How to attract good luck

If you have not yet had to deal with the law of attraction-I will try to bring its principles straight and transparently.
The main principle of LoA is: similar attracts similar. This means that your thoughts attract another, similar, twisting a spiral, until these thoughts begin to transform into things or events and manifest themselves in your life.

The second important thing to know and then remember: in PP there is no foreclosure, and all you think about is growing in strength. What does that mean? Namely, if you do not want something very, then… This is what you attract. You think about it all the time – it’s irrelevant that you think ‘ no, I don’t want it ‘ or ‘ I’m afraid and I want to avoid it ‘. You think about the topic, you devote him attention and in effect ‘feed ‘, in to himself an unwanted thing more and more.

Good news is this: if you know something you don’t want – you know what you want, but it is sometimes confusing. We all have dreams, we all want something: more money, gorgeous second half, new bigger house, nice and fast car, lots of free time, maybe holiday in warm countries… But we want this for one reason only: We believe that when we are going to have it we will feel happier. Conclusion-we all want happiness. If something makes you feel something inverse: stress, frustration, irritation-think about what would these positive emotions.

If you focus on something familiar therefore, that you do not like your current situation, eg: I be slimmer, because now I have the rollers and do not mieszczę in the beloved jeans ‘ and you feel the cause of sadness, resentment, desperation, and the slimmer silhouette you see As a rescue from the oppression-ups, more rollers are still attracted to each other. But when looking in the mirror you think: ‘oj there, great me kickshaw, I have rollers, but I can always change this situation; Pretty cool it would have a slimmer hip ‘-bingo, you are on the right track. To sum up-the topic of your thoughts + emotions that you feel towards tyh thought = effect. The better you feel, the better the reality you creates, so remember: first the emotion, then the object meditations. If the thought of your body is connected with negtywnymiing emotions, just focus on something else. At first it may seem difficult, but give yourself the comfort of being a novice and putting first steps. Think of something that easily sets you up in a really good mood, improve your humor and just play the game you will feel stability and power, you can go back to the ‘ ‘trudnego ‘ theme and slowly modify the beliefs on it, and for this great serve affirmations.

You always get more of what you think and what you feel. You can not believe it, but your world creates in 100%. Scary? When I started to know PP I came to me that everything was in my hands… Yes, at the beginning of the spanikowałam. A few days it trawiłam, ochłonęłam and I felt amazing joy and power. Well, because in the end, I create my world. You do it too, everyone does this, although most of the works unconsciously, on autopilot: Kowalski thinks of something, it manifests itself in his life, it observes that is, focuses on this his attention, which fuels the subject, which is even more in his life… And the vicious circle closes. You can always get out of this wheel to snatch: A blind eye on what is, and more time to spend the dream world of imagination. Visualizations are helpful to this in turn.

Recommend perhaps Bana, but whatever. You can be who you want, do whatever you want and have what you want. All power is in your head, in your hands, and the gold thought that could sum up PP in one opinion: you get from life what you are most focused on.

MP: Hello. His time IED the secret, I read some books about the power of subconscious, affirmation, law of attraction.

I generally believe in this right, in that through thoughts and feelings you can more consciously control your life, but somehow a little confused in all this and too much in it zabrnąłem. e.g. If it happens to me something unpleasant it immediately begins to wonder when I attracted, how it could become and senselessly focus on this.

Another example is the How do I think about something and my mind imagines, for example, that I run and fail to break a leg is just beginning to fear that as I thought so, it will actually happen and again senselessly in this focus (even though I am aware That positive thoughts have much more power than negative and I try to counteract such situations, it is not enough.)

And so I’m stuck in something like that and on the one hand, I know that I exaggerate and I have this awareness on the other hand, I do not know what to do with this to be fooled by such a healthy relationship. Maybe I take everything unnecessarily to myself? Maybe I have too little knowledge about it? 


In general, we believe in this right that, through thoughts and feelings
This is one of the fundamental flaws of the systems based on wishful thinking: it is still a level of thinking let’s call it superficial. These are thoughts of relatively small importance and low energy. The additional case is that in such systems (Secret, affirmations), positive thoughts of this level are invalidateded by deep thoughts. They at the beginning of development are contradictory, conflicting, but fun with this so-called. Higher Driving School. It’s harder to sell than a book titled Achieve success faster than Chinese ZUPKI preparation
If it happens to me something unpleasant it immediately begins to wonder when I attracted, how it could become and senselessly focus on this.
If it doesn’t become your obsession, it’s a healthy thinking. It is hard not to think about the fact that something bad happened to us – after all, it had some causes and avoided them in the future to improve our evolutionary potential so to speak (in short: we survive).
Maybe I take everything unnecessarily to myself? Maybe I have too little knowledge about it?
No, it’s quite frequent looping… Buddhists often have something very similar i.e. They believe in karma and its continued creation and consequences, which is overwhelming…
What really has the power of mover are these thoughts deep, they are related to emotions: if you consider breaking your legs as important, you need the element of your destiny, so that’s more.  And the same with the attraction of success, if all of us enjoy it so, noticeably faster you attract it.

MP: So with these deep and superficial thoughts, the point here is that much more power of attraction have those thoughts that entail emotions?

And it’s really in attracting emotions and not “empty thoughts” that are just words in our minds?

BK: Also not quite because some emotions despite some intensity do not do great harm eg. Pretty much sometimes klnę and there is no tragedy. In turn, it is enough that the program guides a little bit and I already increases subconscious anger, which can be seen as a red in aura.

And here it really comes in attracting: O Emotions and not “empty thoughts” which are just words in our minds.

Words are of importance and give direction to energy and actions.
Some words have more strength than others, eg. “I need-I want to”, “I Promise”, “maybe”… sometimes you talk to someone, hear something, and you know that those 3 words that you just said say something much bigger.

They were not uttered by chance.

They are the expression of these subcutaneous, ruling thoughts.

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How to attract good luck

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