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As Gandhi said, "You have to be the change you want to see in the world." The world does not exist as such. There is only your world. If you do not change, the world will not change, because the world is you.

Change yourself and you attract another reality.

Once I read that the most important goal of man on Earth is his spiritual development, that if we do not understand and we do not accept the fact that we are responsible for our lives then we will have to reincarnate so many times and return to the lands again to discover Your power.

What is this power? – Faith in oneself.

"You have to be a change! The replacement you want to see outside you have to flesh. Look at the man in the mirror and make a change. The world is starting from you. If you do not change, the world will not change as the world is You "– Eckhart Tolle

He sang even the great Michael Jackson


I start with a man in the mirror
I ask him to change
And no message could be clearer

Look at yourself and make a change..


If we do not take 100% of the responsibility for your life it is through this gate that the Iles% always slip out of a scam that will separate us from happiness. I know that we are masters in cheating ourselves, and we have to fathom it. What helped me a lot, when I stopped to feel guilty, ripped or wounded is the knowledge that I myself have all designed it and as the only author I can laugh with this, I still like it and in the rest, or I can change it all. This is my choice. Good fun and only this treatment is the easiest way to change the situation.


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