Talismans for wealth, amulets for money

Amulets and talismans, which is what brings us happiness.
The Amulet is the object of protecting the owner from the actions of evil spirits, magical actions on our detriment, unfavorable circumstances in life.
It is usually a personal item that is worn with you. Its forms are varied, from the inscription on the plaque to the representation of parts of the human body or plant motifs.
These can include pendants, bracelets, rings, figurines, keyrings, or other similar items.
The talisman is also an object with some power, but not only for protection, but for attracting the happiness of a person. Like an amulet, it can be a very diverse form.
Popular Talismans and amulets
What items are To be happy or protective depends on the country. In some it will be a four clover, in others (where the clover is not growing) it can be an elephant.
One of the more famous amulets is Nazar (the Eye of Fatima). Its purpose is to protect against the evil eye. It is made mostly of glass in blue, white and dark blue, arranged so that they resemble the eye.
Another known protective object is the Dream catcher (click or not click). His task is to protect us in a dream, to stop nightmares and pass only good, building dreams.
In China, it is fortunate to have bamboo. I do not advise him, however, to plant a circle home, because getting rid of him from the garden borders on a miracle. We can plant it in a pot, which gives us control over its quantity. The bamboo container is usually placed in a room located in the south-east of the house.
Also in China, the figure 8 is exceptionally happy. So if we live in a house with this issue it is worth it expose suitably decorative and well-visible tile.
Not only are items are good luck, but they are animals. The Indians believe that crickets are what makes us fart will not leave, so we respect these lovable insects.
In India, the symbol of happiness is the elephant. Note, however, if we want the elephant to be important to him, that Proboscis was raised up. An elephant with a abandoneding trumpet will not bring anything positive.
The Aborigines thought this frog was a good luck animal. She had to reduce rain and generally herald joyful events.
In our culture, not so long ago was hanged over the door of horseshoe houses. Her arms were supposed to be placed upwards so they formed a sort of smile. In this configuration, the horseshoe works in favor of household, attracts happiness, and protects against adverse circumstances. However, if powiesimy it, it can make a lot of problems household.
As far as the amulet to perform its function, must be contained in itself a power, derived from the content of the inscription, whether the shape or composition, the talisman can be subject to any, acting on only one person who has assigned him some hypothetical power.
We often talk about our happy clothes or jewellery, sometimes we have some kind of mascot that brings us happiness, but it only works for us. Here we simply act our faith in the fact that something brings us happiness, and it is known that faith is a tremendous force.
How to make your own talisman?
To do it we need some time and patience. From the moment we made the decision to build our own amulet, we begin to keep a close eye on the surroundings. Going for a walk or a visit to someone, we pay attention to the things that we find, whether someone gives us, or we get them as a gift.
You may have accidentally found an old coin, pendant, eyelet with a ring, a feather of a rare bird. It can be anything, so we do not overlook anything, and we observe whether a particular item will speak to us. Of course not in the literal sense, and intuitively. The most important thing is to Drgnienie in the soul when we see our finds.
We can ask our tutor for help in our search. For this purpose, before bedtime please go for support and try to make a dream remember. We may dreaming the whole item right away.
If we want to make an amulet of specific purpose, we focus on the search on a specific type of objects. For example, a coin, a citrus pendant (especially lemon or orange) and some stones may be an amulet for attracting luck in business. (link to the stones for wealth necessarily with the words KLIK)
Once we have your item we need to tune it to our needs and our vibrations. Depending on what we have found, we purify it by rinsing it under running water, putting a few days on the clean sand in a container on the windowsill window, so that the rays of sunlight, or lunar, freely on it were.
Once you have rided the old energy, we begin to charge it with your vibrations, holding in your hands for a few minutes a day, always imagining some joyful events. Rather, we do not’s to memories, because we can make it stuck in place.
Now with the amulet you should talk. It may sound naïve, but be sure to ask him a question on what will work, or rather protect us, or bring happiness.
For example, we take our finds in my hands and say, “Thank you for coming to me, I am glad that you want to support me in gaining wealth that you give me the help of knowing the right people and finding a good direction for this purpose.”
It is important to avoid some of them when searching for items. Although I do not know what, we do not take half a heart if we want a talisman for feelings! It is absolutely not advisable for people with depression to receive cracked items. And if we want a talisman for wealth and find a coin, we can not allow it to zaśniedziała us.
Selection of Talisman and Amulet
If we do not have patience, or nothing appears on our way, you can talisman, or amulet to search in the store. As in the case of constructing your own object and here we try to feel the Drgnienie we will feel at the sight of this perfect copy for us.
If we do not have confidence in our own intuition, we can choose to follow the need and buy or here the pendant with runą (of course, before we have to read what it is and what is the action), magic symbols, stones with specific properties ( Click) or Mantra. In particular, crystals are great carriers for energy and such an amulet will serve long if we will take care of it.
If we fear that lost your amulet, because we are roztrzepani, we can go and tattoo it on the body. This is of course a method only for the brave and decisive to be with his amulet already forever. And here we are guided in search of an appropriate pattern of intuition and gather a lot of information about its shape.
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