Cleansing negative energy

Our energy depends on our emotions, on our thoughts and on the state of our psyche. The energy of our surroundings gathers everything that happens in it, both good and bad things. They are made up of our emotions, which send a specific charge, any quarrels, disputes between the people we live with, with whom we live, any negative feelings, such as anger, hatred, resentment, envy. If we have our own energy disorder, we start to get sick and have problems in different spheres of life. If the energy of our home is disturbed, we feel bad, we are irritated, restless, tired, both mentally and physically. Other people in our apartment feel the same way, and this in turn affects our relationship with them. If we care about our health, well-being and the well-being of people close to us, we must remember to purify ourselves and ourselves, and to live. Purification is nothing more than eliminating negative energy and restoring balance to ourselves and our environment.

A person’s natural energy can be disturbed by many factors. One of them is our immediate surroundings. The environment in which a person lives is undoubtedly a place where negative impulses come from and creep into the aura. Both home and work can harm our spiritual condition. That is why regular use of energy purification is so important.

Distance energy cleansing – how does it work?

All that we are and all that surrounds us is energy. The energy is also our thoughts, feelings that we constantly emit, our habits and addictions, and events from the past that are still in us, even though many years have passed. This creates a kind of information code around us. We can smile artificially, but energetically we carry in front of us a banner with an inscription: “divorce”, “long”, “depression”, “I don’t believe in love”, “I’ve been betrayed!”, “I don’t like myself!”, et cetera.
Does that help us?

This advertising banner always accompanies us: on a date, on an exam, on a job interview – everywhere we bring our energetic past and unfortunately it usually works to our disadvantage. You don’t need to be a clairvoyant to see how even a young person sometimes even “bends” under the burden of negative experiences from the past.
Do we need this baggage?
Would you feel lighter without the load of the past on your shoulders?

Energy cleansing removes the baggage of the past

Similar attracts similar ones. One negative thought gives birth to another, and this attracts another person’s negative thought, and thus you often carry a whole backpack of negative thoughts and shapes – not only your own, but also those of your surroundings. The more negative emotional charge in the mind, the worse…

Jealousy, anger and sadness look like clusters of dark, dark red dots and spots scattered around you. Your positive thoughts have the power to illuminate your aura, but generally their energy is too weak to overcome the cocoon of negativity that has accumulated around your body over the years. Is it easy to be enthusiastic and change anything in your life in this situation? Would you like to feel free of old energy at last?

Cleansing You Energy permanently removes the energy cocoon around you and triggers new optimism

Why don’t people usually implement their decisions? Why is it so hard to fall in love or break with an addiction? Because the decisions are the result of short-lived, conscious, good intentions, but every day people are surrounded for years by the same, subconscious, negative energy, dark aura containing the codes: addiction, depression, toxic relationships, negative thoughts, or so-called “bad luck”. Have you ever felt that you can’t change anything despite the effort? And how would you feel if you regained the power to implement resolutions and introduce beneficial changes in your life?

Energy purification permanently removes old energy, old codes and allows changes to be made.

Happy events make the horizon lighter for a short time. But when the direct influence of a pleasant external stimulus has passed, the “old” ones return later: depressing thoughts, heavy energies. Then there is a need to reach for a glass, or a desire for a different kind of escape. From what? From ourselves. From what we’ve coded in our aura. And you can’t run away from that! We always carry this with us! We can, however, throw it away, remove it by purification. How would you finally feel if you were free of the burden of addictions, negative habits and habits?

Energy cleansing helps you to free yourself from addictions because it removes their causes.

Each of us is connected with other people (former partners, parents, co-workers) by means of energetic lianas, which run through energy and are transmitted subconscious, telepathic information, often negative: full of anger and desire for revenge. Sometimes the relationship has long since ceased to exist, and we still feel sucking in our hearts or stomachs, our partner walks on our heads, appears in our dreams, and we feel worse and worse. This is a sign of a negative energy connection. Such a person may be an energy vampire who takes away your energy and at best subconsciously limits your autonomy, sends you specific, subconscious messages and violates your energy sovereignty. It’s also all those people who tell you..: “you’re no good at anything,” “you’ll never make it,” “you’ve never been good, and now you’re no good.” Do you need faith in their words? What would your life be like if you could forever free yourself from such suggestions and whispers?

Energy Purification cuts you off from unwanted compounds and energy vampires.

There are also cases of possessed, subject to the influence of negative astral beings, bad energy or elementals. This results in anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, suicidal thoughts, a tendency to drug addiction, strange behaviours, against the “normal character” of the possessed person. Especially weakened, sick and negatively disposed people are susceptible to attacks of this kind of energy. Remember, however, that it is usually us who “invite” such guests by keeping negative thoughts and energy in the aura for a long time.

Energy purification eliminates the possibility of haunting and possessing and removes these cases.

Cleansing the energy aura and maintaining a positive state of mind should become our natural and indispensable hygienic habit, as well as everyday physical hygiene.

And if you want to change anything in your life: free yourself from addiction, long-term illness, emotional dependence, financial problems, complexes, blockades – start with changing your mental patterns and purifying your aura and chakras.

If you do not clear your aura, problems coded into it will return like a boomerang and everyone knows examples of this kind of situations, from his/her own life or from lives of close ones. On the other hand, several times the cleansing of chakras, supported by a strong decision – immediately can bring you a permanent result – even such as a fast exit from a depression, or an instant quitting of smoking.

Aura pollution also means blockages of chakras and energy channels in the body. Chakras are the energy centres we use to draw energy from. Each chakra represents a different area in our lives, from financial success and security, relationships with people, through career, love, self-fulfilment, freedom, and spiritual liberation. The blocking or weakening of a chakra indicates problems in a particular area of life and/or diseases in the internal organs associated with the chakras. Would you like to cleanse the areas of your human relationships, money, creativity, love, self-confidence, intuition and spirituality?

What do you get by clearing the aura and unblocking the chakras?

* freedom from old energy, luggage of the past, negative habits
* natural increase of energy, optimism and joy
* release from negative mental states: anxiety, depression, anxiety, obsessive thoughts, guilt, and other
* release from addictions, habits
* freeing you from toxic energy ties with your former partner or other people
* release from energy vampires
* release from possible negative astral influences
* improvement of energy flow and vitality in the body
* healing physical diseases
* unblocking the chakras, energy centers
* freeing you from financial, sexual, career, love, communication, creativity, spirituality and other blocks
* release from blockades and karmic nodes
* support for other type of therapy: medical, psychotherapeutic
* the ability to easily introduce desired and lasting changes in life
* launch self-healing energy of your body
* healing and strengthening the borders of your aura, strengthening your sense of identity

Imagine that all negative thoughts, guilt, anger, anxiety, anxiety and fears gradually leave you. You are freed from suppressed emotions and injuries, and this naturally increases your energy, optimism and joy. You receive an impulse of health, and your body, free of blockages, starts the process of self-healing. Your energy connections with negative people and beings from your environment or past are extinguishing. Finally, you regain your strength, energy and identity without being disturbed by external influences. It’s starting to work in your favor. The drug train disappears. Your health and creativity improves. You start to emanate positive energy and attract good things to your life. Finally, one day you wake up completely free from all the problems, worries and illnesses of the past, and they are replaced by the people and events you want.

This is what your life may look like after an energy purification.

How is that possible? Will one treatment bring you all these benefits?

Our energy field is us. Introducing a change in our energy field brings about a change in our mind and life. One treatment will not relieve you of all problems, especially advanced physical diseases. However, just one treatment will give you an impulse of health, thanks to which the vital forces of the body will be stimulated and the healing process will begin. Remember that even one treatment can permanently remove negative energies from you if you avoid feeding negative thoughts in the future and follow the energy advice you receive. If it’s strong in you.
A decision to change and a willingness to keep your commitments – just a few treatments can free you from addictions and depression

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