of locks not only business.
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