The Secret of wealth – work less and earn more

Earn as much as possible, but at the same time work as least – it's the key to happiness for many of us. See how to get closer to luxury!

Is there a way that would help reduce the time spent working and at the same time increase earnings? Experts argue that yes. Although it should be emphasized that the operating practices in circulation are applied primarily to persons who are in the task of working time.

To increase your free time resource, you don't have to go through specialized and costly time management courses and tasks. It's usually enough to learn some simple rules and then keep them consistent.

The day Plan is the basis
At the root of all problems of too long or inefficient przesiadywaniem at work is the poor organization of the day or its total absence. Just a properly prepared schedule with properly wyartykułowanymi priorities to enter the appropriate track. According to Men's Health magazine specialists, the best way is to make a simple, sometimes even slogan statement of all the duties we will have to take within a given time frame.

It is best to write them on a piece of paper that will be placed in a well-visible place or include all in the organizer. Sounds like a cliché? It turns out that in fact very often forgets about it. In fact, an incorrect organisation can lead to a snowball effect – problems arising from mistakes that emerged due to lack of planning or misconceptions will nawarstwiać until they lead to a real catastrophe.

Priorities and once again priorities
It is important to draw priorities in the planning phase and set the time for their implementation in advance. It may not be that most of the day we will devote eg. On trivial issues, which the key issues for the operation of the company did not posuną a millimeter forward. An appropriate, pre-planned time allocation for each task should do the trick.

It is also extremely important to allocate more time to the performance of individual duties than we theoretically need for their implementation. As a rule, it is usually the case that more time is needed for the achievement of individual objectives than it may have been. This may be an unexpected phone call, or an urgent gathering, so that the intricately prepared pre-fallen plan is like a house of cards.

The Internet is undoing?
One of the biggest risks of lurkinging at work is… The basic tool used for daily duties. Without the internet, there is no way to get around, but you should be wise to use it when you use it for purposes other than doing the job. Facebook, YouTube, favorite sites with news, and then private mail-if all these instruments use in moderation, no one will accuse us. But if we're exaggerating, it's better to be careful. It may soon be that the whole of the morning we błahostki, and the time spent on the key tasks is just too little.

But that's not the end. Similar to men's Health magazine, more and more employers are monitoring the way in which their subordinates use the Internet. If you find that your employee spends more time on online entertainment than to prepare a bid for a client or a valid project, he or she may end up with disciplinary consequences.

Order must be
This is also often forgotten. The order on the desk, appropriately segregated documents or well-described workbooks, is not only minutes or hours saved to search for important materials. Systematization of various materials in the environment is, of course, also much less stress-much better work, after all, when it is quickly possible to reach the desired document, than from then on the forehead browse another pile of papers.

The order is finally also a sign of respect for the associates, who during our absenteeism in the office, quickly find an interesting portfolio. The preservation of proper order also plays an important role in the way others perceive us. Bałaganiarze not rely on the principle of trust, and then the promotion is rather difficult.

What about zaoszczędzonym sometimes?
Office workers or staff management skillfully managing the time, as a rule, quickly appreciate the advantages of implementing these obvious rules, which are not always remembered. All of this translates to more and more work, and therefore often to advancement or increase. And most importantly, our inner peace.

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