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Number 6 Family Angel

Numerologiczna Six is a balanced and delicate vibration. All even numbers have the element of constancy and tranquility, but in the energy of sixth vibration, this element of stability is particularly developed. This vibration is a necessary building block of mankind, because it embodies the sweetness of meekness and love.
Numerologiczna 6 contains a circular cyclicality in the birth of life. It is like Mother Nature, Troszcząca for all children.

The spirituality of a man born in the sixth vibrations is like a delicate balm, a mist for rest from the hustle and bustle of life. Fleeting, joyful and tender, very reflective, need security for his duration. Therefore, persons of this vibration are peaceful beings, adapting to the circumstances in which exists. They need relationships and fulfillment through relationships in which they manifest altruistic values.
They have a sense of caring, like no other vibration, surrounded by the care of human beings, plants and animals. There is a tendency to be overprotective, which is the six proof that it depends on it.
Numerologiczna Six, is focused on the mission of helping and serving the other person. Often, it manifests problems of defining its own boundaries, which, in its life, arise in the suffering resulting from the use of its mild and good nature.
The six, with confidence and prostodusznością, areed on the problem or the other man, to bring directly the aid, without expectations of making it.
The six show talents of conducting the weaker who he wants to protect.
He has excellent contact with children, teaches and works well in the role of an objective guardian-teacher-mentor.
By realizing this talent, I feel very needed, fulfilled and thus calm.

The aspect of caregiving also manifests itself in the ability to listen thoroughly. Talking to her, it's pure pleasure, very much trying to understand your interlocutor. Slightly worse falls in the role of the person who has to confide and externalize. Its interior is only a hole for people close to her heart. It is through it, not what faced but it is a kind of effective protection resulting from fear of injury.
This vibration of unusual sensitivity and uczuciowości, especially predisposed to family life, herd. In the group, feels the safest and the good of the general, especially close to her circles, is a priority for her.
Therefore, it fulfills through love and providing everything important, needed and necessary to be happy.
Family, is the center of her life. This vibration, which is the least of all vibrations, is guided by personal good. It feels best in a happy and gentle environment. If he does not see the soothing effects of his actions on his neighbor, he feels that he fails.
It is mediation, by which, it tends to assume too many responsibilities and responsibilities for the well-being and even the lives of those who for deeper feelings. Such an attitude, often uprzykrza her life. This mild personality, avoids conflicts and is even prone to abuse, such as talking truths (not to offend anyone) and even lies to avoid unpleasant emotions.
He suffers very much if he feels ununderstood or unloved but tends to conceal his emotions inside the soul. It is the personality of the introvert, protecting intimacy.
With gentleness, this vibration is often accompanied by shyness and shyness. The supporting and encouraging feelings, however, are Wylewnie, trying to tilt the heavens closest. They are able to devote their ambitions to the good of the coming, whose satisfaction is its main aspiration.
They feel very good in the home environment they care about. The space in which they live must be supported, because in the comfort of home it is only really resting. This vibration is organized and economical.
It manifests the ability of organizatorskie and enforcement, it can carefully plan each project and implement the plan in force.
Hidden from the inner world, externalized is fully in the environment of loving and benevolent people. The attitude of the people is very warm, loyal supportive. It is very much assumed to worry about the fate of the world and people, while demonstrating the enormous responsibilities. It can be said that this vibration, which is able to become a prisoner worry for matters objectively negligible. Therefore, it is very important to rest, physical relaxation to keep distracting "exaggerated" problems.
Six, he needs from the world, although a small part of the return of its efforts in the form of tenderness and gentleness and acceptance. He has little faith in himself, and his efforts are often subjected to doubt. Deeply in his soul he desires selfless friendly of relationship and committed, faithful love.
It is prone to unhealthy behavior, making it impossible to accomplish the task. It has its imaginary ideal of conduct and if it does not meet it, it becomes very critically harsh against each other. It often thinks that it is not quite good. Therefore, in relationships, this vibration should be encouraged and often praise, calming its internal uncertainty. It is a uskrzydla romantic six whose dream is a world full of harmony and love, where people live according to nature.
This vibration reacts very badly to the difficult emotions that displaces while experiencing tremendous stress. It takes a hard time and strives to fulfill expectations but brought to a finality, goes away with a feeling of losing.
Sometimes, it can be the impression that the numerologiczna of the six, a person progressive in a conservative manner and even cowardly. It has its motivations, based on the meekness of nature. However, in circumstances threatening the middle, he can completely change his face, becoming a confrontation and struggle, becoming a formidable opponent and fierce fighter, shocking courage and strength of determination.