As I attracted 1055.70 zł

The topic of attracting money is me personally known for some time now. I met him with the books and trainings of Joe Vitale. Next, near me to host this wonderful blog and Marcin Tereszkiewicz, the author of a great course "purifying the mind," in his free publication, Pt. "Directing requests to the universe just before falling asleep."

Of course, the whole process of attracting money and the next steps needed to understand it are too long to describe them here, so I only what was most important in my eyes in my history. Nevertheless, the first step I made is described here.

Namely, according to the recommendations, I wrote on the card the amount and the date to when I want to attract the money I depended on. It was 1000 to the end of September 2010 year.

A very important part of the whole process is… forgive yourself and take action only when inspiration comes. It was hard for me to just forgive myself and therefore the earlier attempts ended for me to fail. However, in a situation that I was describing was a little different.

The action I took two months earlier, and more specifically I invested $230.00 in a project started by my dad. More precisely – I'm talking here about ProsumentClub, which brings together people interested in earning money on the fact of consumption. Of course, I will not describe the rules of its operation here. However, I will mention that I have personally promoted and still promote the club's idea, but until September, I have not yet been able to reach people who would be interested in this possibility. So I didn't actually contribute in any way to the number of members.

This, however, was not a hindrance to the fact that exactly September 29 will receive an email of such content:


At this point, you still need to indicate that part of this amount is automatically reinvested. In this case it was $234.60. In this way, my account was $351.90, which in terms of Polish dollar gives an amount of 1055.70 zł (calculated it, rounding the course to 3,00zł for $1.00).

Was this the case?

Certainly not for me. The more that I do not believe in the cases :-)

The mere fact that I personally did not contribute to the performance of any particular action that could give rise to the return on investment means that the money could very well hit me eg. One month later. However, it was before the end of September, according to my intention.

Finally, I would like to thank Marcin Tereszkiewiczowi for the precise instructions on how to direct the requests to the universe, so that I have better understand how to attract money to his life. Now that I have my proof that it all works, I have to measure it in larger amounts and of course act when inspiration comes in, because it's also a key matter.

I also wish anyone who has devoted time to read my story so that he can boast of attracting at least such sum as I am :-)

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