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Number 7 Mystic

The vibration of the digit Seven is like a volatile content outside the definition. Unspecified as music, it reaches where the human eye does not reach, into an unreal and illogical world beyond the material reality. It's a vibration connected to space.
The number seven is interpreted by the world's religions as magic quality, in relation to the biblical creation of the world in seven days.

The spiritual world of personality in the seventh vibration, resembles a cobweb stretched between the real and unreal world. It is a couple of practical values with an aspect of deep knowledge of the essence of things. The man who lives under the influence of this vibration is looking for spiritual cognition based on matter. It has the sense of careful observation, analysis and merging of facts. He sees what is invisible, based on the actual rationale.
Therefore, such a person is predisposed to knowing perception. Thanks to extremely highly developed intuition, it has special talents for parapsychology, clairvoyance, vision.
Curiosity, the proper vibration is the desire to spread wisdom in the human world.
It recalls the universal, ultimate values such as life and death.
Numerologiczna 7 is very research and penetrating. He finds satisfaction in organizeing the acquired messages and using them for good intentions.
It's a very supportive vibration that you can rely on for friendship and life. For the good and the bad, it lasts with its values in search of truth and universal wisdom.
The personality of the Sevens is mysterious and magnetic, permeating the circumstances of your emanation. It is the proper dignity of the person, interpreted universally unsuitablely as the exaltment and even frigidity. Undoubtedly, it leaves a taste of mystery, creating a distance between it and the environment. Stimulates reflection.
As a interlocutor, interested in all aspects of things, she is inquisitive and is reaching the heart of the thing. It manifests a tendency to wheel in everyday, reflective point of view.
It is not a particularly sociable vibration, rather precarious and introverted, which is consciousness. Still, he is accompanied by popular, aroused interest. It makes a good impression, wearing with elegance downright grace.
Numerologiczna Seven is the strongest vibration involved in everything he does.
is perfectionist. Her dictated attitude is a belief in beautiful things, with pleasure making efforts to make things good, to become better to the borders of virtuosity. There he just sees the personification of the spirit. This realization gives it satisfaction.
With the intensity of engagement, you must beware of your reserves of physical and emotional strength, constantly supplying them to avoid burnout. It is highly indicated that physical development through sport is a principle in a healthy body, a healthy spirit.
This vibration is patient and open to experiencing. In contact with phenomena, I lose myself by indulging in dive. It is constantly transformed internally and goes forward in development. It really pays attention to the quality of what it experiences. Avoids bad taste and bad taste. She rejects her prostactwo and aggressive behavior. She then starts her aggression, which makes her reluctant.
It is extremely pacyfistyczną vibration with noble ideals. It is difficult to accept the brutality of the world and the existence of violence. He tolerates such experiences and harsh emotions, which he considers to be inhuman. Recognizes that URĄGA is human dignity.
Seven is an extremely sensitive person. It is very difficult to trust her for another man, she is very prone to injury after which it is difficult to reach him. Therefore, it is very prudent in dealing with people but only internally, like a mind. Acting, usually very engaging in relationships, offering their friendship and support, if they only see the potential for development and the plane to help.
It always serves a good advice from which people are keen to enjoy a sense of good development direction. Often, Numerologiczna Seven is a beacon and even a beacon for people looking for their identity or being in trouble.
Seven is extremely empatyczna and penetrating. Usually, he retains the honorary tact and does not reveal the conclusions of his observations, without wishing to embarrass anyone in an unpleasant mood or a sense of displeasure. Reading the human nature or the motives of the proceedings comes from it with great ease.
It is predisposed to psychological and therapeutic professions in which intuitive abilities, give it great merit and make work easier. However, this is dangerous for her, because of her strong emotional commitment. In such circumstances loses a protective barrier and gets lost in the chaos of emotions.
Particularly well-influenced activities and activities for the seven are activities in which an object is involved, which is such a type of barrier to emotion.
Seven has great resistance to expressing directly and spontaneously his feelings and emotions. She needs time to familiarize herself with the feelings that are not her strongest side. It is expressed in this matter only in an atmosphere of absolute security and intimacy, because it is extremely afraid humiliation.
In the nature of this vibration, complexes and uncertainty are scrolling. He has a tendency to compare himself with the best, by dream of achieving perfection and proficiency in everything he does. Her way of doing this is to raise her professionalism in activities, deepen knowledge and attain the championship, which strengthens the distance between her and the environment. It should work to allow for the possibility of confusion and margin of error, which are sometimes inevitable.
Without this, seven falls into deep frustration.
The great need for this vibration is fulfillment in love, looking for an extraordinary, lasting, reliable feeling that can reciprocate with all its strength.
The Eternal Dreamer, idealist, manifests the tendency to introwertycznego the closing in itself, seeking the nearer unspecified mystery of the universe. This leads in a sense to loneliness and alienation, making it difficult to find the right partner to appreciate it. It is, on account of this, inclined to assign traits to a person of the environment whom they do not possess, believing in the kindness and immediocrity of every man. This vibration suffers from misunderstanding and lack of love. It often disappears in people who are unable to meet their emotional needs, which they cannot communicate with. Therefore, seven, should roztropniej to contain emotional relationships, making sure, if possible, whether the man with whom he is involved feels her sensitive nature, is honorable and noble. In this way, it avoids the profession and suffering. Over time, together with adulthood, it is much easier to understand its nature, to recognize psychologically human natures and to be sincere in relation to oneself. Do not be satisfied with its concept of anything, persistently tends to feel full.