Success. So often we hear this word. In bookstores until teeming with guides containing invaluable tips on how to achieve it, how to be beautiful, how to earn big money, how to plan your day, how to set yourself goals, how to arrange a satisfying relationship with your partner, how long to live, how to Eat. Websites and blogs are screaming to us with ever-new diets, tips on how to look exclusive for Grosik.
A recipe for a wonderful life. Only take.

And perhaps instead of constantly asking: how? It is worth to put yourself another question: why? Or else:
Who am I? Is there really something wrong with that instead of getting a third foreign language the whole evening I watch the stupid series of eating a cake (about horrors, with gluten!) and sipping a cup of coffee with milk (with lactose!). Is it really so terrible that one day I enter the weight and it turns out that I have a few pounds too much or too little. Too much or too little than who? When I let someone decide how much I have to weigh, what should I dress up and what movies to watch, what books to read. When and who put the same amount of contradictions? And why so high?
Why can't you be a librarian or a professional driver? or work in the cafeteria? Or have an unfashionable hairstyle. Curved teeth. Do not eat chickpeas. Sleep to eleven. Do not walk to the gym twice a week. Someone tell me?
Do you not zatracamy yourself in this quest to be better? How it happened, when and why we someone to decide what is good for us. We read: "Be the Lord himself," "Be the Lord of your time." Let's ask sometimes that person who is in us or really wants the third faculty, fourth job, do you really want to go to this event, do you really want to?
I do not want to criticize self-improvement and the idea of personal development, which in themselves are not bad. Only quietly and timidly, please that the pursuit of success by the large ES do not forget this little me, which sometimes would like to stay simply imperfect. Most beautifully as possible. In his own way. "

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