Wealth is not bad

There are various opinions about wealth. In most cases, however, they are not flattering and express contempt for all prosperity. People usually look at wealth, as well as on people rich with some degree of suspicion and distrust, seeing in all this the cause of all evil and misery. Unfortunately, hardly a bigger misunderstanding.

Human perceptions of wealth – and hence about money – have been anyed a long time ago. The reasons for this state of affairs can be seen already in antiquity, so this crooked a bit of the image of wealth passed from generation to generation and began to constitute so-called. A normal view of all abundance. Fortunately for mankind, the people who created erroneous views about wealth did not have its depth and what it really is.

What is wealth?

The word wealth is usually associated with money, having great fortunes, fast cars, or even a vain lifestyle. Unfortunately, the wealth is not associated with what you need. Money or cars are one of the manifestations of wealth, they are merely an effect, not a richness in itself. So where does it lie? Inside the human body. However, people mistakenly interpret the meaning of the word “wealth,” assigning it to all material things. They do not understand that they are not – the question of things – “Łutem of happiness” and have not emerged, for somebody had a “fart”, only the result of what man has in himself. The wealth consists of imagination, constructive thinking, ideas, passion and przekuwanie in form. It is thus that there are money, houses, cars and other goodies – a positive side-effect of being a rich man internally. Well, here it should be noted that the true richness arises from the interior of man and manifests itself in the real world. The biggest gold mine is the ideas and passion implemented in life, because they bring gold and not vice versa.

On the occasion of this article it is worth to cite some wonderful words about money from someone very clever. Bob Proctor, a wonderful mentor, wrote in one of his books about something like this: “If you’re a good person, then money just uwypukląs your good qualities. If you’re a bad person, all just get worse. ” So, as you can see, it’s not money to form “evil” and “misfortune.” It all depends on the man who uses it. Anyway Bob Proctor in his bestselling book “You Were born rich” mentioned that: “… always remember that money is your servant, and you are their lord. Never reverse this dependence… “, and quoting the next:”… many of these poors love money and use people pogwałcając one of the basic principles of financial success management. You should always love people and use money – never the opposite. ” The wonderful words and wisdom that every man, if he took them to heart, would have a different view on wealth and money. The world would be full of people rich, happy and having good opinion about themselves and wealth. This is true.

Think about the aforementioned words and how to become a rich man. Why? Just think about what you could do and what you could do, being a very wealthy man – you are surely a good person, so following the words of Bob Proctor, your great qualities would only be more highlighted. Wouldn’t it be wonderful? Have such opportunities to easily take care of loved ones, to realize their own desires and help others? Without worry that something is running out? It would certainly be something wonderful. So how wealth can be wrong, if it can contribute to the improvement of your life situation and better care for yourself and your loved ones? There is no “evil” in this. This myth needs to be rejected. Do not be afraid of wealth. You should be afraid of people who do not want you to be rich. So discard the old dogma of wealth and money – if you have it – and become a rich man. Let this happen.

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