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A few years ago, I read a book about a charitable, even magical action of a red envelope. It was described there that it works in a very simple way, namely, just unsubscribe on the card your desires, put them into that red envelope and leave somewhere for a while. The plans and objectives of the envelope were to be implemented almost spontaneously only because they were written and exposed.

Since I was at the beginning of my adventure with the Law of attraction, I didn't quite want to believe it until the end, but I decided to try it. Everything has happened in January, every student knows well how hot this period, for awhile before the winter session. I was waiting for some serious exams, a mass of credit, little thinking so I wrote on a clean sheet of all the subjects of the semester and next to the desired assessment by me. With a slight powątpiewaniem, I put a card into the red envelope and schowałam it somewhere deep between the notes. And I took my education in the right way. What was my surprise when at the end of the semester after the session, doing the cleanup in the notes I found this magic envelope. Porównałam it with a completely filled examining card. Believe it or not, all the ratings on both cards match to letter.


I reiterated the same process in the next semester, and the following year I took a scholarship for the learning outcomes obtained through the red envelope. Of course, anything that I would not give envelopes if not my intensive work, but it was worth it.

Some time then I tried something a little different, I put into the red envelope of 50 PLN, and a red card in the words "more". And again I forgot about it, and money unexpectedly down to my wallet, after some time I found this envelope, imagine what was my joy!

The truth is that any way we can think of is effective only if we really want to. For example, many people never get up from bed with their left foot to make the day auspicious.

I encourage you sincerely to look for your ways to assist the Law of attraction and getting rich. And what are you using the ways and rituals to strengthen your intention to accomplish the goal?


Hello, sticky notes, etc. They are designed to help attract the desired results and are a matter of personal concern. They will, of course, not cause them to be achieved.

In your post I'm hitting two things:
1. "Apart from the healthy, wonderful children, I do not go out of my life"-this conviction perfectly captures the situation
2. "I have some sort of klatwe"-just like it. In this you believe a lady because of the gypsy predictions, which is more and more.

As for me it's not a curse of a lady haunting, but in/in beliefs and others of their type. I suggest you change them to eg. 1. Everything comes to my life, 2. God wants my good in every realm.

I also recommend that you try Ho'oponopono, a method of cleaning up with subconscious negatives. is to repeat in any order: 1. Sorry, 2. Please, forgive me, 3. I love you, 4. Thank you. Simple but effective. I use and recommend myself.



Red Case! It's interesting! And I have two pebbles, one dark – my zodiacal and the other white on finance, to that 10 white beads and a talisman with the knowledge tree. It's all together I keep in a sakiewce of chiffon. Rituals, rituals… they help my subconscious cause I am fixing the significance of these things and what they have attracted me. I once spoke with a 12-year-old girl who could not learn mathematics because Grandma told her that she is stupid and pozatym in the family no one has ever been orłrm and did not understand this object. What did I do? I took a piece of sticky notes and told her to write all the awful words that Grandma had to her spoke and it was on it. Then under the tree wykopałyśmy hole and this sticky note zakopałyśmy. Then on the second card napisałyśmy only the words praise. And how do you think what happened? The girl began to improve with mathematics and surprisingly with other subjects also! Rituals, rituals, are very important if you are wykożystywane in a proper and thoughtful way! When I clean up from time to time my unalways cool thoughts, wypisuję them on card, then smoke it and ash wsypuję into pots with flowers and I think that użyźni the earth. Wonderfully flowers grow!! I think it's a fantastic thing these rituals!!! Help me! I greet all


Hi, Agniecha :)
As the law of Attraction likes speed, I already realize the first thought that came to my mind after reading this article:
I ordered 500 red envelopes with my logo, e-mailed and no phone + insert for envelope with instructions for use:) I will give it to my friends and strangers, as an accompaniment to gifts, but also with no opportunity. Let all around enjoy! The more we get, the better :)

As for the many tricks that I use-I'll just say one:
When I wake up in the morning and half asleep, step in the drunken zombie, I'm going to the bathroom, I think of the day that I'm just starting: "Rrrrrrany, what a great day it was! In the morning I woke up rested, smiling, without haste wyszykowałem and nowhere I. Everything I planned was arranged with amazing ease. All the people encountered were nice, helpful and friendly. Glad I went home and spent my lovely afternoon in a nice company. Now relaxed getting to sleep… " So I think one morning:) And then the day is the one I figured it, like it already having :)
I greet everyone!


Hi, your Agnieszko story is proof that we have an incredible energy. Our thinking can really make us move to the heights. It is a proof that we can program our minds to achieve everything we want. The way with the red envelope is in my opinion great. The color itself adds energy. I think of everything so we can order our subconscious mind the right direction helps in fulfilling the goal. But I do not think that making good success from random events would help. We have influence on ourselves, on the black cat already rather not.
Try the red envelope.
Yours Renata


Thank you so much for this article by Mrs. Agnieszko.
The new academic year is about to start, and I'm looking at my results from the previous year, not being fully satisfied, I decided to improve it. Just did not know how… I even thought about this to ask a question here on the blog, about how to use the Law of Attraction in science, and this science is not only for pleasure but for evaluations or studies. And today… without any of my response action i:-)s. Thanks a lot. With all your heart.
I am happy to read the next articles on this topic on how to best use the law of attraction to achieve success in college.
Thanks again. I cordially greet and wish you all the blessings of life.


I like to run, running makes me a great joy, for me it is like kwint the essence of life, because the movement is life. When I run I imagine that the road that I follow is the way of my life-easy, because I run no need to learn, nice, because a smile on the lips, curious because, after all, every step changes what's around me, and I'm about every step I become richer, and I still have something before Because the road never ends, you just have to take a break to relax. Best regards


I made a video plaque, which I mentioned in the movie "Secret." In addition, the Board is made on the grid "Bagua" (Feng Shui). So far I have it for a week, the first thing from the board has been fulfilled. Maybe small, but… always something: D. The other is in progress. This plaque in some unusual way acts on our psyche, as if we were programmed for a thing and subconsciously aspired to the goal. I recommend it to everyone.
P.S.Co year in January he writes a whole list of plans and provisions for the new year. Some time ago I found a card last year. I was shocked. I wrote it and Schowałam. I did not watch it at all, I even forgot about her existence. Total Summarum 80% of the card stuff is has: D


Agnieszko, zwróciłaś attention to a very important thing: the action.
It is not enough to read, to learn, to believe in something. You also need to do a step, even a little in the direction of what we want. In this way we are giving the signal of the universe that we are receptive to receiving the desired things. It is necessary to perform an action/decision, and the question of how to achieve it will be solved by the universe by innuendoing us ideas.

What are my ways? I change the old ones and introduce new habits. In addition, every morning and evening I visualize my desires through the video of my own robots.

Cheers hot.


Hello Agnieszko,

With curiosity I have been reading for some time your postings published on Wojtek blog. I am very happy with the fact that we are more and more – people kochajacych and rozumiejacych the law of the secret. People who, every day from the Radoscia use to their positive deliberate law of attracting, czyniacing their life more interesting, madrzejszym and full of joyful emotions waiting.
You probably remember the words of a wonderful woman, a wonderful, Zyczliwego man, my Great teacher – Rhondy Byrne: "In my mind and in the world, who is the creation (…) There is a lot place for you, so join me and all those who are here. This is the world in which "miracles" happen every day. It is the world filled to the shores of Obfitoscia, in which all good things exist at the moment in you. It's like heaven, right? Because it is heaven. "
Since when Pokochalem and I secret, I decided to know the "family" Rhondy. Devoted a lot of time to continue searching, acquiring knowledge, understanding the rights of Rzadzacych Wszechswiatem, Rzadzacych the secret. And you know what I discovered?… The words Rhondy not show the full description of her world. It's not heaven – it's a real paradise! A paradise for all of us. Without any exceptions! Without any restrictions! Full Obfitosci. Joy. Luck. Success. Positive existence. I how little need to really achieve it…
With this bigger radoscia I read texts and articles of people like you. People who had invited Rhondy. People Potrafiacymi play with the laws of the secret. Wykorzystujacymi them in a different way, having only one shared for all purpose: unconditional fortunately!

And let it be "red envelopes", Sticky notes porozwieszaneed throughout the house, Supelki Wiazane on handkerchiefs, cards worn in the wallet, pebbles gratitude, or personal, private "talismans". This is not an important way. It is important that everything that is attracted is what we dream of. Bob Proctor often likes to repeat words: "Enjoy life, because it is a phenomenon! It's a great trip! "
And here is already in all this really comes-to enjoy life!
Reading thy word, I have a pleasant, with you, and you circle those people who want, can and may really enjoy life. Continue in this Agnieszko, that I would like to you today here and now Zyczyc. With a whole heart and with a true szczeroscia.

Well, yes, but you're probably curious, as I "help" the law of attracting?… We are happy to share my "secret" way;-) with you.
You know… learned that the inch method, Sila and wisdom lies in simplicity, the way Agnieszko. Disappointed?… I hope you don't!
Always, when something really I, briefly before Zasnieciem Leze yourself on back in bed and for a few minutes "przywoluje" in Thoughts is my desire. Plawie in it. He delights in his possession. I see how I have this thing. I feel and I'm very grateful for this Wszechswiatowi… and then open the eyes and end these my przywolywania statement, which learned from Joe Vitale.
Speaking back to himself: "You know, good God, you please it, here is… or something better!"
You probably know about this Agnieszko-the most important is because CHCIEC, not need! Ot and the whole secret…

May the joy be with you!


Mariusz believe me, I am not surprised. As you say your simplest method is best:) I apply it almost every day. Evening turn quiet, quiet music, I put myself to bed and I see myself as I reach big and those smaller targets that I set myself for a day tomorrow or for a longer perspective. Then I fall asleep happy, and the Law of Attraction works…