Worth checking out

Angels and spiritual guides, carers

Prayers-cries for health, help, work…

Angels-All About angels

Prayer before science-the Rosary of forgetting. Prayer According to the ancient Buddhist texts

Secrets of Happiness

Attracting money-how to attract wealth.

Huna-Secret Kahunów techniques

Hematite and other energetic crystals. Power Stones-Portal with rich and practical knowledge about gemstones and semi.

Affirmations of happiness-attract happiness to your life

Moon Phases-Moon magic, meaning of individual phases

Rituals for money – how to improve the energies of wealth

Meditation-How to begin to meditate, Buddhist meditation

Dream World

The meaning of dreams-mysteries of sleep and dream-prophetic dreams, karmic, translation and interpretation of Dreams

Dream EDU en-quickly growing the base of sleepy motives

The Meaning of Dreams 2


Tarot Attitudes-Anna, a proven Fairy

The diagnosis of karma-is to determine what led us to the situation in which we feel unhappy. It is intended to investigate the causes of our failures. Sometimes they reach past lives, sometimes stem from our childhood, and sometimes from the current thought patterns.


Energy paintings-help in developing natural abilities, mute, help in meditation. Thanks to a specific selection of colours, textures and shapes, these images act as a stimulating effect on individual chakras and help to purify the aura. It has a beneficial effect in healing the soul and indirectly helps to heal the body.

Mandala-A lot of interesting information and graphics


Spiritual Healing-The healer dissolves the disorder or moves it out of the patient’s body (cleansing), it also widely applies to recharge the weakened places and balance the body’s energy.

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