Two ways

Watching the movie "The Secret" we are stumbling on a statement that you do not need to know how to do something. Just have a vision and wait for it to meet with faith.

In my life occurred many such moments when I have no idea where-przyciągałam the things I wished for. It was a feeling as if the universe was actually turned into one great Genie, and I became a Alladynem with my thoughts.

But, on the other hand, when it goes to a larger project, all the people of "success" describe the myriad of ways to be taken into account when building a way to achieve the goal, by describing exactly every step, excluding the possibility of addressing " As "invisible forces beyond our perception.

Question: What should I choose?

And again here we return to the Council: what suits you best.

Working in harmony with you

Everything is based on the basis of our beliefs that have arisen in the past. We, Earthlings, are unlikely to boast a beautiful belief system wpojonym to us by others. Most of us, despite the obvious exceptions, is stuck in the prison of your fear, without noticing that you just open the doors of conviction to go out into freedom and take a fresh air of new ideas, full of love.

Usually we can believe that someone can give us something. Just like that – somebody buys some clothes, but he doesn't like it and asks if they you you to take it. Another person you might be your mom brings you cake to celebrate your birthday. It's a small gesture, but there have been often in our lives, so we are confident that it can happen and now. In such cases we do not have to pledge "as", pass the control of the universe and… to wait.

We never really need to put a response on the answer. We are almighty, but we believe that no – so our wish is a universal mind-command. Therefore, when we want to do something more serious, when we organize something or want to get more money, but in the depths of our soul we feel that it is impossible to draw up a plan that will enable the realization. We are convinced that such "great things" do not obejdą without our interference.

There are many ways to invoke the notions of life. We can give up trust and wait, we can plan and act, we can meditate and affirm. We can do all these things at once. For one will be good it, for the second of that.

void. It's important that you really think in the depths of your soul. In what you believe. If you are convinced that the plan is the best way – Write a plan. But if you don't have an idea for it, and you know you can just wait for inspiration and she'll give you everything you need – wait.

Everything takes place in our interior. The universe can not do anything else, how to give you exactly what you need for self-realization and what you recall beliefs. There is no other way out.



Many even small things can UCIESZYC! 🙂 Yesterday I wanted to pushing just to a small pub, which is organized karaoke every week, but I did not just with Kim, and pomyslałam, it would be nice to be there go. I quickly forgot about it, and suddenly my sister suggested to me that we should go together, the universe surprises us in the least anticipated moments! : )


Great article!
An effective way of happiness is just to love yourself, to excite a great emotion to yourself. When we accept ourselves, thank you for our good qualities and successes this later miracles happen, everything is favorable to us!
Personally every day I use proper affirmations and I am smiling myself to myself (then it comes out it's :)best. Thanks to this I changed my beliefs on many topics and at the same time rarely I problems, and as they are also purified affirmations and in the short term solve ;)