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"Income seldom surpasses personal development." — Jim Rohn

When the health is credited to us, we do not put too much weight on it. "It's okay, so what do you worry about?" — we think optimistic. But is it actually optimistic?

People, usually those who have already achieved some degree of financial freedom, have built a kilkusetosobową structure, have trained several strong leaders, fall into a specific approach to their business. They become in their opinion "too Obyci in the world" to continue the development of themselves. They prefer to fully focus on the business, since they have already begun to revel.

But when an entrepreneur who has already achieved something abandons his desire to work on himself, then slowly but inevitably something begins to happen in his life. Something starts to. Lester Levenson, who made millions-from the time he fully devoted to business, after some time he made a heart attack.

The first infarction does not shook it enough to stop and think about yourself, about your development, about your health. Only a second infarction was a turning point in the life of Lester. The doctors gave him to understand that he was fortunate enough to be alive… and that his life remained at most two weeks.

After returning home, Levenson began to feel uncontrollable fear of death. He began to meditate on his life. One day he thought, "Lester, you're stupid, stupid, stupid. This whole knowledge gained… all this intellect… all these achievements… successes… The rewards have led you only to the place where you are dead. If you don't know what you are and how to beat it, you will die. "

In this way Levenson returned to the path of development of himself, not only his own business. Today, what he has left behind, gives a favor to thousands of people all over the world, but we will talk about it elsewhere.

Joe Adamsky is a good example of an approach to development not only for business but for himself: between the age of 68 years he was the most prized and talented horse rider in the Midwest. There was no day that he would not hear the cassette with the program of self-improvement by leading speakers, entrepreneurs and people with outstanding achievements.

Most of them abandon the work on themselves long, long before the minting of the Sixties. However, Joe knew that income rarely surpassed personal development. So since it has financial goals, since it develops business, it continues to develop itself, working on physical health, mental health and mind. Every day. (And you??)