The secret: proving the effectiveness of the Law of Attraction

By reading this blog, some people may have the impression that we move only on the theoretical ground.

Today, thanks to Thomas Jaworski’s inspiration, I want to prove to you that the law of Attraction works in practice.

First, we need an object that zmanifestujemy in our reality.

In Richard Bach’s book You may come across a proposal to create a blue feather. The idea for this test was also featured in the film “The Secret”.

Why Blue Feather? Because this is not something that is usually widujesz in your world, right? When did you last saw a blue feather?

Chances are it’s a long time (or you can’t even tell if you’ve ever seen a blue feather in your life).

Here’s a guide on how to attract a blue feather to your life in the next 48 hours: imagine a blue feather. Zwizualizuj them as accurately as you can – shape, all the individual rays from quill, color, shine. Imagine you already have them-take them to your fingertips, look at them by light, feel their weight, you can even sniff them out or touch your lips. Hear what sound sounds like when machasz in the air. Imagine yourself as clearly and as best you can.

Keep this vision for less than a minute, then end the visualization and make all the faith in its realization into the hands of omnipotence.

The feather will soon be in your way, so be sure to keep your eyes open all the time. You can place a card with the word “blue feather” in a place that you often look. You can even write yourself a “feather” on your ha;)nds, so it’s important to remember you all the time.


Hi i am new here but I would like to share my “secret”. As a skeptical person, I to the entries with some disbelief. However, I decided to do an exercise with a blue feather…. and what? I saw a beautiful dark blue feather in my imagination. Wased smoothly down, was, falowało. The light rays are stuck between the various fragments and the bottom cans-so soft. I felt in my imagination how my hand was falling.
The next day I thought about him. It was so nice. On the next day (it took some 40 hours from my exercise) I was very busy. She came to my daughter and said she broke a vacuum cleaner. I opened it to see what happened to him and….. On top of a cracked paper bag been a blue feather (we used to have parrots, but since then it took about 1.5 years). WAS me!!!!! The Law of ATTRACTION works!!!!! I’ll continue practicing and believe I will change my life.

I’m from the pre-computer era so I do not know if this time I manage to send this entry. The previous I went to,, feathers and jacks, and he pretty me odfrunął. My first attempt to creative a pen I counted some 2 years ago. I was in a new place and after visualization I left the town on the back of the tenement house. On the square lay plenty of pigeons feathers. Other than in my image but a lot. Laugh me this quantity but nazbierałam a bunch in the house pofarbowałam them to different colors of blue and set in small. Some 2 weeks ago in another place I remembered this fun. I was in a forest park for a walk with her husband. After the visualization, I thought that a little bit easier to make the task in the end is a forest and birds can hear a lot. Meanwhile, we went around 10 km and no trace, not enough that I did not saw błekitnego it and any feather. Suddenly in a conversation break through the thought flew me a question, interesting as a feather would in the wing of an angel.,, and suddenly I as Wryta because in the middle of the stone path lay a tiny feather, such 5cm, at the base of white fluff and in the middle of the height changed into Almost circular blue plaque. Of course I took it as a souvenir. In the end, since it came to me I had to take care of it.

At the beginning the idea of creating a blue feather seemed a bit odd, ridiculous places. So I tried to find something different, but after a few minutes I decided on a blue feather. I now have a holiday and mostly from the house I go out until the evening, so also my doubts about finding this pen. After reading this entry, I visualised the pen I want to see. However, I was not sure exactly how to look, so I just imagined the color. The next day (today) the father offered me to go to the bank to arrange a few cases. I didn’t even want to go but I agreed. After visiting the bank I joined for a moment to the gallery, in total it is not even able to say now why I went there, since I had no plans for any purchases. The first thing I fell into the eye, after entering the gallery is a great advertising television “N” on which could doctor House with blue wings, the color of the wings agree with the color of the pen from the visualization, but it was not enough. As always being in the gallery I had to look into Empik, where I met another Blue wing on the covers of books. One of them was entitled “Kosogłos” and could the Blue Bird holding the arrow in the bow. I was pleasantly surprised, but it was not enough. Throughed next to the gallery I shop, next to which I passed from 100 times and never attach to him more attention. This time, however, I stopped next to the site and noticed 2 pairs of earrings with blue feathers. I was sure that one of them was just such a wykreowałem. Pleased to go to the exit from the gallery I passed next to a typical booth “with everything and with nothing” where I saw a pen adorned, of course, blue feathers. I think it’s enough for one day, and actually it’s one foray into the gallery. So you have another confirmation that the law of Attraction works if you use it correctly. As soon as I have time, I will describe two more situations in which “I tested” a successful secret.

The day before yesterday I made a pen exercise… tried to master the chaotic thoughts, not to the end of believing in the success of the experiment, I on a pen about 2 minutes… at the same time worried, where I could meet this imaginary feather… maybe as I will I find the sójki feather in the woods? I. The feather appeared today OK. Noon, but it wasn’t blue as I was thinking, only green. There were even two feathers – the original ear earrings working in the same company as me. I couldn’t tear my eyes off these feathers! About the law of Attraction I heard and read many years ago… Unfortunately, so far none of my dreams do not zamanifestowało-apparently popełniałam a mistake… But until the ball in the game… I will practice!

For me, the theory of the blue feather like works and yet not quite. A feather-appeared in a film that watched. Visualizing a dream relationship I had a certain scene in my head… and what happened? On the same photo across browsing the internet, the same with Clover clover, which I imagined that I find, then I count the leaves in turn, and I put between the parties books, and what in fact??? She appeared in a dream and again on the TV screen. The only tangible case is that I imagined that I find 100 zł and found the street 10 zł and I’ll add that I have never found anything before. Some time ago afirmowałam openness to a beautiful and odwzajemnioną love, the result was that more often placed in my hands books and movies about love and not what I meant, because it’s a bit like licking a candy by paper, like you have it but you can not End to enjoy.

Hi all very cordially!
Last night I first took an exercise with a blue feather 😉
I eyes, I…. Dotykałam their hair, sensing that the blue feather to them is przyczepiło…
This morning…. I turned on the computer and…. Something in my head suggests-go down the page and there will be your pen…. I look, and here the figure of a girl with long hair, and sits on them the blue Bird…. so much piórek….To amazing!!!!
Best regards

“Living with God? “Why do you think this Bog Pozwolil to read your secret?” i.e. In some sense, dopuscil to the existence of such a situation in your life, but it does not Bog us deceives and cheating. I think it happened, however, something good in your life, first dostrzegłaś false, and it is already a lot. You can’t call it yet, but I think you understand that zrodłem truth is God. Your cry is a cry of despair. I believe deep that this cry will be hearded by the one who has the power to transform human life.

In fact, it suffices to believe in yourself, no matter what you believe, it is important that you believe deeply.
Once I was unemployed with a long internship, today I achieve income of 300 thousand a year, because I have my own company, in a rather ciężkostrawnym issue for the general-the construction of CNC machines and CAD/CAM/CAE, basically enough denial, the client will find himself and at all I do not wonder that in this world I’m known etc etc.
Blue A feather to Szczęscia I do not need, because I know the rule for a long time, although the man has the right to commit errors and have doubts, but some things must lead to the end. However, dreams and visualization from time to time is basically the basis of existence, nothing would arise, if not dreams, various plans, imagining the details, etc, especially with the designer, I have a theme on a daily basis, I imagine Something and pour it on the AutoCAD, then check the various standards, etc. and the project is created, something that is alive in the imagination and works. Until today I sold these projects over 800 PCs, Zbudowalem “own Ręcami” 52 machines, I build a house, is going to build a new production hall… 6 years ago if I jumped with this text is zostalbym simply at, today-although differently happens with the money-to afford me for example to give the school 500-600 zł to paint a class without a collection of the entire class, giving Pieniązkow, moreover, probably slyszeliście in Ktorejś there, the position of PP, well worth giving, but for specific purposes.
What else am I going to want from life? More peace, a few employees-of course, how it will appear with dignity, because I with a satisfied employee is more efficient… and basically it is mostly peace of mind, what and you zyczę
Best regards

Hi, a lot of faith gave me your statements. I feel as if God wanted me to know a real secret like live. I am doing this, when I am missing faith and I think ‘ but it’s heavy and skąplikowane, this visualization ‘ and then I say ‘Ej, surely I was made of Doskonałosci, power, Nieskonczonosci, etc. I must be perfect, yet perfection always creates perfect work. ‘, it He realizes that I am perfect I do not have to do anything, because I have the whole faith, love, just as much as it needs. It helps, actually this whole secret.
The most important is to love yourself.
I wish that they would use this knowledge to accept that what is unideal for selfishness is perfect, according to God. what it created. We insult God by telling me that something is wrong, obrazajacing ourselves too hurt him. He gave us life, we are similar to him, saying we are ugly, not enough hurt him. It was he who tried, Żebysmy had everything, gave the heart he loved. You have to accept everything that otrzymalismy. When we understand this then we will get everything. We will feel we deserve the best, because we called to be szczesliwymi.
“Do not judge, and you will not be judged”-accept your faults do not run as others to ‘idealu ‘ because selfishness always wants more.

I wizualizowalam the red earrings in shape flowers, I want to have them and deserve on it. I know that every thought is a power, it creates our lives. Beware of thoughts, afirmujcie and Wpajajcie all that will słuzyc you.

Hi, everything good yesterday I came to this blog and I played in a blue pen, all the fun today, these feathers I had plethora on our class in the game.. So I gave advice and przyciagłam.. But… Well, what we attract like what we want but not as we imagine.. Imagined a normal blue feather, and I fell on the drawing.. Also like a feather.. But the problem is to attract something, someone specific.. How to do It??? I want to attract a boyfriend eg. I love some maciek in… And imagine that I can attract several Maćków to each other and it is also the initial in… And this particular does not.. How to do it????

To begin, if you will be able to believe and not see you will be saved:)
Secondly, intereuje me very much PP, parapsychology, Meditations (OOBE), strictly teachings.
The Vatican forbids you to do that rzycze from those I wrote above, the Vatican always rzadzil people, and there also sits Zli men, who do not want to tell us the truth!
After that, if you believe everything you. Faith Makes Miracles!
The heavenly Bog is in you! You are Stworcza form, now and science is Posunieta so far, that no longer only Bibila tells us about miracles. Now with the point. Scientific, you can pivot the mountains! I once after watching the secret, I said to myself that instead Piorka find a black button, I went out of the dog and looked for him, Wyobrazalem to him and I have for him very dziekowalem, every day with great peace of mind, I just knew that it will receive! Well, I found it. What was the best of the friend from work Flirtowalem was between us a wonderful feeling, was a little older bond relationship not long Przetrwal but still in August Przyjaznimi, between us was a lot of magic, so much przyciagnelismy to himself, she fascinated with these things . And she also found a black button, because a day about him talked:) With mom also about this day talked and she also found the black button:) Great story, and I had such a little. e.g. The second history for those who want another confirmation of the law of attracting. Be sincere faith:)
Was May 2010, the South African Cup remained more than a month, I had more than 10 days of leave yet, a little bit to see the whole mundial. But very pragnalem to watch all the matches, but I could not see all the time of the matches and not wystarczajacej amount of urolpu. You ask what happened? Really very pragnalem to see this championship. Jechalem one day on the bike near 35km/h, potracil me car. Przyjechala Karatke, out that I had only stluczona noge and I got L4 per month. I was happy.
I had many such stories! Coz I can write you once very magical histore:)
Faith + Fortunately in your heart = success!
Best regards

HMM,, I say yes, everything would be beautiful, I started to properly nastrajać, something attracted to each other, with the fact that the answer “yes” to “or a feather ujrzane on the monitor screen, the TV, the newspaper also counts” totally undermined the credibility of the theories, authors.. (?) Nohow does not count!

You imagine that you have them, is in your hands, your ownership and what, you see them on the screen and hoop Siuup came true? It is thus possible to say that as you dream of a great, beautiful mansion that is yours, live in it and turn on MTV Cribs, or ‘przypadkiem ‘ from the newsstand site will look at you from the cover of “Super House” emerged cottage-you can with satisfaction Say – Wow, it came true I drew/nąłem it to myself. ,, well, probably not so to act,, it is known that as you think about something intensely, eg. You have finished the relationship, suddenly on the street you will see the model of the car in which the ex.

Same with money, travelling or inszyming a stick there, as you imagine that this feather rotates freely in the fingers, it’s OK, maybe you just lie in your hand, you don’t have to dance between your fingers, but let it find you there, not kuka on you from the silver Screen.

If the answer to “yes” is to be a reliable answer, for example a question given in the introduction, then draw you super Fury, Armani suits and after some of the latest models of mobile,,, envision them, already? And now go to the merchant Logo kiosk, open and what? Already feel richer?

If you imagine that you only want to see this thing, let it be with your monitor, but as it is to be yours, in your hand, on property, then wait for such a manifestation of visualization. That evidence convinces me.


After Ogłądnięciu the secret spisałam on the sheet of your desires and zaczełam to visualize them. Among other things, your ideal partner…. It came true. All visualizations became reality after 8 months, including small details. Unfortunately, during the course of the connection, Zaczełam unwittingly zapczeczać his szczęsciu and also those Afimacje met….. I learned a lot and understood. Again afirmuję their szczęscie and miraculous love, even wspaniałaą work with specific wages. I visualise for 6 weeks with faith and conviction that everything meets and materializes. I need you to have loved one answer. In secret there was no question of tempering and discontinuing visualization. Quite the opposite of feeling with it already has, that is, a constant positive thinking about it and continuous visualization of your happiness. I care about that in order for my desires to zmaterializowałay quickly, so consistently and systematically afirmuję every day. Should I stop visualizing? Please reply……….

And I do not wizualizowalam feather but… ermine. Read somewhere to do a test just a blue pen, to convince that the PP really works. My think in the first moment appeared August, however, white stoat and I knew that it is his need to visualize-also a rare animal in one of the biggest cities in Poland;) And what, after 3 days Zobaczylam ermine on TV in the news-like not live, but I felt that this stoat is my;) Amazing)

Yesterday I started the experience with a feather and today I found them.
Because I am interested in metaloplastyką browsed the catalogue with objects of artistic blacksmithing. It is a section of collecting to whom I have never looked. Today was the first time. Immediately I threw in the eyes of a feather stylograficzneed with a blue pen. Shape and size the same as I imagined only the color a little brighter blue. It appeared to me on the computer monitor I hope it counts.

One main question because I lost in all this. According to the general principle of the secret… what I read, what Vitale wrote and what they told people in the “secret” (film) It should be about the given thing all the time to think, expect and act. However, when it comes to the feather… someone above wrote about throwing pebbles and not thinking of affirmations just about the pebbles… so throwing a pebble is to forgive yourself all that visualization over and over again, and move this into pebbles. As for the action is probably not the point here is that I went on as far as possible walks near the joints of ducks or farms where such feathers I could find? Let somebody explain it if he has patience:)

About visualizing and attracting good things in life through positive thinking I have learned a while ago – I believe they have a lot of power, so I try to apply them. The hardest to realize (believe) that about these “big things” too can you ask… So I have little success, but moments of doubt… I read about my friend on the blog last Sunday. I thought “cool, interesting, but I will not play in it, because basically what is the point…”. I’ve read some more entries from people making up my friend’s Nest and forgot. Already on Monday morning I found “my feather”-in the shop, where I did a small shopping-lay on the shelf with gadgets, and I zerknęłam there quite accidentally… I didn’t want to search for it, so it found me…

Hello! I found my blue feather…
This happened when I forgot about it when I “pressed” my mind to appear once I saw a simple white pen which made me feel so delighted in the center of the Stoppered Street Kielce, but the moment when the blue, fluffy feather appeared Gently changing the directions of the flight, lifted by the wind, I remember this moment I guess for the rest of my life, because I understood something important. Like many looking for a deeper purpose in life, some say that life directs destiny. Others say that life is like a feather torn in the breeze. Or is it one and the other? What do you think of a friend?
P.S. all the Seekers wish you success, I recommend you watch the video Forrest Gamp from 1994r great shows the way through life to happiness and this is referred to in general on this wonderful forum. I am thankful that there is such a forum and around the focus is so much positively minded people.

You know what, Odnosilam very scpetycznie to the law of attracting, wants to recover lost love but to the conclusion of the proposal to try first with this pen, every day wizualizowalam a feather and nothing. I went through the streets Patrzylam the feet, Rozglądalam everywhere and nothing. I got a proposal for a photo shoot as I’m a model and during the Makijazu, someone next to me Kzyczy: Look, a blue feather! But great! I ONIEMIAŁAM.
Already know that it works. Now I just want to Przyciągnac miłosc my life which gone from me…

Hello everyone. Since I met PP I began to visualize the small things that I had appeared. Then I set myself three big goals: 1)-6 thousand zł, which I needed to renovate the room 2)-The Dream Auto-Grand Vitara 2006r… 3)-Work in the bank at the position of Assistant director.
The first purpose of 6000tyś. zł I met after two weeks of visualization. I received a donation of this amount. Now for three months visualize the Goal 2 (auto) and for now nothing. And I follow the same as for the first purpose (view, touch, smell, feeling while driving). From experience I know that the same PP will force me to unconscious action to achieve the goal. Maybe someone of you friends can also handle something?

I have heard many times that Huna is sensational. I am so far a very young student of this philosophy, but I really like it for me :)Huna and the Law of attraction is complemented, but in Hunie is presented another point of view, in the “idea of almost attraction” another. What who likes is worth familiarizing yourself with both theories, because if Huna is a concrete knowledge gathered together, the topic of PP is very much mixed with everything else, and often gets lost somewhere sense of it all – after what they knowingly uses. In Hunie everything takes on meaning and here with you agree.

Reader beware, because if the law of Attraction does not work and you read my words now, then there is a great chance that you will not fall into mind to go to my site and write to me, because when you realize that just you I visualised now on your website, it’s foolish to you that faith will make you believe in the law of Attraction and I am proof of it, thank you 🙂

I didn’t really need any proof of the law of Attraction – from when I learned about it, I just know it works:) Only so I can explain the Wieelee events in my life (I could probably write a book; P).
Snapping the feather began my brother who wanted to convince the girl;) They found him three green feathers (and she still does not believe;)) one even gave him to me;)
One Saturday, I just talked about it and so I thought, “ee there green, or blue would be just big and nice;)” and I forgot about it…
The next day we went from family to the woods. Połaziliśmy a little bit and we had to come back, when just before my eyes appeared a beautiful, green moss cluster lit with the rays of the sun falling on it (really!) and the middle lay it feather:) Nothing more, no leaf, nothing but pen. The hawk probably:)
Well, how not to believe here?:D

M0że not about the blue feather because only today przeczyłam all the entries.
The block is super, charged with positive energy that until he wants to fly:)
I do not jump from 2 floors 🙂
I congratulate Wojciech.
For many years I deal with the issues of para-normal and I read a lot from this subject.
In some newspaper I read an article about the bending of a teaspoon and the fact that everyone has such abilities. After reading this article I took a small teaspoon in the right hand rubbing her finger around her back and focusing her gaze on her. After a moment, the spoon made herself as with Plasticine and herself Wygięła. At this point I ended my concentration and I held a bent spoon in my hand. After the body passed me an amazing shudder. I have a teaspoon of it until today and I love it, reminds me of the power I have, and I do not use fully.
In the movie Matrix is explained this phenomenon. If you want to bend a teaspoon, it’s not wygniesz but if you imagine that you bends, it’s a bend.
There is also such a sentence in the Bible spoken by Jesus (quote from memory)
If you have faith, even as a mustard seed, you will say the mount to me, then it will be.
The Law of attraction has been known for centuries, but our minds are cluttering our failures and toils of everyday life.

Yesterday I went to this site and decided to do an experiment with a blue p:)en I came up with such a sea pen and even a pulled image with the same. Today I was a craze for a moment from work to the nearby shops, but the blue feather I didn’t find. Once I, suddenly I heard a loud voice of parrots and something dawneded me. I thought that since the shop are birds it can be and feathers. I came to the store and here in front of me in the cage sits wonderful sea parrot and has identical feathers with my visualization. Unfortunately, I did not manage to get it, only to see and take a picture. Can this be counted…….?:) :):)

Process-oriented psychology I love – as part of the more on, the feminine gentle Huna. And so after that: I am in this development business I’m sitting with 20 years 🙂
And why? :)You will not know until you decide, we give it meaning not to und:Perstand here comes: the whole understanding of it is the injection of dopamine. Łykniesz something and you have a profound understanding of the meaning of the universe and of your existence. Understanding in itself is pure chemistry.

Ania: I do not know why uparłaś to quote me the beginning of my article:
“Secret Rhondy Byrne popularized the idea of PP – the Law of Attraction. ….

The whole idea of a continuation of quite a large movement of a new thought, New Thought. ”
I have already replied to the comment. 🙂 And as I wrote I am for the inspiration of PP, and not for PP or the secret.
And why is it so complicated? “It will remain only at the level of the book/movie” Secret “– when it comes to applying the law of attraction – it does not guarantee that it will work. The Law of attraction is a much more complicated matter. ”
These entitiess are multiplying over measure. Oh multiply. And it’s a bad idea when working with the inner world. And this and that and siamto and come out then only the right PP to guarantee a reliable satisfaction and full satisfaction, BA acceptance of the universe for the wish? 🙂

Hmmm… I didn’t feel that I was quoting your article. I just think so. There are people who have read the book, whether they watched the film and think that it gives full knowledge and full opportunities in this topic, and then they are surprised that it doesn’t meet what they ordered. I don’t think PP was the only right approach. To me, this “ingredient” of many other glances for life. I also meet this approach, eg. In process-oriented psychology or in a radical forgiving. Each of these “glances” has, of course, a different name. Moreover, as an “ingredient” can not function the same. Just matched to each individual mix of different “ingredients” can help us to understand what is really in life. For me personally understanding what I live on this earth is now the most important. PP doesn’t give me the answer to my question, so I’m looking in other areas.

People understand that each of you has your individual secret only you need to open your eyes 🙂
I do not chłońcie knowledge of other people’s experiences because for every secret there is only one way namely myself. I know your secret

Hey and I have another idea for you. 10 years ago, before I learned about the law of Attraction, I came across something called lucid dreaming. I will tell you that it is not easy to accomplish. But it is possible. The technique I used to achieve this condition was the same as in Pzyciągania law, but with one important aspect. I did not attract anything from the outside, but I had to change myself to this doswiadczyć. In one word I had to acquire awareness of the state of “having” lucid dreaming. I was able to achieve this after about 3 weeks after daily attempts to ignite and gaszeniem light or check the words on the hands of “This is a dream.”

So maybe instead of visualizing something that is beyond you, outside you zwizualizujcie yourself when you receive it.

If someone will help it well, I hope it does not hurt; P

Hello! From approx. Two months I use my secret. And every time I get exactly what I wan:)t is amazing. So far skupiałam on small things. Now I’ll try to visualize a house ;)I believe I will succeed. Best regards!

Hi, I have to say that my pen does not appear:/Despite imagining it, as described and ‘zapomnienia ‘ about him as you advise in the comments, nothing happened:/What could be the cause? Can I have an IBO for a poor imagination or motivation? And by the way I have such a question-whether in my vision I have to come up with everything at once, can I get a ‘chcieć ‘ different things at different times and have many different visions to them? Can I change these visions if I need to?

I am very pleased that I found this forum:] very helpful to me as I have moments of doubt. I first met with a secret in May last year, and despite my initial reluctance I consider him now as an important part of my life. But I need to remind myself and watch the movie, my book works less. As for the blue Feather is one already attracted after 24 hours:] Now visualize the second, this time more Fiolotowo-dark blue:]
Yours very warm all ‘sekretnych ‘ludzi:]
ps. I set up an account on Palergino, if someone wanted to talk I’m Laurreną:]

I went a step further and I on something I need. Broke me a camera, so I wanted to buy a new. I looked through various offers on the Internet and finally found the right model for myself. I wanted to wait until the holidays for the overprice, but it turned out to be superfluous. The next day, my parents called me the question I would like to get the camera as a Christmas present, dad in me a link with two models, or one that suits me, and a single was that which I wanted (even the red color agree)… Case?

And I Piorko I found the other day, as I put such a task. Initially, I do not know why, I thought that the blue Piorko (wymysliłam additionally such a feather sójki-that is, the dots) I should find. So I went to Ursynów and looked under my feet. I found nothing, because it is rather a task impracticable. I already had to go home when pomyslałam to Pójśc to the florist. After all, the feathers do not have to find, I can buy it. And in this florist there were always different things except flowers. I went, look and… nothing. No bird-ornaments with feathers…. nothing. A friend of salesmen asked what I was looking for. I said the blue feather, but she found nothing like that. After a while, however, she opened a drawer in the BACKSZFCE and brought me a blue feather into a black dot. It was only one thing, with some decoration.
Then got other things that I have set for the goal.
But I came to the conclusion that it is the fastest to attract things, situations where I do not care so much. With others-harder. But it is also legitimate to attract – you need to order yourself and let go. Then, of course, you need to pick up a shipment with a completed order-and for that it requires intuition. This messenger does not bring by calling the door.
I learned this from the book Barbel Mohr “How submit order to the universe.”

The secret I use for a long time – is wonderfu:)l to be grateful and to assist the prayer of t:)he children’s faith in the Invisible makes “miracles” or simply meets the:) desires experiment with a feather went – namely a month ago I read an article – after What I thought was a lot about my feather and then I stopped because I thought that same to me when I:) believe in it and today when I ordered the fan in red-surprisingly in one of them was 3 beautiful blue feathers that hide to the wallet and will remind me To believe always and everywhere – in moments of doubt – which is less and fewe:)r))
I greet everyone and good luck with your friend 🙂

I will tell you something else:
You won’t become a millionaire saying
I’m a millionaire, I’m a Millionaire
You will achieve this goal by taking the right attitude in the spirit so that the thought of prosperity has its permanent place.
Instead of “I’m Rich” say “wealth”
“Instead of being a success man,” say “success”
Such statements can only materialize when they express a clear thought!!
And do not arouse internal contradiction. That is why people who have repeated it/felt it or may feel deceived when nothing changes, does not happen
Some of this is succeeding because they repeat it with great faith every day and they manage to fool the subconscious sometimes.
Greetings seeking

Today my girlfriend raised cabbage in the store… zdębiałem even did not bother with visualization. The feather was under the cabbage!!! O_o
And now the promised story with the money that fell into my account.
I was looking for a job, I sent some resume
It turned out that I have come for a trial day to two companies day after day.
At first they told me that I give up and I can go sign the papers. I filled everything apart from the contracts. The other day I went to another job was just 15 mins walking distance from my house.
began to meditate when it turned out that I could come for the next day. I abandoned the first. I called thanks and apologies that this was the case, the conditions were different in terms of the nature of the two activities performed but close financially so there was nothing to ponder.
In the second company I worked 2 weeks.
I’ve been flying another one from paycheck.
One day I am calling me that overflowed money to my account for the work which I did not perform!!!
I couldn’t believe it – when I got home it turned out that it was indeed.
I called her to explain it.
It was the lady of this first job.
It turned out that I do not have to donate money because you zamotała very hard and I just wait with their issuance for a month. Then it turns out what dalejwięc paid for it another company.
I really feel silly-I was not happy with the fact that I have a cash account. I felt like a thief. And thus earned money of happiness does not give-absolutely Zero joy. Today I read the legal acts and actually I can seize this money. The case is much more complicated and I prefer to give it away. Let them not seem to me that it is not necessary for me to live, very useful to me-but it is already approaching the crime.
Because the lady who Zamotała does everything to hide this fact because otherwise loses work.
And if something is not so Skarbówka dorwie me to the butt-simple.
Now afirmuję that each problem itself is solved in the short term to the benefit of all parties. We’ll see what comes out of it.
What I also write about.

Hi I recently happened something unheard of
I repeated only the affirmation of “success” for 3 days. At that time there was a strange coincidence where I earned almost 900 zł!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not sure if it all succeeded due to positive thinking-the first time I managed to get such a sum for free without kiwnięcia finger or anything!!!!
I’ll do a pen test because it’s so unreliable that I have to try it now. If I succeed in repeating this feat I will describe to you how it happened that I was the owner of the money. I am still in a big shock even though it took a few days for this money to still be in my account.
Repeat success ‘ 4 times a day. The subconscious mind is Oszukiwana when Wmawiasz ‘osiągam Success ‘ Therefore it may not execute the command
Best regards

I will tell you something, at some point you need to stop and do not think about what we want, just lead the thought to other tracks, because as much as he wants it will not come. It’s totally like we were trying to remember something intensely and we couldn’t at the moment. In turn, it comes without a problem when we are preoccupied with something else and suddenly we are enlightened. The story worked as it seems to me precisely in such a way that it came unexpectedly at the time when I did not think about the cashier. And it did not come out when I could not release his thoughts from Money

Hello. I just finish reading “The Secret” last night I wanted to learn about the attraction and I found this page. Then I did experience with a feather, and this morning I found a teeny Pióreczko. Even you have no idea how I enjoyed it. Tears flowed my cheeks.
I have a question! Today I shared this story with my friends I hope I have not done anything wrong?

I’ve been reading your statements for a long time, they are very inspiring to me. I thought that I can also write something. I’ve been reading for a long time everything is related to PP, and not only. A year ago I read the secret. I got the idea of how to improve dish washing/always a lot of it was/, it would be best to buy a dishwasher but you know is always something more important. So on Friday after dinner I speak to my daughter or-that today she is on duty in the kitchen and has to pick up utensils and “turn the dishwasher”, asked what? We don’t have a dishwasher. So its answer-do what “manual” of course. The whole family laughed, but the whole wekend zmywaliśmy “hand dishwasher”. Imagine that on Monday my dad called me, asking-would I want a dishwasher? Simply speechless me, he did not know anything at all with him did not talk. Already on Wednesday stood in our house and washes till today. We it with a TV, I do not recommend, with three televisions only one we have been smooth, the rest does not work. Yours Kasia

Witam. I noticed that even just reading the statements on this blog adds a lot of positive energy. All day Rozpierała me a child’s joy, I myself do not know what and such confidence, so much I can and I am not alone. A Feather After a few hours they brought me home from the woods but there was neither small nor blue only big popielate. It sometimes happens that I talk to someone about a topic-milkniemy, and in a moment then the subject materializes before us. But you need to be careful because others react with anxiety or konsternacją without knowing how possible. Best regards.

Hi. ” Breathed in me the spirit of hope. ” She has been trying to find my friend from school for several months. I’m looking through our class and completely forgot that I can visualize this meeting. ” The art of Visualization “I was reading in the early years of 90 (as well as the” subconscious power “, the” power of the Subconscious “and others.) Thanks to these books, I have learned to influence the daily affairs of my life, such as offices, work, clothes-even minor wins, but the case in which emotions are too strong do not allow to focus and release. ” The secret “I read in 2007r. It is like the quintessence of books from previous years. I am still fascinated by it, but at the beginning I had no share of this fascination. I’ve been looking in blogs for a year and when I’ve come to “here” a few days ago I feel like a “bride”. Videos I saw-much explain. Thanks, that you are:)

Hi, I recommend the book by Joe Vitele “law of attracting: until do not make Nieswiadomego SWIADOMYM it will kierowalo your life and you will name it Super quote. Just a few movies in this famous; the Secret; There is a mention in order to imagine a friend before the years. Do not believe too much in it but I thought about a colleague from school quite often enough. After about 1.5 a week back the work also thought about it and about it almost attracting and someone zawolal me. Odwrocilem August. and shock. It was he. Zatkaloed me, I had no courage to talk to him about it all. little of it. 7 years ago Wyprowadzil from our city and sometimes you Gora two times in the really works. Yours


Przecyztałem yesterday your entries here, and because I’m fascinated by the secret, of course, I joined as an urgent student to visualize my pen. In my thoughts I had a feather of turquoise with some such very specific brilliance, such that it seemed like it might shine, or some glow from the feather. Dosłwonie I felt this pen on my hand, wczułem exactly how it touches me this feather in the hand, very carefully I had a zwizualizowany feather shape. The whole thing I visualised maybe about 15 minutes (it was about 12 o’clock). Then I did not visualize it so much. The next day, TJ. 18.06.2009 Morning (my daughter is watching the morning fairy tale Disney Club House with Mickey Mouse) where Mickey Mouse is always a helper, which has some equipment that help her in the performance of various tasks. There are always four items. Today they were: pads, rubber Kaczuki, one mysterious mouse equip:-)ment and as the fourth tool was a feather!!!!! As I saw it until I, quickly i the pen to my mind and pwoiem you that what is not tallied it color, my supposed to be turquoise (although as I wrote beat from him some bright glow) and this in the fairy tale was off-white color , but when it comes to shape was just perfect, literally if someone took me out of my head and threw the TV screen. I am sure that it was my feather, and what do you think about it. I greet all Sekretowiczów.

Hello! I’m new though not in the subject line! Some time ago Uswiadomilam the right worked in my life a few times! Now: I love music… as a young Dziewcze Posiadalam magn. Grunding (It’s probably a good thing I wrote?) and Old radio. I learned to begin to enter the market CD CDs Remember these descriptions of these Cudeniek by radio presenters! Many times Wyobrazalam each other sluchajaca from their CD favorite music…. Now I have about 400plyt and good equipment to play! How do you think, this is more examples! Now “builds” the coveted house in Poland! Wojtku Thank you for the book and a great blog which causes the fact that despite the rain in my Heart saints the Sun of Sciskam:) (where can I find Buzki?)

The mind is one. We are part and all at the same time. We are fully knowledgeable. Just connect to the correct source of information (enter the correct address in the subconscious) and the answer itself will find.

Despite all the common sense I put in the first place.

If I desire pizza it’s better to meditate to visualize…. or maybe pick up the butt and place an order by phone? The senses are in order to engage them and not negate. In the process of searching for a blue feather, all senses should be used. I don’t need to visualize to get a blue or gold feather.
Just that I’ll go over the pond I’ll take two feathers and paint them on a golden pink purple and another color. And you will sit and visualize.
It sounds a little ironic, but I don’t want to offend anyone. Common sense has more creative power than visualizations. Common sense is a clear thought Zaprzęgnięte to action.

I will say sincerely, after reading all your opinions, I feel really great-and here is the totality of it!!! It’s a good blog, well it is Dowiedzic not alone is observed. After reading the secret I felt really szczesliwszy, and although przezywalem it very out in August that I do not have about this my wsponialym discovery of the possibility of anyone share, and it feels to now that I know really great secrets and I can not przekazaz it to anyone, because Otaczajacy me people have so strongly instilled stereotypes by the predecessors, with Uwieziani are in the shells not to be pierced. But they also nauczulem not worry. And with thoughts so that if some bad and persistently back to me it is a signal that you have to do something about it, and change in that direction, whatever is possible as far as is practicable, on the measure of how to wyposarza me reality and really these thoughts go away , and although still about them, I remember enough to observe it feels so good from wogole there is no problem with them. Good thoughts (with glebokim conviction of course, that is so I think) I have already so much that it becomes a habit for me, and if you know something about what it is a habit and how to evokes it, I do not have to add anything. Works like a ball depth toczaca in advance. After him to this point Dotarlem the biggest problems I had with Uczciwoscia to myself, I was not sure if good thinks Wkrecam or really wynikaja one of the reality, but found in itself such a ‘obecnosc ‘, my-who-I am and I had no longer watpliwoci what Is true. Exercises just exercises, angole may a beautiful adage Practice makes Perfect, if non-stop you remember that in order to remember ‘dobre ‘, you train in yourself as a habit and an inch przepieknosc the world will set you up as the first plan and then your opportunities at any You start to do a specimen of unlimited. Piorko I got after 18 hours, threw into the socket, you can read, cool Hostoria but it’s in comparison as I set myself some things around myself. The best people are human reactions and since the eyes Blszcza me as the viewer is not just my visions, ida matters really OK!!! I have, of course, yet dozens questions, but mine-who-I am responsible for me systematically. Thank you for all this incessantly and this is the only thing that I ‘musze remember pozatym nothing I need, everything is rolling in the natural divine Pawem attract.
Best regards
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The secret: proving the effectiveness of the Law of Attraction 1 Tomasz says:
23 April 2009 at 18:49

Hello. To the Willow: some time ago killed me doggy, he ran out on the streets and just wsiakl. Had 6 months. They did not give him too much chance because he was young. But I did not give up and I felt that I find it. Fell to my head a idea, with a postcard in the bakery. Odezwala the person who had it. So it regained… I use and used of the right still, learned it a long time, sometimes the mistakes but it I a joke of life. 🙂 . There are somewhere in the words of a very wise word, except that the visualization must act and give control of the force higher, that is, everything Sporowadza to faith because you believe in visualizations, you start working with faith and you are waiting for the effect of faith. This faith is the dedication of control… Renata everyone in his life will not find examples popierajcych this teze… He now visualizes his ideal relationship and possible that I know who will be the second half. On the other hand, something that sometimes seems to be a small potknieciem or zniecheceniem on the way to the goal in reality can be planking forward, but do not wyczekiwac these problems and Przezwycizac when it appears. Enjoy life, because as it is not what is most important. Thanks to that live think and we can dazyc to purpose. Best regards. 🙂 .
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The secret: proving the effectiveness of the Law of Attraction 2Malgorzatkapisze:
19 April 2009 at 11:02

. You can place a card with the word “blue feather” in a place that you often look. You can even write a “feather” on your hand t;)o make you remember about it all the time.,,,,,,,,, these are the words Wojtek,,,,, so I can not understand the end, whether really we have all the time to think about things that we want to have? Do you also send from the directory to Universe and wait?,,, me often happen things when I think about them and forget the,,, here in the Opowiesciach and the answers are also just in most people this happens,,, my son sent a order, that in the month is to appear in his account, the sum of which Actually from work could not earn,,,, forgot, and jakiez his pleasant surprise with already this sum (even a tad more) appeared. I already have a little zamotałam (my Piorka appeared in the least expected way) I have thoughts and dreams such that do not appear despite the continuous visualization, Dziekowania,,, is said, think, Zwizualizuj,, thank, but if you have to constantly think about this???? You know what? I have 52 years,, I know that zasiałam a lot in your life, seeds, which harvest now collect, (these are bad and good) more these are not cool,,, but it is also written with one good think displaces these more unwanted,,,, not to the end it understands ,,, sometimes I wonder that my time is for some change too short,,,, silence the young people that have already odkryliscieed the secret, that the change for the better are in your range,,, what zyczęed with the whole heart,,,, greet you Wojtku you are inspired for these All people who want to change their life to a more optimal and szczęsliwe, for those who do not buoy in August Wysmiania and being different from others,,, I admire (I know what think my friends about me) and wish perseverance in their convictions,,,

I have not experimented on a pen just to go for pedestrians and queues at the cashiers in hypermarket.
I do not like to wait for pedestrians when hasten on the university, or wait indefinitely for the green light on the signalling. So I started with it. I visualised how to freely go on the lanes and I have a green light on at. Of course did not work immediately; P But after maybe a week please! Always on the way to the varsity or is such a stopper that quietly passing the cars or nothing just goes. Best!!! -Walking a free step always but it’s always when I’m 3 steps to change the light turns to green:))) it WORKS!!!

As for the queues in stores, the case was also simple. One only visualization and what? In all cashings after a dozen people with full baskets and just waving to me a nice lady cashier because at its booth there is no one to Obsłóżenia!!!
PS Dziekue mom that showed me the secret, I Am young (21 years) and I have a whole life to play with him!!!

Hi, I wish to join you to change your life. As the Raziie waiting for the message “The Secret”. I hope that today I will already have it at home. Sincerely yours.

Someone answer me what do I do in order and in my case the secret work?

Ran out of action? But what dear Wojciech?
I would love to keep the secret work and in my case…

Anna/Thanks for the advice for some time I try to read the “secret” to introduce into your life the rules which are contained therein-I think that the whole nature of my personality: indecisiveness, frequent change of plans, lack of faith and many others do not allow so quickly to understand these Actions-Recently I had a call to Skarbówki to settle with some tax-I do not like these types of meetings-indeed who likes-going there I imagined that a woman who checks me is nice and looks at my Documents and asks a few simple questions after Some time it gives me and declares that everything is OK. I tried to believe it strongly and thanked for the fact that it starts to happen-this was the visualization of the actual visit to the SKARBÓWCE with the visualization of the remaining two things actually woman check My Documents and was quite a mile all the rest was quite the opposite Incomplete documentation incorrect deductions and as a result, the need to donate money SKARBÓWCE-as if it was not enough immediately afterwards I received a registered letter in which I was afraid of the court-you speak Super honey raspberry I felt like a young God-banished with Olympus. I know I know Dodger messed up in the papers he thought everything will be OK and let it happen-so it was my attempt to perform the actions I’ve read-for a short period from visualization to? Perhaps in “secret” describes the fulfillment of faith in a good place in the parking lot, and that for the universe does not matter the time in which your plans are carried out-so I come to the conclusion that it is my weak faith-this is a problem whenever I try to believe it somewhere in Background as silent music leave a little uncertainty and a damn question and how do you fail?

Hello…. it all started with “The Secret”. I was out of work and a month before I left someone I love. In an hour after reading the book I received a proposal of brilliant work – not that – in the hand in which it works my ex:).. Now I am his superiority:) We are not:) together, but I know that ściągnęlam it with thoughts…. and I still love it. But I can’t attract his “love.” I do not know how to do it, I do not know what he feels to me-parted because he appeared to him.

Hi I had a very similar situation when I read about the blue pen I imagined them just like I best I think that the touch by mouth is most suggestive and remembered from childhood, a picture of a blue pen I had even on display in Cell. And I waited for them to have no result I hadn’t met him. But I think that as far as my idea of the feathers was quite realistic, it’s faith in his meeting was not quite strong. The “secret” is a lot of clues and I think that you have to understand it well and assimilate the effects. So far I try to learn to fight and maybe better tame your own thoughts-are thinking negative, which if attacked me Znienacka are bad and tormented me longer after the viewing of the movie “The Secret” I began to learn to reign over them-I learned one The important truth is that I am no one else I generate these unwanted thoughts so there is something wrong when I do something I do not want. I need to handle it before I start to go on. And I do it so when there is a negative thought in my head, I imagine how I would would the picture of this thought as a card from the calendar and gnę it in my hands and rubbed on the Ashes. But these are the effects for a short time. The whole truth is that you need a big faith unless it’s all about it. I still have some teachings. Best regards

Read the Psalm 51. I guess one of the more important… I learned about him from my sensei. Incredibly purifies, I feel after this lucky, and what is most important to attract.. I agree “You must have a clean heart.” Why is the scripture so highlights to be a good man… good Man – Lucky man – Przyciagający man everything he desires (the way to Skruty to the secret):P

He met no longer a lot of surprising, positive situations after reading the se:)cret I read it several times and still do it but somehow the blue feather missed my mi:)nd now it nadrabiam. I see it already, I feel and wait when it appears 🙂
I read what others have posted and I see that not only I have a problem with my thoughts, ie the release from them. I wanted to look for a solution and got them:)? I will be blowing on not like the bank:)s:)
I have to find somewhere else to go to another frequency because I have a problem but I believe :(that help Nadzejdzie because I want t:)o:)

I read ‘ ‘Sekret ‘, for some time I have been applying it in my life (less than 2 months). I believe in this because even before I read this book I noticed that I was attracting different things to myself.
Now, after reading ‘Sekretu ‘ zapragnęłam to attract the boyfriend. There is one who fell into my eye (it’s a little said, terribly in August zadurzyłam). I decided that it get. The Problem is that he has a girl… You think that applying the law, visualizing us together will lead to the fact that in the end August down?
I’m curious what you think of this Wink

I also, when I odnajdę my piurko is to bind them in the frame, will be hang and remind me of the effectiveness of the secret 🙂

I want to say something to WW theme
It’s not too bad to want something – you want something too hard because it does not go!!!
It is described in the book by Vitale and the book Sweetlanda.
The point is forgetting… I had a big problem with that, because I thought about the cashier, all the time-I craved it too hard. At one point I learned that you need to clear your mind. Ok I thought, I read a little.
I met and applied two simple ways:
Water when washing up-afirmujecie that just at this moment purify the mind from unnecessary emotions, etc.
The second is throwing stones-probably more effective. I was one day heavily excited and in a positive mood, I took to hand the stones and I was doing a “path of positive strokes”
Imagine that as you go, you can take in the hands of the pebbles-comment positive affirmations and think that they pass on the pebbles, throw them until you get tired of the supply of affirmations. At the moment of hitting the pebble on Earth imagine that creates a shock wave of positive changes that are to be made in your life create such a path and check that these are permanent traces of your affirmations and that you do not have to think about what you desire because these stones They keep them in themselves-these affirmations were about: money, the health of happiness with every stone thrown, follow the law of Attraction, thank you to be thankful for the moment after the throwing of each stone
It made me exhausted for a few dnizajęło me it was about 1 hour in the evening when no one saw it.
And later say only “success” you can :)add something from each other but you think about these stones and not about affirmations, success stones
You don’t think in terms of money just success. And after a few days, you can see that indeed more than just a small lottery winnings begins to happen, it is so unheard of me that the event of the month ago brought me almost 900zł.
You are cleansed. Each stone is special, each for a different affirmation. I threw them out unless the 100 or more.
I considered it to be the best form of clearing the mind, I really don’t think what I need to do I think I need money, I think success and so-positive thinking.

In the book Sweetlanda a guy affirms, distracts a puzzle game and after the game begins to happen miracles.

The Film The Secret is a very good introduction on the law of Attraction, but as I say: this is just an introduction.
It is definitely worth to watch it often, to take care of the correct direction of our thoughts, you should also seek information from other sources and listen in your feelings.

If you feel positive and harmonize with it, go deeper, let this idea fill your life with even greater awareness and joy.
If you experience something negative (you feel internal resistance)-forgive yourself, take care of something else, something that will give you joy and inner pleasure.

This joy is the purpose of life, explore different views of the world and build your own, overflowing with a positive approach.

We live in a huge intelligent field of energy, we are energy ourselves, and thanks to our thoughts, which are even more subtle than words, we can create our future experiences.
There is no magic in this, one who learns how to manage energy, this will be a conscious creator of his experience.

This is amazing! However, it requires our consciousness to direct our attention to these aspects, which we can bestow positive attention to and we will create a “bridge” for all those splendours that are only come to us.

You have seen maybe removed excerpts from the movie The SECRET? If not, then I invite you to familiarize yourself with them.

These passages do not find the secret in the movie-or can you discover something valuable in them? With this in mind, I sat down and created an article with excerpts removed from the original recording of “THE SECRET” nice reading 🙂

Indeed, in this film there are a number of issues that could undermine, or at least reflect on, whether they have been transferred in kind.

Probably the most I do not like this whole: The Great secret, for years hidden, protected, stolen, knew him a few geniuses

It’s just “mere” thinking a ;)little exaggerate in my opinion.

In my life The secret began to work!!!:)
With him I know what he wants to do professionally, I started to meet the appropriate persons who have pointed to me the way, there are new opportunities and opportunities that it uses. I believe that I your goal and this is just the beginning:)
Therefore, I strongly recommend all!!!:)

If you are actually fighting with depression do not limit yourself please just to watch/Read The secret. It just might be deceptive. Well perform the exercises offered there and at the same time keep a distance: So for health and safety.
I greet and wish you good luck!

The Easter holidays, the time of death and resurrection, the time of miracles… and it is also a good time to change in your own life, a good time to put the “secret” into life, it is a good moment to place a goal. I am happy to have come to this site and I could just see this film today, I am fighting a depression and a negative approach to life which is not too easy, and maybe I think so? That’s why I try, I have nothing to lose and I can gain a lot.

I love the secret already a few years ago changed my life… Activate the secret every time when something wants… remember how the TVP was a contest Londynczykow about your adventure in the UK. I Pisac and my Tesciowa shamelessly in August with enough people to write with my chances of Win… Uaktywnilam the secret and what? I won the Pojechalam plan and even was in the Polish:)express newspaper… I just need to admit the English version more appeals to me… translate in Polish is like the cheapest series. Greet and believe in the secret because it works!!!!!

The movie “Secret” is sure to commerce a large format; Nevertheless, it is possible to treat that movie as a kind of signpost, for busolę indicating the direction of the truth to the investigation; And if anyone succeeds in the right clue, and not zwątpi on the way, but it will be persistently further, certainly comes to the chosen goal. The road though difficult, curving and bumpy has its end, and the end is de facto what every normal person would like to achieve and possess; Because you need to know all that what is in the inner world is the same in the outer world; What Nota Bene says is the movie “Secret”.
Best regards.

Do you know what is fascinating to me throughout the secret? That when we to him with the fullness of the forces, emotions, but not in feelings of fear or fear, but in a sense of joy and undoubted certainty – then this secret will certainly work. Experienced in life many times, tested in every possible way – works and already.

By the way I was curious about the issue – when Oglądnąłem the film, I dreamed of reading books about this area of our life for a long time. When one day I heard probably on the radio that ‘ the Secret ‘ was waiting in our beautiful country of the book issue-not having fallen from the chair with happine:)ss. Of course, Pognałem immediately to the online bookstore to order it.

Later appeared in my life another book moving this subject, many interesting blogs…

Still, however, bothers me a certain issue-it’s a little silly that the movie The Secret reached me (for my own wish, moreover, downloaded by a colleague at my request) in the form of a copy downloaded from the Internet, and so unfortunately remains to this day. I always forget, I always ‘znajduję the most important expenses, always some but.

So maybe instead of buying-draw the original Polish DVD with The secre:)t.) Just like? 😉 I do not hide that something seemingly so trivial, however, is a challenge for me – attracting the Polish DVD secret with a secre:)t. Help, even a good wor:)d.

Mimi, thanks great for this detailed comment!

This so-called. The “secret” is another of the many models of reality and thinking ways that can be adapted and implemented into your own life.

But it’s just a model. It’s not a reality.

And as each model has many interesting elements and such parts that are niedoprecyzowane, vague or downright erroneous (uncorrelated with reality).

To me always spoke the pragmatism and skeptical approach of “scientist” to everything. I encourage people to test the “secret” – but not the “secret” of Rhondy Byrne, a “scientific method of enrichment,” which is much more credible to me and deprived of all this candy, marketing and Pseudonaukowej film.

Buddha already told thousands of years ago that your thoughts are shaping you. Your thoughts are important to you, but for the world you live in, only your deeds are important.

As you write, there are many systems of thought and each of us-if consciously directs its development-should look for himself, one that suits him.

There is no single universal system for everyone.

Nevertheless, (almost) every person wants prosperity and happiness, and this can be achieved through the “scientific method of enrichment.” Being rich and happy Promieniujesz wealth and happiness around you.

What’s more, rich in a scientific way, you can reproduce this process – inspire others and then show them the precise path and the process that will lead them to success.

This way you improve yourself, others and the whole world.

So go and do good 😉

Dear Wojtku and/or other reader,
Natknelam on your blog “accidentally” and zachecona his subject matter and tone, zaczytalam what a bit and in the Objejrzalam of the movie “The Secret”… and happy to share with you my reflekcjami on it…
Positive aspects of the proposed method:
Aware the possibility of choice.
Development aware thinks, feelings and used Slownictwa.
Swiadome the formulation of needs/wishes.
Cultivating joy.
A sense of wdzecznosci, for what you (already) has and who is (already/still).
Acceptance, development of self-confidence and sense of own value.
Faith in M Ozliwosc change ourselves from ‘tutaj and now ‘.
Aware impact stress on the state of Zdowia.
Feeling (exclusive) of responsibility for themselves and their own lives.
Possibility to choose attitudes towards individuals and circumstances.
The possibility of freeing himself from guilt associated with past and the role of the victim.
Concentracja Energy on constructive action rather than on objection.

There is nothing wrong in doing good by positive thinking and focusing on the glass, which is (not “only”) on the Wpol fulfilled; This improves mood own and the environment, welds, with people and circumstances are more sympathetic, and gives concrete, results… These are well-known mechanisms. Methods of Coue, Silva, PNL, Sofrologii, and other autosuggestion and relaxation…
On the outset the voice of the film off says that secret ‘ was: Buried, porzadanyed and hidden. ‘ ‘Zakopany ‘ and ‘ ‘porzadany ‘-I do not know, but hidden ‘ it is certainly not, because it is contained in the most popular book Wszechczasow: the Bible; It is a practical page implementation the principles of Christian faith. Differences: “The Secret”: Czasowosc, Materialism, Egocentryzm, Man is God.

We are happy to discuss with you the implementation of the Secret in life.
I’m looking for people who have just chosen the way. Site from fairies, Tarot, and…. clairvoyants. When I have a problem, I and ask myself – my higher self what to do. I… I recently got the answer to bothering me a question. The Problem disappeared and I regained my peace and balance.
You have read “Ask and you will get data”, “Law of Attraction”?
Ever since my life skomplikowało a little, zainteresowałam this way…… You know… few people can understand (people from my environment) the secret and power of thought, that is, living energy.

I also watched this video, and I see that sąrużne reviews about what Siętam saw. I am also skeptical at the beginning of this podeszłem. But today I have a little IIe opinion on this topic. Those who are saying wrong about, or are some niedowiarkami, it means that these people do not need this help are strong and have what is included in this movie secret. This is for people who potżebują the right path. Maybe something in my example. I ran with my dad company, for four years Interez well developed, it was a construction industry, after that okreśi the construction of Przystopowało and began the financial problems my dad after the following year fell into such a depression that all zaczol see in black Colors. Do not i him in this pomuc to zaczył positively Miślić to look for jakigoś solutions, just plunged Się.CO after two years it turned out that he fell ill żołątka cancer, I saw about that he has cancer only half a year before the death. Of course it is already two years dead. What zmieżam that a long period of collapse can cause a person to fall into illness, which in the normal life did not take place, I potwiedzone this example. If znałbym it early, I suspect that this would not occur, because today I would otherwise zaragował for such a problem. The medical diagnosis was such a strong stress and a collapse, pirwszying the reason for such a disease that was cancer. For a summary of this, and in response to others I say yes, man is only about the CHARMONIE of the body and the solution will find themselves. Everything is about you as it WYKOŻYSTAŻ. Best regards.

This blog was created to help me implement the “Secret principles”. By chance, it turned out that it inspired many people to do the same.

Since I discovered the fact that my thoughts create my reality, I live all the time. Perhaps I can do little more, perhaps not cleansed of all the locks, but I will follow a simple and smooth path.

The secret of Mamiya people is the promise to receive Manny from heaven. It seems to them that they suddenly start to work wonders if they wyobrażą something. What a crap…

It doesn’t work.

You have to roll up your sleeves and throw yourself into a whirl of work, and your action will descend from thinking the right way. Then success is just a matter of time.

Hello Wojtku. I am pleased that more and more people are interested in it.
The secret, hidden over the years, has been revealed, now each of us will know these powerful tool, but benefit a few. 🙂 I hope that the secret will improve the life of not one person.

Watch the video to see how many opportunities the universe is giving you. One thing is certain, nothing will no longer be the same…

This video is pathetic. I know that the positive attitude is important and can work wonders. But the positive attitude is one thing, and the belief is that if I think about it, it’s really happening, it’s quite different. It is a magical thinking, the same thing that tells us to be afraid of Friday the 13th and cure the colds of Sadłem Borsuczym. And such thinking to nothing of us – civilized people will not lead. There is no such thing as a secret of happiness. People wake up Finally, and instead of watching in the net, what a shaman or Mr. Specialist-from-self-realization has you to say, take to work. Then – the success of the brick. Best regards.

In the movie The secret, especially in his conclusion was used a very interesting music, not to know the case who is its author? Best regards



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