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Number 4 Gatekeeper

The vibration of Numerologicznej fours is the strength of stability. It is the foundation, security building, security of the future. In the number four, it contains more combinations of numbers than in numbers one two and three. In this vibration, a hermetic contact between its constituents, forming a compact block of matter, is entered.

On a numerologicznej scale, from one to nine, it is closer to the center by creating a layout centre. On this vibration, the numbers of vibration higher are based on their safety.

The spiritual world of a person born in vibration four, is a logical, developed construction, forming a structure. The thoughts of the person under the influence of this figure are mastered and segregated, serving far-reaching plans and intricate dokładaniem of layers into the baggage of experience. The subconscious person of this vibration, works in favor of the future in the sense of fear of the problem which was experienced in the past. Trying not to repeat mistakes, creates a protective shield for any circumstance. A person with vibration number four, is a character extremely disciplined, careful and accurate.  It is expressed in its activities methodically and systematically. He is very determined and often overtakes excess duties.
Often thought in a fragmented way, from here, in the actions that take, there is the slightest problem, to focus on the stages, without the need to understand a larger whole. This is not a goal-oriented vibration, it is realized by safety resulting from work, which is beneficial. The magnitude of the task, it can be frightening, which is why it seeks more secure emotionally rewirówing self-realization and makes a brick contribution to the matter of life.
The fours are perfect for routine operations. It is the only vibration, where monotony has no meaning, on the contrary, it is a positive aspect.
These are the most patient, persistent and hardworking people in the entire numerologicznej scale. The serious, conservative, value tradition and the resulting sense of belonging and security identify with the values of work and mandatory and the achievements of their ancestors and predecessors. They are accompanied by a natural respect to older and more experienced people. Gladly enjoy the advice of the people they respect.
In their own environment, they create order and ordering, standing on the guard of law and justice.
People born in this vibrations tend to bracing their views and do not demonstrate their creativity. Avoid changes. It follows that their expression is based on the fundamentals which they have cared for and which have developed. Above that, this vibration has a very poor adaptation ability and this is always a longer period of time than other vibrations.
With reluctance to change, avoid risks and potentially dangerous situations.
Numerologiczna 4, he lives in a sense of the order of affairs and things. If he wants to do something, then once a good. He seeks in life the certainty that he has an influence on the circumstances, and what he is involved in is thoroughly checked, developed and safe.
Numerologicznej four can be trusted. It is an excellent friend, and this value and other close relationships, especially family, are very important to her. It checks as a reliable colleague, never fails, always has the strength to be a support. Numerologiczna foursome, treats the word and commitment as a point of honor. Not to get out of the word, it is very painful and degrading for her. This vibration of the numerologiczna, through its sense of mandatory, is extremely critical, too, and perhaps even in the first place against each other.
A passion for order and structures, naturally develops in this vibrations the ability to administer and organize with it, the responsibilities should be clearly defined for it and should not be associated with the creative imagination, which lacks the vibration.
Foursome is primarily a performer of actions, no wizard. It is important for her to approach the action, on the basis of which it can fully engage the sense of accuracy.
Very important for this vibration, is to communicate their needs and ills, because in their natural humility, it manifests a tendency to omit these aspects, treating them as put on the character. This can lead to the storage of harmful fears and sufferings, discontent and a sense of inability to achieve security.
This vibration improperly tolerates surprising events and even surprises. All of his life's energies are focused on avoiding this, carefully preparing and organizing his life day.
Foursome is not the best interlocutor, it is discussed very specifically and in a rather mundane way. Talking in this vibration is used for communication not pleasure.