Ordinary life problems and esoteric law of attraction. Does that make sense?

It’s that simple… To say it is a universal mind that your thoughts create the reality that you are creating your world. The theory is beautiful, it is wonderful, it is like honey for the ears. Well, her is listening when everything comes out and the universe is conducive to action.

But what if it doesn’t go? If you know the law of attraction almost from “A to Z”, and yet… it doesn’t work. We can argue why this happens, look for resistances, beliefs from childhood, maybe karmic offenses, maybe not too clean the vibrations of you.

But does it make sense? When man falls to the bottom and hits his head in cold floor, feeling only fear, humiliation and anger. “Well, how’s that? Why doesn’t it work?! “– It might scream –” and it’s supposed to be so beautiful. ”

How do we talk about vibrations, energy, affirmations, when the only thing zaprząta your mind is say, the lack of a roof above the head, lack of bread, lack of water, lack of livelihood?

The frustration that a man, who simply wants any stabilization, must feel is spotęgowana if, instead of specifics, he starts listening on the law of Attraction.

This is another of my little dilemmas, so human, so close to each one of us. Everyone probably finds himself in a more or less unsatisfactory situation, right?

My dragged for a longer period of time a few years ago and became a stimulus to personal development. Only this ratowało me, because he gave a spark of hope.

“I guess you’re kidding, 15 years old and problems, what do you know about life?!” – someone may call. I did not have a family dependent, nor did I miss eating. My problems stemmed from a completely different nature, but believe me, dear reader, that zżerały me as hard as a lack of food.

And then spirituality, development gave me hope. They gave me motivation, calmed. But my problems stemmed from a psychological, not physical nature. That is why affirmations, therefore articles about the soul, of unity gave me strength.

But how to give a second man strength, if he asks for an ordinary 5 zloty for bread and water? It does not need a colored gadki about the frequency of the vibration of thought, which, although it is true, still remains for some in the sphere of some “spells-Mary, Hocus-Temptations.”

I want people to see people dealing with personal development not as a life-torn mutant, roaming the world like spirits, thinking about other dimensions with mantras on the lips. These are ordinary people who live like anyone. I just have another side of life and it’s as much a train as this material.

I am writing this because I often encounter this problem – I read the messages we receive – and often I miss the words. People need help, but if I can give them, writing eg. About the beneficial impact of visualization?

Sometimes, we can be perceived as just those who, when asked if they would have enough to respond to the end of the month: Yes, sit in lotus position and the money after three days will fall from the sky.

In this situation, the best way out seems to be detaching from the problem, for a while. Escape to be able to look at it chilly. Take a look at him from the position of the observer.

Often people tend problems with the law of Attraction, because… too much to attach themselves to it. Catch so much methods, salvific techniques that they can’t see anything outside of them.

Just let go, albeit for a while.

Throw out your anger, feel it in you, but… let it go. Forget the spiritual sheathing. Too much of her dither can lead to tremendous frustration. Because the more you try, the more it does not go.

However, the majority of those presented in order to be able to act-must be experienced in an atmosphere of slack, freedom and open mind.

It is only when, after “human” Rozprawisz with your pain, you can return to dealing with a more esoteric side of your life.

We are only people.

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