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The way to succeed is to not give up, the pursuit of the goal of even though I do not know what.
"If you heard a thousand times, you will not succeed. You know what? Continue to do everything you can and show how badly they were wrong. Success is the biggest, available, human vengeance. "
Nicodemus Marshal

My favorite example is Joanne Kathleen Rowling. No publishing house wanted to wydąć her book. She walked from door to door. The reasons which were mentioned were very many: hopeless storyline, difficult names, too complicated for young people that is generally sucks and nobody will buy it. After a very long search we finally found a publishing house that accepted the book.
And who would expect such success? After the release, the book was a phenomenon.
Harry Potter beat records of popularity, made films based on it, and the author has become very rich. In 1997, the first volume of HP was in the first place of the New York times charts.
Hardly anyone knows that in childhood Rowling was a shy okularnicą, full of complexes, rejected by Rówieśniczki and playing mostly with boys.

The secret lies in the relentless pursuit of goal, stubbornness and consequences. A lot of people have just such a way of success, but rarely is said about it directly. Even Abraham Lincoln, whose failures I described in the article loser/winner-a man who has not surrendered.
Edison confused himself 1000 times he invented the light bulb. Is discouraged another test? Not! He said I found 1000 ways how not to look like a lightbulb, I'm getting closer to the solution. He knew how to act to succeed.

All of us are defeated, but it is important how you keep your defeat.