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"There are two worlds: a world that can measure and evaluate rulers, and a world that we feel deeply in the heart and Skrywamy
In the recesses of the imagination. "~ Leigh Hunt


The world looks at you and sees a certain person. You look in the mirror and you see another. This bizarre difference between "reality" and self-image was first presented by Miguel de Cervantes in 1605 years, the author of the novel of Don Kichocie.

Don Quixote saw with the eyes of his imagination as gallant Knight and protector of a charming virgin named Dulcinea. But the world around him saw only Nużącego man and young serving.

"Giants!" exclaimed Don Quixote.

"What giants?" replied Sancho Panza.

"Well there, on the horizon," explained Quixote, "with long hands, some even at 5 kilometers."

"Look, your Love," said Sancho, "What we see there is not the Giants, but the windmills, and their hands that you say are wind-driven wings."

Ehh. It's not hard to guess, "commented Quixote," that you are not a worthy companion of great Adventures. "

Three hundred and thirty seven years later, we know Walter Mitty, the hero of the story James Thurbera pt. "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty". Mitts in one afternoon becomes commander of the naval aircraft… lifesaving life Surgeon… the sniper… A fearless captain of a military division. Is Mitty insane? No — it just has a problem with the conviction of others who is inside.

In America, a story about Walter Mitty is considered to be one of the best ever made. Why is this? Why this success? It's easy. It speaks to Walter, who hides every man on this planet. Because whoever of us did not play the role of a crazy cowboy, a great astronaut, an example driver, a brave cop? Like Don and Walter, we all have our own secret life that we play in the mirror of mind. It is funny who finds that external actions in the real world have no connection with who we see with eyes in the world of imagination.

If persist with intellectual sincerity and common sense, Don and Walter should abandon most of the imaginary world and begin to hardly follow the earth. This may actually be the case.

But if we want to motivate someone to do a specific action… if we want to sell a product… advertise the service… to offer cooperation… In effect give happiness, joy and satisfaction — we should definitely not speak to Znużonego man or Pantoflarza , but to the knight in silver armour and the captain of the Navy. We should eloquently to refer to deeper desires. These deep desires are inextricably linked and eternally connected with emotions. These emotions are motivated to act.

In an article about 3 human rights, I mentioned a confirmed fact: people work on emotions, not logic. The logic justify what they do through emotional desires, needs, and even fantasy. Researchers have already proved that the sick people who have been deprived of the possibility of feeling emotional states are not able to make the simplest decisions — such as where the blouse is dressed today or how to answer the obvious question.