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The magnetic marketing strategy may not be the fastest and easiest to apply, but it allows you to create such a foundation from which everything can be done more easily and quickly over time than in other cases, and perhaps The most important is the most way to build a network business from scratch and the only way that will make you not have to chase for customers. Photo. John Althouse Cohen)

How to stop banging customers to the door and make them call you

Uganianie for customers and "knocking on their door" is the most difficult and least grateful way of doing business, but the vast majority of it is what it does.

To get to the space of a potential customer, you must stand on your head to be interested in your offer first. For this purpose in a classic MLM is primarily used phone and acquisition, exposing itself to a terrifying level of disinterest and an overwhelming number of denials.

According to the fundamental laws of physics, the greater the power we use for this purpose, with the greater impetus collide with obstacles. The more we, the greater the resistance we face. The more we try to close the sale, the more often we meet with Odwlekaniem decision.

Why do customers wait with the decision?

There are two reasons. One is the lack of readiness to decide whether to buy or engage in business. It is perfectly normal that not every potential customer is just prepared to make a decision. There can be many reasons, even weak financial condition, lack of time or personal problems.

The second reason is that your potential customer does not see the expert in you, just another dealer trying to opchnąć your merchandise. You know by yourself perfectly how salespeople and akwizytoróws are treated. Do not rozminę with the truth, if I write that they awaken a general dislike, right? This is not surprising, because the existing sales paradigm tells the seller to aggressively strive to close the sale.

It is no different in the classic MLM, where Gros's training and training are psychomanipulacji tactics and exerting influence, designed to allow the leap of the confidence building stage and the expert's own image. The creation of the trust and the image of the expert in a classic way is possible, however, it is even esoteric knowledge in circles related to network marketing, not available to ordinary mortals.

Publishing your own articles online can change your situation diametrically.

Article publishing allows you to enter the back door

Articles by nature do not sell, only educate. A teacher or mentor is a person Darzona respect – unlike a salesperson. The seller does not bring any value for the client to present his offer, while educating the potential customer in full is based on giving value in the form of useful information.

You help readers to solve problems by building and shaping an expert's image. You can get to know and like exorbitantly increasing your chances of closing your sales in the future.

You can even start receiving emails and phone calls from your potential customers, and if you develop your competencies in article writing it will finally come to the fact that you will never have to chime people to show them your offer .

Finally I you the real secret of marketing journalistic. If you take the time to learn to write high-quality articles, you can use it to quickly launch your career to the heights by working with popular magazines or online portals. Imagine what it can do for you and your business to publish in a "Network warehouse" or "MLM Manager" or in a writings with even greater coverage, eg. In "Business pulsation".



Wojtku, you've come to the core!  Walking "After people" was once fashionable when the Polish MLM was still raczkował. Do not we any other methods of operation.
What you wrote is like a new breeze in this climate, thanks for the valuable article!

It can be seen that the last thing changes at a deadly pace. What is new and current today, the day after tomorrow will be "old". Something new is still happening, but it's fun, because at least the world is not in place.
It is important to develop to meet new methods and… Apply them! It is not enough to read.
I'll begin to apply your method today!  I'm curious about the effects! Do I work in MLM? Of course. MLM is a powerhouse, just like the Internet. Just a pity that not everyone else understood it. But it will come and such a day when it will change.  Besides, not everyone needs to lead a lifestyle in connection with network marketing, because who would do another job? Who would hell for us bread? :)