Gratitude: How did it happen that money fell to me from heaven

The topic that I am going to talk about is already relatively popular in various publications, but is it certainly understood and used?

Gratitude as a frequency

Today I will write to you about gratitude, what it really is and how sending its frequency to the Universe shocked me one day and caused me to fall from my chair in amazement.

People write different things about the Law of Attraction. Many people try to logically understand the phenomenon of attraction and think that it is simply determination and optimism and then it is easier to achieve what you want. On the one hand, it’s true, but what would you say in a situation in which you do not have a penny by the soul you walk through the park and find an envelope, lift it from the ground, open it, and in it 1000pln ?!

Would you say then that determination determined that you achieved such “success”?

What would be your commitment to getting this cash?

Is determination really the main factor determining the operation of the Law of Attraction? Can only you achieve what you want with it?

If you think so, then you are wrong. Determination is often a factor that arouses your faith and that is why many personal development trainers teach that it is a key aspect of referring to the so-called. “Successes.” At the basis of determination is always faith in achieving something. There are people who are not determined at all in their actions and have everything they want. It always counts more that you do something than what you do. It is true that faith deprived of action is dead, but action is not necessarily determined.

Einstein used to say that purely logical reasoning would not give you any knowledge of the real world – he was right.

I will tell you now about gratitude, thanks to which, among other things, I learned the Law of Attraction from a slightly different side … the more mysterious … therefore, turn off your logical part of the mind for a moment.

Well, the situation is similar to the above, and I am its main hero. Let me tell you about it briefly …

I do not remember when it was exactly, but a long time ago. I remember that I was almost completely broke then. I did not have any work, money or prospects to get them. I did not only lack debts and expenses. It was so much that I panicked. I had less than a hundred of the wallet in my wallet, and the stack of bills was unregulated. I wondered which one I should pay and what to buy for food, because I was not smiling at walking hungry. In all of this, as it seemed to me, a dramatic situation, I suddenly realized that I am really lucky, that I have this hundred in my wallet. I thought about everyone who might be missing this tip. I felt incredible gratitude.

In one moment I became the king of life!

Without thinking, I went to the store, bought all the ingredients and made a dinner for which I wanted. You do not realize how much I appreciated it. I felt perfectly good all day. What happened later was something I could not explain … When I sat down at the computer in the evening, I got an impulse to check one of my bank accounts, which had been empty for a long time. I checked it, I’m looking at it and $150! I thought something is wrong here. I did not expect a transfer from anyone, so where did the money come from in my account …? With this question I went to sleep. It turned out that this money was just the beginning of my attraction ? When I woke up in the morning, the account was close to $1000! I cried. I could not believe it! I felt like a millionaire. Interesting is the fact that until today I do not know who was the sender of this money. I know that you will find this incomprehensible, but I could not even check the number. The account from which they came to me.

From this event my life has really changed, because I learned the Law of Attraction from this somewhat mysterious side. Gratitude did not elevate my life to a different level once, cleansed my mind and raised my energies.

Well, you have a problem with showing gratitude.

People are a crap of nonsense that they will be happy if they have it or that. Do you think that this can be real happiness? Of course not.

True happiness is independent of the forms of the outside world. Is it easy to enter such a level of existence. It depends on what stage of development you are now. Well, it may take time, but ? only you can find what you are looking for. From this everything really begins.

Learning to feel gratitude is a great solution to find the best version of yourself …

Well, maybe I’m writing here about transformation thanks to gratitude, but maybe you still think you have no reason to be grateful? And what do you say about having legs and hands ?! Do you think it’s so obvious and natural that you have it right? Thanks to their possession, you can experience so many different emotions, but you never thought that you could be grateful for them!

I once saw a movie with a guy who has no arms and legs, and teaches gratitude. It’s only you heca! You do not have arms and legs do you understand? I think that you, like me, can learn a lot from him.

You do not have the other half, cash on installments from the bank, pissed you fish, because they settled in the water you exchanged in the aquarium, or maybe the car did not fire you in the morning? Switch to another gear feeling grateful for what you have.

If you go and complain because everything annoys you, turn on one of these movies or another similar one (there are a lot of similar ones on the internet) or remember my stories. I’m an ordinary guy. You can have experiences like mine.

Advantages, or why appreciating and being grateful is simply a good deal:

Because through gratitude, you focus on what you want. Everything is moving. Even if it seems to be dead, the energy is constantly moving. By sending a signal of gratitude, you enter the frequency of receiving what you want, directing energies towards what you want.

What can you be grateful for?

Once I found this text and I liked it very much. I have no idea by whom it was written, it presents really solid reasons to be grateful:

If today you woke up more healthy than sick, you are more lucky than a million people who have not survived this week.

If there is food in your refrigerator, you have what to wear, where to live and sleep, you are richer than 75 percent of people in the world.

If you have money in a bank or wallet, you belong to 8 percent of the richest people in the world.

If you walk with your head up, you have a smile on your face and you’re really grateful for everything you have, you’re lucky because most people do not do it, even though they could.

Every reason to be grateful is good. Why look for them?

This is not a requirement or a procedure of the Universe. He is not grateful for anything. It will be useful for you to start the Law of Attraction in the right direction. It’s just damn profitable for you. It is in your best interest only. Excellent, free fuel on which you can get to the place where you will have so many things for which you can be grateful that you will not have enough time to exchange them. It does not have to be VERY IMPORTANT reasons, every little thing is important.

The reflex of being grateful for the eggs you have in the fridge can bring fortune to you just as you would be grateful for driving a super foreign car.

It’s about energy transformation, that’s why every reason can be good.

Do not focus on those who say how bad it is all around. Leave them their pessimistic look and start looking for people who are looking for something more than just holes in the whole. Visit the “secret” forums, go to Facebook …. Now there are so many possibilities … Perhaps such people are also looking for you. You do not even know how nice you can be surprised by the results of such searches.


You do not have to use this “tool” every day. You can, but you do not have to. Gratitude is also a fantastic one-off process to change your energy.

Remember, you do not have to do all the exercises you’ve read about on the blog. If, for example, you run your Diary “Pleasure from Life” then you do not have to write out everyday things for which you are grateful. If this type of exercise is too much, it may also look like you will want to drumming off anybody and instead of getting pleasure from it you will feel that you are doing it out of a sense of duty, and you know that it is not the point.

I think you can feel excitement when you finish reading it and do not be surprised if it is. Obviously, make a note of this feeling in your Diary “Pleasure of Life” if you run it ale, but I would like you to write me an email about your experiences related to this exercise.

If after reading something magical situation similar to mine happened, please speak. I really enjoy reading such stories. Even more than I’m shooting ?

Do not write underneath that it is difficult. People who do not have arms and legs can express gratitude, so you yourself understand that it would simply be a crazy statement.

From nothing, from life on the total bottom, a spark can be born that will ignite the fire of life you dream about. This spark can be a sense of gratitude.

To work! Try gratitude and see what happens. The feeling of gratitude purifies the mind, raises your energy and brings your life to the next level.

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