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Dorabianie or earning on the internet has become a norm today and there are many ways to get paid for your activities on the Internet or the services offered by them. How to choose the perfect way to make money for yourself? To answer this question we have to check a few ways to earn money on the web and see what we feel najelepiej and what best comes out. The most popular ways to make money online include: running and writing blogs, running social networks, writing texts on orders, writing texts for sale, shooting movies or selling goods and services. Of course, in the case of keeping a blog this matter is so simple that we can write about everything even describing our every day, while the texts we will already write on the order on a specific topic. Likewise, in the case of sale, we must have products or services that will be demanded otherwise we can forget to sell effectively. Definitely the first steps I recommend to put in the category of writing because on the internet we can find a lot of portals that offer us specific orders or such with which we can sell their texts. Thanks to this we can write a few texts and see what will be the reaction in addition to every text our writing skills will be getting better and who knows maybe we find that they are starting to write a blog. Making money on the net is a job like any other and you need to devote her time so let you not deceive announcement in the style of "three thousand a month for clicking on the ads" on such offers can earn, yes, but as their creator. The Internet is so much easier to find an additional source of income that we can check most companies because when we are not sure of a notice or a company Wystraczy type in the search engine "company XYZ reviews?" or "Company XYZ or Is it solvent? "This information will immediately be in search results and we will be sure to invest your time in such a company.