Sequence of manifestation of reality

Wallace D. Wattles in the book the scientific method of enrichment has given an exact recipe for manifesting reality.

The recipe is very simple, at least for someone who is struggling to carefully read and think about the book (and I Believe you belong to this category of people who are not afraid of hardship). Here it is:

  1. Create a vision of the desired shape of reality
  2. ACT towards its realization
  3. … with the conviction that it is already created for you and crystallized in your reality
  4. Kultywuj gratitude to maintain the “vibration” corresponding to the shape of the manifestowanej reality

The process presented by Wattlesa is very simple. You think what you want to realize in your life, you are moving in this direction by doing everything that is necessary in the place and time where you are now, with the full conviction that you will soon you your vision in the material form, for what you are all the time grateful, To keep your mind on the right level of “vibration”.

When we think of this process, there are some aspects of it that have been given by the author, not explicitly. Therefore, today I would like to look at the process of manifesting the reality a bit from a different point of view (based on information obtained from Bashara), which lightens and detailss some issues, giving a more detailed sequence Manifesting reality.

  1. Vision (concept) of the desired shape of reality
  2. The desire to realize vision
  3. The conviction that the realization of the vision is possible (what beliefs and definitions do you need to change to allow this?)
  4. Self-acceptance and new convictions in full
  5. The intention of realizing vision (conscious choice, focus, will – no: effort)
  6. Act as if the vision was already realized
  7. Complete abandonment of a specific result

Creating a vision of the desired thing is always the basis. The desire to experience vision in a crystallized shape in its material reality is an essential energy charge needed to wprawienia the process of manifestation in motion. The conviction that realization of the vision is possible is called in the scientific method of enriching “faith.” Without this there is no chance of effects, because where there is no faith, there is doubt. Even 1% of the doubt will block the process, so you need to investigate your beliefs, detect unmatched vision and replace them with more appropriate. Full acceptance of new you, equipped with new convictions, is an indicator of the completeness of the transformation. Acceptance tells you that new beliefs have been vaccinated fully. Then you have to want to realize your vision, or knowingly make choices that lead to its realization. With this intention you act in the way you działałbyś if your vision was already realized. This allows you to achieve an appropriate level of “vibration” according to the “vibration” of the attracting reality.

Finally, you completely abandon the expectation of a particular result. It may be difficult for you, because odds with point 2 – the desire to realize the vision. Note, however, that you will not forgive your vision or desire to realize it. You will forgive the final result and the shape in which you (or not) experience the crystallization of your vision.

As you can see, these two versions of the reality manifestation process are very similar. Choose this version, the recipe that suits you best and apply it today to attract some small thing you would like to see in your world.

At the end of the warning. Remember: Always snap the final reality you want to zmanifestować, not the means leading to it. Do not snap one thing to have a second. Do not manifest measures to achieve the goal.

Manifest the goal.

I greet you my nice in this spring morning. At his own skorze, doswiadczylam the lack of acceptance of my vision of Mikayla. Still heard these words. Do not succeed, it is not possible you oszalalas and many others you can imagine. The more such slow, the more szumialo me in the head you can not give up. I always have a moment before my eyes, in which Piorko came to me. Always speaking to me since it came to me and my dreams also meets in August. And so slowly dreams started in August comply. Wojtku so much I am grateful for these interesting atykuly on the blog. Age thanks. Grazyna

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