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Number 3 artist

Troika is the first entry into the world of groups, communities and impressions. It contains the individualism of one and the harmonious combination of the opposite of the two. Together they create new ones.
From this point begins the search for a new quality, a multitude of experiences.

Numerologiczna 3 is the world of imagination and imagining, the intensity of experience and interest all of which is touched by this vibration.

The three joins the original, instinctive, energetic quality of one, embedded in matter and reality with the transcendent values of the world of feelings and interaction of the spirituality of the two.
Therefore, it is a progressive vibration in the real world, looking for deeper, spiritual values.

The spiritual world of a person born in vibration numerologicznej Three, is a diverse structure and thus complicated. A person of this vibration, often experiencing internal conflicts, experiencing external influences because the same inside of himself generates a strong energy of creativity. This vibration, experiencing a constant process, is under its influence transformed, learns to take responsibility for the process.
Therefore, it is the vibration of the artist who feels and understands that life is a plastic matter and has a real influence on him. At the same time, it undertakes an artistic challenge to be in a flexible transformation, change.
The only permanent thing in the world of Numerologicznej threes is the change and continuous search for new shores, new values for survival and cognition.
Therefore, it is especially creative in its openness a numerical value, with no time to poznawanych the primed phenomena. It has a positive effect on the environment, its enthusiastic attitude full of commitment to life. Very often, people in calmer vibrations have difficulty behind such a man keep up. Keep pace with someone who is constantly transformed and willing to make changes can be cumbersome and even stressful. Therefore, a person in Numerologicznej three, instinctively looking for many people to contact and has very many friends who are eager to enjoy this giving acquaintance. Always, Numerologiczna three carries a consciousness of the road. She is in constant travel. It tends to bored the circumstances. In this situation, changes the environment, transforms, meets new, after a time, cyclically returns, to the previously known lands.
It is also the most flexible, predisposed to assimilate the quality of Numerologiczna. Also called a chameleon, it can adapt practically to each and every circumstance, and always remain one another.
A passion for diversity is reflected in its versatile capabilities.
Special talents are manifested in the art of Word and communication. Three is an excellent relay of news, ideas and drive on the way to a new reality. This ability is sometimes accompanied by excessive, enthusiastic verbosity.
In some sense, the personality of Numerologicznej threes is vain and variable, which often disappoints friends who expect a deeper stable relationship. This vibration is a great socialization, and has a problem at the same time to meet the criterion of constancy.
The diversity which is manifested Numerologiczna three by its dynamic and often unlogical expression, will inspire and enjoy each one with whom the vibrations come into contact.
It especially attracts people with profound sensitivity to beauty. The triplet itself, needs people like a fish of water, by reflecting its attractiveness in the eyes of other people, confirms its existence.
The energy of the three, equips the personality with the personal charm that enchants the environment, expressing their joy and happiness of being here and now. Other vibrations can learn the joys of life from the number three vibrations. It is sometimes hedonistyczna, and its weekday is the Latin carpe diem or seize the day.
And so, dexterity, speed, fervor but eloquence, is the hallmark of a man under the sign of the three.
It is a vibration, which is difficult to end the effort made, finalize tasks. It is rather a short figure and the safest is to act, beating short sections of the road in commitments.

Otherwise, it may expose you to criticism and poor reliability in the eyes of your colleagues. He often experiences the pretensions of the environment and is perceived as someone who cannot be counted, is not serious. Therefore, it is very important to use numerologicznej vibrations accordingly. A very good solution is to engage in several projects at once. This vibration is especially predisposed to multi-tasking that is able to focus its attention on many things at one time. Where other vibrations feel chaos and can not find the logical order of affairs, the three will find itself perfectly.
To be numerologicznÄ… three, you live not to die and above all, to enjoy the creation of life.