Magical thinking and realistic thinking

True thinking is realistic. A sportsman who needs to create in mirror mind projections of the winning passage on the ski slope does not imagine that the slope is arranged straight and without hindrance-if he wants to win, imagines a perfect obstacle dodges and agile changes of direction Driving on dangerous corners. "— Michael Vence


The above words reflect the crux of an effective entrepreneurial vision: seeing not only opportunities, but potential obstacles and problems, so that you can plan a path to a goal that bypasses them — not what leads to them.

Someone who before jumping from a cliff to the water does not look down to get an idea of whether and where the rocks lie, do not think positively, but magically — and actually kretyńsko it if I have to be honest.

The above has a lot to do with the MLM business, a particularly difficult part of its development: with the proposed cooperation of potentially interested people.

Guess why so many of your partners who bought a starter do not achieve any results… and at this stage actually ends the business? It is possible that before performing the jump do not looked down. It is possible that they were unaware of the obstacles they were waiting for. It is possible that those on which they stumbled, once and for all, have completed their adventure in Network marketing and "cooperation" with you.

Maybe it's worth it, after we already promise great benefits, aware of your potential future leaders in the first generation of waiting obstacles? That you will probably have to work on your character? To train with the scope of sales, entrepreneurship and proper use of your time? That you will have to go out of the comfort zone and do things that will begin to make you fear? …

Only those who have this awareness dare to take the challenge, have a chance to reach in the network marketing meaningful results.

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