Why good contact with the subconscious guarantees success in the use of the Law of Attraction

Today I want to show you a model of a man on which almost all spiritual and esoteric traditions are based (in simplification). You will understand why contact with your own subconscious is so important in achieving success in making informed use of the Law of Attraction.

I such a scheme, which marked the sphere of influence of the various minds forming part of the human being:
Three Ja man
The envelope around the head symbolizes the conscious mind. The qualities of the conscious mind are: the ability to logically think using both induction (thinking “from the general to the detail”) as well as deduction (thinking from the “detail to the general”) and the ability to drive attention (the ability to select an object of thinking).

One of the key tasks of consciousness is to act as a “gatekeeper” and to make a selection of ideas to be recognized as truth and to be passed on to the subconscious to integrate. The reason we are programmed with unwanted convictions is that many years have passed before the conscious mind formed enough to be able to perform this function satisfactorily.

Notice by the way that the area occupied in the drawing by the conscious mind is small. It is assumed that only about 17% of all thought processes are processes of the conscious mind. Therefore, it is said that “a good habit will lead you to success, and the wicked-to-fall”; The subconscious is governed by the life of man, and consciousness can guide the subconscious.

The “egg”, which otoczyłem the whole body of our człowieczka, is a representation of the subconscious mind. 83% of thought processes are the subconscious domain. It manages the entire biological machinery of the organism and controls all the infinitely complex life processes, relying on the established patterns of action.

It is the energy generator for the whole human being.

The subconscious cannot think inductively and it all takes to himself (he thinks it’s all about it). In the course of her life, she brought together a plethora of programs resulting from the generalization of individual facts. For example: In childhood, you happened to spill at the table of compote. You heard from your parents that you are niezdarą. The subconscious was recognized by the facts (compote) and the opinion of authority (the parent) that this is actually the case. Now, years later, it still performs a program called “I’m Niezdarą”, proving you are dropping something every now and then.

The subconscious executes the programs, all habits, and habits are in it “installed”.

The speed and ease with which the subconscious learns depend on two factors: the repetition and the charge of emotional (energy) related to a new concept or idea. Hence, one of the techniques of subconscious reprogramming are affirmations (mechanical repetition of some thought until the moment in which wyryje in the subconscious).

Consciousness is logic, subconscious – emotions and senses. The subconscious communicates with emotions and symbols. Therefore, visualization, which encompasses all senses and evokes emotion, has a much more powerful impact on it than eg. Affirmations. Conscious mind is an objective mind (dealing with external reality). The subconscious mind is a subjective mind (dealing with inner reality).

Everything you perceive is reflected in the reality of the inner subconscious mind, and vice versa – you cannot see anything that would not have had any counterpart in your subconscious. In this sense, the subconscious is the filter through which you perceive reality. You can also say that the subconscious “makes” the reality for you according to a learned “description”.

A well-made visualization of all senses is a subconscious mind indistinguishable from outer reality, perceived by physical senses.

The subconscious can communicate content from yourself or from the cosmic field of intelligence with the help of feeling, dream, vision, or omens (signs in the real world).

Now the most important.

In the figure I marked a fragment of a larger area where the human being is located.

Different traditions are slightly different to what is outside the subconscious realm, but these differences do not have much influence on the idea itself. The subconscious is in contact either with the superconscious, or directly with the spirit, God, the universe.

Subconscious, not consciousness, has contact with shapely intelligence.

All of your desires that you want to communicate to the higher intelligence to materialise in your life must pass through the subconscious. You have no conscious access to higher intelligence. You have to use your subconscious as an messenger.

Hence the ability to properly convey the information of your own subconscious mind (as well as to protect it from receiving unwanted thoughts) is crucial to your success in leveraging the law of attraction in realizing your vision Dream, desired life.

In the next article, I will try to bring about the fundamentals of proper communication of our subconscious goals so that they can be “passed on to the universal Mind”.

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