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Number 8 Warrior

The vibration of the eight numerologicznej is extremely dynamic and strong. Constantly pushing forward, is the active force forming the world, przekształcającąing reality.

It is in this energy the extraordinary power of creation, zaprzeczającaing the laws of nature. In this vibrations everything is possible, each goal is to be achieved.

The spiritual world of Fridays is a battleground, full of challenges. The goal is to conquer, win and celebrate triumph.

Numerologiczna 8, like no other vibration, lives with the awareness of purpose in a sense of mission of success and power. It is extremely resilient, physically and psychologically. Like a true warrior, he has all the tools to fight for the world in which he wants to exist. Courage, stubbornness, determination and certainty of his own, manifests in this vibration at every step.

It is a man who has the power of creation even through destruction. Does not hesitate, he does not regret his deeds, is aware of strong responsibility for the life of his people and loved ones.

Eight, like the first vibration, in all circumstances knows what to do almost doodling, react immediately. But there is such a force that the fight is able to roll in solitude, not counting on the support from the outside.

It can surprise its unpredictability and bezpardonową response. While another vibration, a thought plan of action, weighs in charge and cons, eight has long appeal doubt. This man is free from doubt, past and in a sense of affection.

It is very primitive, connected with nature. It is the man of all elements.

In the circumstances of the action, it easily dissociates itself from emotions or feelings. Manifests a tendency to ruthlessness. It can be picked up by the environment as a person devoid of feelings, oschła and therefore hardly accessible. Nothing more wrong. This vibration takes care of the environment and uses its resources to build a reality in which other vibrations feel safe. Nevertheless, eights, by implementing their plans, reaching goals and floundering before life as a battleship, is expected, even demands subjugation and obedience. He likes to exercise power and control his life processes. People from the surrounding environment undoubtedly feel it. Eights violates the rules and transcends the boundaries of second-man freedom. He feels that he has the right to do so. This is dangerous if you are not accompanied by a good intention. They have to contend with the sense of freedom and the eighth, with the regret of the fear of the person. This vibration can wreak terror. This is a vibration that can be described as conflicting. It is natural for her to confront and defend her territory. It is an axiom in fact. This aspect is combined with a strong instinct of possession. It is possessive and authoritative. does not recognize compromise. In the eighth world, the truth is one and it is true to its own. irrevocably. In exercising its expression, it is an excellent role model, serves accurate advice and real help, often becomes an authority, and a shield of protection for the weaker of it. Deeply admired, resistant to human jealousy, knows that everything he has and owns, owes himself.

How the scale can endure and withstand everything that will bring her life. It drives its ambitions and sense of fulfillment. There are no obstacles and problems for her. There are things to do.

The eighth is a controlled and self-conscious vibration and its abilities. It perfectly evaluates the situation, does not fall into complexes, not looking poklasku. He finds and points the truth flawlessly, does not deceive himself and does not allow it to others. It does not accept weakness. He believes in it, or rather knows that the effort to pay and commitment always brings excellent results. Unfortunately, this is the world of Numerologicznej eight, which has enormous energy resources. Other vibrations brnąed with inferior effect by life and eighth day should work on tolerance to the human limitations of other numbers vibrations.

It has a perfect sense to manage and the sense of the world of matter with which it is strongly bound, gives its merit in the financial world. It is an excellent investor, a trader who knows the value of money, work and potential capabilities. The struggle for existence manifests itself in this sphere even with the virtuosity resourcefulness of life.

It is often an influential person, which is very common with her aspirations.

Eight loves living life and is very passionate in everything he does. It's easy to get angry, but most often, it controls your reactions without letting yourself be weak in character. This ability allows it to store additional creative forces.

A huge temperament, ensures its success in the ventures and built people.

It can mobilize or force everyone to act. Despite the hard treatment of people from the environment, in each sees the potential to materialize. He believes in a man deeply.

Eight, in her wild żywiołowości would like to solve all the problems of the world and undoubtedly, she manages to do it in some part. He recognizes that as long as life lasts, there are opportunities and very keen to use them.