Anticreative cz. 2: Bridging the Resistance

“Mistakes arise from hasty action, or from action in fear or doubt, or from forgetting the proper cause, which is more life for all, for anyone less. By following the right way you will notice that the occasions begin to appear in increasing numbers; Then you will have to be very constant in faith and intentions, and keep a close relationship with the ultimate mind through respectful gratitude. “— Wallace D. Wattles, scientific method of enrichment

I do not know if you noticed a certain correctness that if you want to make a change often occur at the beginning of difficulties (eg. When I want to start living healthily again – enter healthy habits – it I some cold. The more we want, the more resistance we feel before realizing the vision. How to overcome this resistance? How not to discourage after the first defeat?

Know exactly what you want

You need to know exactly what you want to create. Ask anyone what he desires in life. Most will answer you: “He wants to be rich,” “wants to be famous,” “He wants to be happy.” These are sadly foggy dreams, the blurred yearnings that we convey to the universe. Be as precise as possible in your intentions – if you want to be rich write specifically: “I, Peter, by the end of this year earn 1.000 zł passive income per month”. Imagine the exact situation when you‘ve reached what you want. If you do not know what you want, then you will be afraid of the future.

Act in spite of fear, resistance, difficulty

Whenever we put the first step toward our vision, we are afraid of the future. We subconsciously ask ourselves: “What happens if I don’t come out?” We have many ideas, many dreams, and they never will the light of day, because we put them in an infinite realization. Finally, good ideas and wonderful dreams of dust and old-later in the death bed come flashbacks that wasted our gift, our life. That’s why we act despite fear, defeats and difficulties. If you know exactly what you want – act toward that vision and don’t stop!

I had exactly the same situation. I was very keen to be a doctor, for the first time I did not get into medicine. At first I wanted to give up, but I did not surrender, I knew it was my way, my mission. I worked “after all”. On his way many times I felt resistance, discouragement. I was afraid that my plan did not burn out, but I came back to contemplating the desired vision, and I was doing the step by step. Now I am on the happy end of my way and I refer more and more successes.

Use affirmations

Use the most effective affirmation: “I am so grateful and happy that…” You complete this affirmation yourself – replace after that sentence as accurately as you are going to create.


Decide what you want. Express this in affirmation, eg. “I am so thankful and happy that I have 1000 zł passive income by the end of this year.” Be as accurate as possible!

Visualize. Breathe deeply and visualize the end result, repeating the affirmation and feeling the presence of the supreme force that listens to you.

Thank. After the completed visualization, tell the Universe “Thank you. Let it be your will. Amen. ” Trust him with all your heart, believe that your vision will come for sure to you. Entrust the highest power – give it all the resistance and fear – take strength. Feel as if your vision has already been answered.

Make a plan to realize your vision. Write all the steps necessary to implement this vision. If you have no idea how to realize your vision ask yourself “What can I do here and now (what next step) to realize my vision quickly and effectively?”

Act. No hurry, no fear. Read again the quote above the article. Make sure you can create everything you want. If you’re afraid of the first step-split it into smaller steps, or set a countdown timer for 30 minutes and try to realize your vision for that time. Relax and set the countdown timer again. Act despite the resistance, act after all.

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