Red thread on the wrist – fashion or protection?

The popularity of the red thread though growing, still shrouded is a certain mystery. Magic. This only intensifies the intrigue of this phenomenon. More often we can see her on the wrists. What symbolizes? Before it protects? Let’s find out.

Well, the red thread comes from Kabbalah, and its overriding goal is to protect against bad energy.  What is its strength and strength?

Religion is not a fashion, or a pop-symbol.

The tradition of Kabalistyczna derives from Judaism. According to Kabbalah representatives, it is an appropriate teaching for people who rozczarowali the world around them and seek the root of spirituality in themselves. They want something that brightens their darkness, flow out from the outside. True, traditional Kabbalah refers only to the spiritual world and the values that are within us. All of its external manifestations and komercjalizowania trials such as the red thread and wearing it on the wrist are called pop-Kabbalah.

Why Red?

Ancient sources explain to us that color of red is the color of power, weapons, defense. This color was used on hunting. The power of the yarn lies in the energy of color.  Red is repelling and liberating.

Basic function-protection against the evil eye.

The red thread is worn mainly due to protection against the influence of the evil eye. The evil eye is dealt with in the category of great, very powerful, destructive, negative force that flows from the hostile glances directed at our site from the people around us.

The evil eye takes more current forms in modern times. The bad eye can be called jealousy, Bad looks, imprecations, charm, curses, and even verbal violence. Everything that works for us destructively is approaching the evil eye. Something deprives you of energy and sprawczości? Receives strength? The evil eye often acts inconspicuously as the evil streak. It sucks from us the desire to live, destroys our plans, potential and prevents the execution of actions.

The red Niteczka proactively protects against such people, situations and states. Her wearing makes us feel no sacrifice and as a result (even’s attempts to harm) are not. The thread allows us to connect with protective energies and is an amulet of protection.

Instruction and intent.

Most importantly, the red thread should be on the left wrist, not the right hand. Kabbalah recognizes the left hand by hand, which accepts everything at both body level and soul level. It is a magnet that attracts energy.

If we can’t tie it ourselves, let’s ask someone who wishes you good – he likes us and respects you.

A red thread knot on seven supełków-knots that symbolize the spiritual dimensions of man. Each knot is a different, concrete intention to be uttered in our thoughts. You can not tie any red thread, you must buy/equip yourself with a special. On each package of threads there are texts with prayers, which should be pronounced against the influences of the evil eye and closing in us the protective energy of the red thread.

Wear until it works.

The red yarn must not be pulled on its own until it is not dropped from the wrist. Only then will it be a sign that she has fulfilled her function and her protective, magical powers have worked.

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