How to Attract Money

Bad reputation of money

Money is good energy. Only good. We associate badly because we have been taught so many times to persuade us.
I have the courage to write it, despite all the beliefs that we absorb. We have no influence on bad patterns that we have taken out of the home, but we have an influence on how we address them – what we will change in our favor. We are taught that from money people become angry, that money does not give happiness, that it is impossible to earn some money without stealing from the fact that financial institutions are a band of thieves. This contradiction and conflict effectively blocks our path of growing in abundance.
Not everything can be bought, but the wrong attitude towards money can be repaired.

How to Attract Money: Get deeper

On the other hand, it is concrete energy, it can not be falsified. Changes for the better in the world of money are difficult, because the locks are deeper than at the level of ordinary thinking – they are in us at the energy level. You can freely unlock them, just decide to cooperate with me. You only have one life and it is not worth it to be won over by limitations and beliefs that do not help you.
Conditions of bad luck and unhappiness.
It is this level that is responsible for, for example, continuous, unreasonable bad luck. – I already explain. – The human energy body consists of many elements. Its interesting features are that it can not only be seen by other people, it can also be damaged (famous charms of the curse) and repaired, improved. When it comes to the flow of money, the biggest impact is:
base chakra – contact with the richness of the Earth
chakra solar plexus – will, strength of puncture
throat chakra – expressing desires

How to Attract Money: Blockages

In my experience, the most common locks on finances lie on the base chakra, weave and throat. This is when you do not really know how to use your talents and opportunities, you have little punch to do something and you have a grudge against everyone, which at the same time makes communication with clients difficult.
It works! Check what Anna – the manager says about cooperation with me.
“Everything is going well, we still have new customers who turn to us (we’ve contacted them before and we just did not cooperate) and now they report to us. There are others, as soon as I ask them about the possibility of cooperation and a meeting at the fair in London, they immediately confirm. This is fantastic. The team has also been great. ”
A consistent, harmonious and happy life without blockages is within your reach.

It happens that one zone affects the other. And although your finances are not good, something completely different is to blame. There are a lot of people who have some problems with finances, but their problems arise from emotions, relationships with others. Often the sexual and union sphere is disturbed and only healing it, you can expect an improvement in income. Such disorders are most noticeable on the sacral chakra, heart, throat.
In fact, it is best to recognize these blocks in yourself, thanks to meditations, energy sessions and workshops of my production.
Energy blocks on finance are related to:
base chakra]
sacral chakra]
chakra solar plexus]
with lack of openness to people, problems with interpersonal relations
with grief for people, for themselves, for stopping creativity
with the lack of a sober look at the situation, lack of vision of your business and work that gives you a profit
with a lack of happiness and fulfillment in what is being done, in harmony with each other

Discover the locks! Free yourself from destructive power!

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