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Psychology in business-scientists know it, companies use!

Psychology in business is the last ever more appreciated tool. I focus on two the basic aspects of psycholoicznych that affect the business deczji.

The first is a risk that is not dependent on us, but we can minimize it through experience and knowledge. The second is an accident of two opposing feelings, such as the desire for profit and the fear of loss. The risk, as I mentioned, can be minimized by analyzing the potential investment. If it is a company, we examine its financial statement and see what the profitability of the business is. When deciding whether to reduce the level of risk is not everything, because a large influence on our decisions has an emotional state. We often decide hot, then we return home and we know that it was not a good choice and we regret the decision, but there is also a reverse situation, we wanted to do something, but we on the occasion.

It is to be recalled by Napoleon Hill, who in his studies observed 2 characteristics combining all the rich. They have a high level of self-confidence, so:
They quickly make a decision and persevere to work before they resign.

Most people react to money emotionally and expose themselves to making irrational decisions. That is why it is so important to control your feelings when making business decisions. Bargains always happen, but you have to practice your brain so that it can be perceived and analyzed quickly. We need to learn to make quick decisions because it is often the case that an experienced investor is coming out of the market when the crowds just notice the opportunity. We should focus on acquiring knowledge, experience and analyzing the market in the area where we want to invest. Everyone needs to decide what to invest. There is no golden recipe for everyone! One feels good on the stock market, another in real estate or business. The basis is not to take it all at once. Become an expert in your favorite field.


Psychology in business works on subconscious!

This is how the catching mechanism, which selectively selects information that reaches the consciousness, is why you should practice reactions to individual information. Have you had the impression that after buying a car suddenly the same models as ours started to ride far more? We have such an impression, because we start to pay attention to this model because it has begun to interest us. Previously, there were as many cars, but the brain of this information did not wychwytywał. Another example: if you always drive to work and you happen to take a bus one time, then consider how much information your consciousness omits when the action repeats and becomes automated. Therefore, if you start to be interested in business, the occasions will begin to appear one after the other.

You will be amazed how you will see how advertising experts influence our subconscious mind by placing subliminal information:

A subliminal message in the media and advertisements movie about how they program us every day;]

That’s not all!

In addition to advertising, it is still accustomed to the brand of the product, which use international corporations. We do not always focus on pricing or quality when making a shopping decision. Scientists know it, companies use! Check out how it works and don’t let it cheat:

Not just advertising US program! From a child we are set on a certain track in the perception of the world. If everyone in Okuł will convince us, go to school, find job, put money, rich are scammers and you can not become rich in a legal way! In this case our subconscious will not allow us to be rich! We often hear about brainwashing, but you should think about what is normal in today’s world. 
Does the System program us in time for 1500 zł? Apparently someone depends on it.

Think of Wealth!

If you go into financial success, you will sooner or later reach it. Our brain is organized to help us. I would like to use an example of a boot athlete in a marathon. If we decided from day to day that we would run a marathon, then few people would be able to do it. However, when you take into consideration that we will prepare for this effort, then almost anyone can do it. First of all, it’s a lot of training, which is practice and automation in what we do. In the last days before the start we are going to think all the time about our run. As a result, our body will start to put down energy stocks so that we have enough power for more than 4 hours of difficult effort, because our bodies will prepare for this challenge!

Plan and ACT!

At the very end I must mention that, as with running, the mere visualization and mental attitude is not enough, we just need to train. The same thinking and reading books of wealth, no one has ever made, so at some point in your financial education you should decide to take action that brings us to wealth. These activities, you certainly do not increase your hours of work on time and postponed extra money on your savings account. You have to look for leverage! Use the time and/or money of other people in your own business and invest your money in creating an extra cash flow!