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Each of us is looking for quick ways to enrich ourselves and it is natural. The desire for fast effects lies in human nature and is a driving force for innovation and for discovering new methods of action. The desire for fast results is also a great weakness of the man, which uses dishonest marketers offering opportunities, to make You a millionaire in 3 days without need kiwnięcia finger.
Big Snatch – One million in 3 days

Employment at time is a very alluring proposal for people who expect immediate compensation. Make the choice of making more weight for short-sighted financial security than for strategically understood financial security.

When "Etatowcy" Enter the world of online business, they meet right away with a huge selection of proposals "earn automatically" or "Become a millionaire in 3 days". These are, for example, the offer of "brilliant" or "groundbreaking" software, whose author "broke the Code", became a millionaire and now Dobrodusznie wants to help his countrymen for only 197 zł, or offer an "automatic business", which will do everything for you.

The same is true of the methods for promoting a network business. Unethical distributors offer a wonderful opportunity to do with a man krezusa in a very short time, mostly in the form of a "new, groundbreaking product" or "a remarkable, ingenious compensation plan in which everyone earns." When a new company enters the market, it will always feature hordes of ready to throw out hard-earned money into a "new super-opportunity", hoping to get up and running without work.
Human nature demands a rapid reward for effort

Just look around the world to notice the manifestations of this trait of human nature. I mentioned the popularity of employment at time, and there is no wonder, so we have been educated and prepared for almost two decades the educational system: elementary school, Technical college or Countless courses and trainings. It is difficult to break out of the imposed scheme.

Another very noteworthy example of UWYPUKLAJĄCYM's desire for immediate results is the market for dietary supplements, preparations, diets and slimming treatments. It sits such a misiek or Misiaczka in front of the TV all autumn and winter obżerając with crisps and żłopiąc Coke, until one day with surprise and horror in the eyes finds that the outside temperature reached the level of rest. You have to knock yourself in some outfit or slips and jump out of the swim. Just that the view in the mirror is scary – none waist, belly hanging, tragedy. And there's no time, just a holiday! What to do? You have to treat yourself to a miracle diet, buy a ton of pills, and spend a lot of money on liposuction so that you can boast a beautiful body for 4 weeks.

An experiment was carried out at Stanford University, researching children's four level of ability to refuse immediate gratification to get a better result in the future. It consisted in the fact that were a child one foam, promising that if he would refrain from eating for 20 minutes, he would receive two more. Then, it was examined how the experiment participants were doing later in life, especially in their studies. It turned out that those people who were able to deny themselves immediate gratification fared better than the rest, were more and more suited to the environment, and were better results in competency tests.
In business, results come late

Man's mental design is very simple: we always choose what we consider more pleasant than alternatives. The word "We think" is the key, because as you can see, people do very unpleasant things, including inflicting themselves and other physical suffering. I would not that it if they did not consider this as a more pleasant alternative than the other disposables. It all depends on how we define pleasure or suffering. (Recommended reading: Awaken the Giant of Anthony Robbins).

If you want to be successful in business, you need to find a way to get a mental resentiment that will allow you to associate more pleasure with achieving the results in the future. Creating a business on the internet takes the savvy people at least a few months. I took all three years of hard work and intensive science after hours before I could release myself.

One of the wonderful ways (I don't know better) is to Zaprzęgnięcie to the business of your passion and to base your entire business on something that you like to do. Then your work becomes a pleasure and you can do it very long without seeing any measurable benefits. When you devote a large number of hours to achieving a satisfactory level of competence, you will be able to do things impossible for a "mere mortal". Let's take such a Pablo Picasso.
Picasso rule

I once read a certain story related to Pablo Picasso. Once Picasso was asked by a lady to sportretowanie her. The artist pulled out a piece of paper, sketched something quickly and handing it over to her that said to be 10.000.

The woman was blown away. "It took you 5 minutes to sketch a portrait. Don't you think that 10.000 for five minutes of work is a bit much? "

Picasso replied, "The realization of the sketch took me 5 minutes, but it took me thirty years to learn this."

The next time someone promised you a brilliant, Polish market opportunity, which will make you a millionaire in 6 months, it is better to think about. Reading the success stories of the people who made the year on the MLM of the fabulous fortunes take into account the fact that they hide from you their long-standing efforts and toil, which led them to the place and the position from which they can actually create a network very quickly thanks Built years ago relationships.

Hard work and time to achieve success are always necessary.