Why you choose Suffering

The Law of attraction says clearly: you attract, what you think you’re afraid of, what you love, what you are defending, what you reinforce, why you pay attention, what you turn your eyes on.

We are adults, as we are aware of what we think. Right, compared to gravity, works always, everywhere, and on everyone. We had to interact with us, so when we were children. Therefore, the environment in which you are born, your parents, your home, your country, or your health could not be a coincidence. So why born, not others? We haven’t chosen this, at least we don’t remember that.

If we believe that in the world there are no cases, because everything affects everyone, and the law of Attraction determines our reality, with our birth also we can not speak of any coincidence.

Let’s say sincerely, I do not believe that man has a “one Life”. I believe that we are a lot moreer than we think, and that “I” exist in unimaginably many levels, so each of us, because we are one. So there is no death, only a transformation of energy.

We are born in a world of relativity to be able to experience ourselves in the form we want. Through us and other beings, God is experiencing himself.

Returning to the topic of birth and choice of your environment: this is not the case. Your soul, my soul, our souls have chosen this time and this earth, the country to realize in a certain way, to express ourselves. So why does the soul deliberately choose pain sometimes? Suffering and obvious discomfort already in the beginning?

The answer is simple. Relativity is the layout that is to serve us. You cannot experience health if you have never felt sick. You can not be aware that you have short fingers, if you do not seen long with someone else. Everything in this world refers to something.

Birth in such rather than another environment is to help. You really choose everything yourself. So you are not a victim of circumstances, but they are the creator. Creates them to experience themselves. So if your childhood was not as you would like, accept the choice of your soul, which decided that it would be a great condition to experience yourself in such a form and not another.

If they were not very forgiving parents and you are working to be forgiving for yourself, when you achieve it, you will be able to feel all of this feeling and truly be aware of what is happening.

Look for hidden treasures in the problems. They are always there, if you want.

ps. I remind you of stories about power!

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