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According to the Law of Attraction, you attract not only successes and opportunities to break the property, but also unpleasant situations, what is called bad luck.

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Affirmations – one of the paths to a happy life

Today it was supposed to be simple, light and pleasant, and here it was - affirmations that came out to describe. For some time, the subject has been circulating in the air for some time now, and apparently the time has come to ground it and present it. I have been...

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Components: White linen canvas - square about 30 cm. Red ribbon Kilogram of peas - whole 1 gold candle 1 silver candle 1 white candle 1 red candle incense - preferably sandal or myrrh, can be cinnamon Time: We start with the growing moon. It can be shortly after the...

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Black Magic: Spells for Money


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Affirmations of Wealth

I see myself rich. Thank you for being rich, good, hard-working and happy now. Thank you that I am now where I am. Thank you for my work. Wealth and I are one. Wealth and prosperity flows to me now. I bless my work with love and watch how it multiplies. I bless my...

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How to attract happiness

If you have not yet had to deal with the law of attraction-I will try to bring its principles straight and transparently. The main principle of PP is: similar attracts similar. This means that your thoughts attract another, similar, twisting a spiral, until these...

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Talismans for wealth, amulets for money

Amulets and talismans, which is what brings us happiness. The Amulet is the object of protecting the owner from the actions of evil spirits, magical actions on our detriment, unfavorable circumstances in life. It is usually a personal item that is worn with you. Its...

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5 Ways to passive income

"Beloved coins send parents". Okay, but we agree that at a certain age does not pay to draw cash from the family, and although part would be to go on their own mug. It is a student of course. As well known, much time to study during the year do not dedicate and have...

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Passive income-earning effortlessly

Poles are as one of the most busy societies in the world. Statistical Polish employee works more than 2000h per year. It means that professional life is so large that it suffers from his family, and he does not have too much opportunity to pursue his passions. With...

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Real Estate Investing

Sure or fast? Cash-the eternal subject of people, because as you know money is not good luck but... how to earn cash and do not go crazy, do not get fooled, bear emotions, buy a cat in a sack. It is one interesting way, of course, to realize it is needed cash and it...

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How do I start earning money?

People are wondering how to earn money. They are eventually necessary to function normally. Recently, by far the best idea is to open your own business. The Problem, however, is that people do not know how they can take it. And the case is simple. The first thing we...

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Success. So often we hear this word. In bookstores until teeming with guides containing invaluable tips on how to achieve it, how to be beautiful, how to earn big money, how to plan your day, how to set yourself goals, how to arrange a satisfying relationship with...

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Five ways to make money online

How do I earn money? The answer to "go to work" is no longer so obvious nowadays. With a computer with Internet access we are able to perform many works at a distance without moving from the house even to a step. They don't necessarily have to be tricky – making...

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How to earn money online quickly

On the web you can find lots of materials, guides in the style of: "How to earn quickly while sitting at home." On these pages, we read about countless services that allow you to earn money by clicking on advertising or completing surveys. Many portals also offer...

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What's usually vaguely making money?

Money is something that evokes extreme emotions and beliefs of people about them. But regardless of what you're thinking about money, the fact is one. They are essential for a man to live in today's world. And if someone likes them or not, they will certainly...

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Ways to make money online

Dorabianie or earning on the internet has become a norm today and there are many ways to get paid for your activities on the Internet or the services offered by them. How to choose the perfect way to make money for yourself? To answer this question we have to check a...

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Several ways to earn money

Company or investment? What works best when it comes to making money? It all depends on the situation and how big your ambitions and needs are. Every way, however, gives you the chance to not complain about the lack of money. Own company as a way to increase income...

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Blog meet one of earning secrets

Blog meet one of earning secrets This article will present you with one way to help you make money on your blog. This is a long-term process, but over time it will bring you big income. So now, be patient. Monetize your blog. It can be said that a large part of...

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Write a blog and get paid

Nowadays, an additional source of income is a way for many households to patch their home budget. Such a dodtkowym source of income can be a blog run by one of the households or the whole family. Actually making money online nowadays is very simple and just a little...

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The only sure way to enrich

Can you feel satisfied if you need to give up on interesting branded perfumes, a daily visit to a refined café or holiday in Bali? If someone is not needed, it's probably so. However, there is no question of abandonment. The need for a prosperous or even luxurious...

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