You are unimaginably rich!

“Be, do you have?” This is a question that places a lot of people, so it really has a trivial answer. After all, it’s about abundance, and abundance is the ability to do what you need to do at the time and at that point where you are.

So what is the answer?

Think of a moment. If thoughts create a reality, if it’s our consciousness, notice the world of certain things, attracting them to you, then you can’t have anything before you’ve begun to be. “Be” is the original and final state. For having anything is just an illusion. We really have only ourselves and our thoughts, feelings, deeds, the opportunity to create reality.

Abundance is in each of us and it is her awareness of the different good employees from bad, good sellers from the inferior, cool cleaner from the uncool. It’s not just about money consciousness or the value you bring to your work in the lives of other people.

It’s about what you can give, even you think you have nothing. But you always have! Your smile, good manners, maybe you are a very forgiving person or, on the other hand, positively zakręconą. People are most to people not so much perfect, professional and perfectly learned rules, as to the benevolent, open and cheerful. It is this abundance, which radiates to others, to bring profit immediately.

You will not only feel good with you, but also your pocket will start to flow more money. Everyone prefers to get in line for a nice salesmen, everyone wants to be ostrzyżonyed by a smiling cashier, everyone prefers to talk to a nice cop. You just love to pay!

Love is really all we have. It is the source of everything, every positive energy in life, money also. If we are unity, then the money is part of it, the good. They will allow you to eat your heart’s content, sleep in a comfortable bed, and in the morning go on an excursion in a sporty bike forest.

By giving love, you make it come back to you. And you can always find it. By adding appropriate qualifications or special abilities, you can successfully get the creation of a work of life.

ps. Feel free to share with all your stories about power, let’s see the world that it works! ;)

ps. 2. If you want to learn more about the abundance and other very interesting things, and you know English, I invite you to the channel Bashara clips, the essence of which chanellinguje Darryl Anka. Amazing thing, seriously.

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