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Man has always been seeking the truth. In stars, sun, God, trees and other people, religions. Some of the other children in the sandbox scream like in the movie "Wacko Day": "My raison najmojsza is right!"

Meanwhile, it is not possible to go beyond ourselves. The search for the truth outside may be very interesting. Everyone lives according to their beliefs and everyone is obliged to live their truth. We are here to express ourselves what we want to be. This expression is precisely the truth about ourselves.

In the ninth part of the Universal Key system, Haanel tells about the truth, as he sees it, but it is not a way to give it a reason, at least from our point of view, to people fascinated by the idea of creating reality.

It can be defined as all activities, thoughts, circumstances that lead to natural growth. It's love, it's freedom and fun, it's laughter and positive emotions.

As in the scientific method of enrichment one can distinguish several points, whose knowledge leads to development and is the basis of everything.

  • You exist. You can't deny that – you always exist, and death is just an illusion.
  • Everything is one. You can never be out of the whole, because the whole is everything that exists.
  • What you give is back to you. You can't get what the world Obdarowujesz. It's a natural way of returning it to you.
  • Everything is changing. Here one exception – in addition to the previous three rights. The whole world is still on the move. It's a state of dynamic harmony. It is the homeostasis of the universe.

Based on these four laws and on the previous scientific method of enrichment, we can develop in good and allow ourselves the freedom to be ourselves, our truth.

An extremely strong affirmation was mentioned in this lesson:

"I am a perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy whole."

Capture your feelings while reading her. Do you not feel reinforced, built, full of power and faith, to share with others? That's what the truth is. When you feel brilliant, you are just finding yourself and who you are in reality. What makes you happy is what you passionate is the expression of your real being.

Finally, I wanted to emphasize one thing that was easy to overlook. Remember that for other people the Law of attraction can be crap, can be a complete bajeczką for children, or a total madness. And I'll say one thing: respect it. It is for somebody that is his truth. If he does not feel this, he is unaware, or wants to realize something else, let it be.