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Every person chasing happiness (well-being, satisfaction, peace). You know that the concept of what gives happiness is never the same. You also know that we use our limited resources (time, energy, money) to get what we think will give us more happiness and satisfaction in life.

Because these resources are limited, a person has to follow values in the making of exchanges and transactions. Thus he gains, giving something in his eyes a smaller value in exchange for something that for him has a greater value. Any such transaction (that is, sales) is a two-way profit — for the buyer and the seller, because no one ever exchanges their own resources (i.e. they don't buy) if they don't see a profit for them.

Thus, you gain the benefit of others by providing a profit, satisfying their needs and desires. The better you go, the more you gain for yourself by selling your products or offering a collaboration.

Before I tell you about the specific rules of success in selling, we need to talk about the nature of life yet, because every "secret of success" must be based mainly on a deep understanding of how the world works — the world it actually is… and A true understanding of man and motives of his actions.

Cursed trap on my… sellers

Let's look at how trades and exchanges between people have to do what zwiemy "market". Remember that we are still talking about the actions taken by one man. Every human being has his own life, his own values, his own and a relative view of what gives him happiness, joy and satisfaction — the cause of all human actions.

Sellers are easy to fall into a cursed trap, talking about "society" – potential clients from a given "market" — where society is one, great thing with one mind, one system of values, one set of beliefs and one defined Nature of the search for happiness in life. Reality, however, is different. Society has no mind, no heart, no values — or motives for action.

So what is it? In short: Society is a group of people. And each of them has their own mind, values, beliefs, motives, and most importantly, every group of people (society — as we have established) differs from one another on many levels, such as young people and the elderly. Therefore, the seller's approach should be different, because for each of these groups happiness means quite something else. Because as you know, we buy to strive for happiness and satisfaction.

The seller should take to the heart that people do not work in the group. Yes, everybody belongs to some, but works and makes decisions alone. Therefore, the seller should not think in terms of groups, but in terms of individuality.

In the market, the pursuit of happiness

All people who categorise in the market context, chasing one. With his own happiness. But not all of them are the same. There are two roles, played non-stop: some are doing as a consumer, others behind the producer. Let's take a magnifying glass of these two roles and set a meaningful difference.

Consumption is the use of a product or service to increase the happiness and satisfaction that flows from it. Consume product using it. You are a consumer of food, vehicles, music, sports, rest and many other things, from which you joy and which are making you happy.

Production, on the other hand, is the realization of a service by which it becomes possible to have something to consume. You can make a service for yourself or for others. You are the manufacturer when you work for a company when you sell products when you prepare a sandwich when you you someone a lawn when you repair something. All of these activities are designed to provide something to someone you can consumed. In simpler terms, production is the act of preparing something, and consumption – the act of using and reaping this joy.

Right now! Because happiness and satisfaction is always the ultimate object of most of our actions, it is the only reason why whoever produces anything is an opportunity to have something that can be consumed. Consumption, not production, is always a goal — no one produces for the production itself; We manufacture or create with the aim of benefiting from the consumption of the produced resource.

If we lived in paradise, we would have nothing to produce and create. We just have to consume anything according to your will. But we live in the real world — we need to produce to be able to consume.

Everyone is a consumer. We are practically all producers as well. However, our decisions (including shopping) are taken as consumers. therefore! What is this thing that we want to increase our own happiness, joy and satisfaction?

As consumers, we give our resources (money, time, energy, etc.) to manufacturers to acquire what they produce/offer. So manufacturers are consuming their time, providing consumers with what they need.

This is about a great, complicated creation that zwiemy the market. We fill the role of the manufacturer to provide something that for consumers has a certain value in exchange for the price they are willing to pay.