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Number 1 leader

One, is the beginning of the numerologicznej scale, progressive, active "fresh blood", driven by the ambition to strive towards the goal. The original idea, the first cats behind the fences, the punching force in the creation phase. This vibration is accompanied by firmness, speed and precision of action.

Numerologiczna One is a concentrated force in motion, rozpierająca the frame of matter.

Therefore, it is expansive, penetrating and building vibration. It paves new ways, gives shape to the old framework and expects acceptance from the environment.

If you don't get it, you have to impose your point of view or miss an obstacle on your way to execution.

The spiritual world of man under the influence of Numerologicznej 1, is a world clear, orderly, decisive. Thoughts in the head are ambiguous and formed, thoughtful and irrevocable judgments. There is no room for doubt, a recess in the interior of the soul. Wandering in uncertainty there is no raison d'être. It is a spirituality applied, where, it's in the interior, immediately goes outside, to the real world and vice versa. The world of this vibration is a constant exchange of information, between what is "inside" and what "outside". This is accompanied by a continuous evaluation of the results on the way to improving its efficiency.

The interior space of vibration personality Number 1, is occupied by mechanisms of rapid reaction, decision-making, searching for the best solutions for realization, matter, concept, problem. These processes are instinctive.

Numerologiczna 1 is the vibration of energetic openness. This openness is a strong standing on two legs and a conscious pursuit of the goal. The goal is always to succeed. Man, looking for solutions based on the facts and talking about arguments, focusing on a topic.

Everything that makes is subordinated to achieving the goals and Posuwaniu to the front in the creations of life. It is one-sided and focused, so it may lose interest in circumstances that do not support the aforementioned direction. One lives in the quality of a strong self, it allows it to focus its strength and be resistant to undesirable influences from the environment, which efficiently and skillfully offsets from each other, if not needed.

Numerologiczna One, is a sign of professionalism and speed of realization, can leave behind opponents and competitors. This person, who first reaches the finish line, collects well-deserved laurels and makes another challenge.

It is in its action a great dynamism, and the environment can receive its conduct as full of courage and success. It is admired and set for the example of a man with accomplishments. Indeed, in its nature lies the ambition and constant, unfulfilled need to push forward. Its action is characterized by linearity and simplicity that is focused on the transition from point A to point B as soon as possible. What is involved must be perfectly carried out to the end, unless the target is reached beforehand or has been altered. But no matter what the reason for change, the flexible one, on the way to efficiency, will draw conclusions and transform its activity in a new direction towards new purposes.

It is reliable, responsible, concrete and organized and above all effective.

This range of vibrations makes people give up the authority to numerologicznej ones, rely on its competences and abilities. They allow you to direct and manage the person represented by this vibration.

Therefore, people under the influence of Numerologicznej ones, are nominated by life to the role of leader and herd leader, who perfectly fulfills this role.

A person in the vibration of 1s is expressed by deed and word. He has talents of clever intelligence and ability to speak, using appropriate arguments to convince the interlocutor.

The enthusiastic Numerologiczna one is a self-confident person and proud of his achievements. He knows that life lies in her hands and has a daily

Leading and positive effect. This is often associated with a sense of superiority, distinctness, individualism, and also the kind of loneliness of the precursor, the overlapping trails.

These aspects are inevitable when you are in the life of number 1. The dynamism of this vibration makes it difficult to find a connection in relationships. In contact with other vibrations, awaiting subjugation, may give the impression of a person who is insensitive and devoid of empathy, which makes embarrassment and even annoyance environment, which in its expression, seeks deeper and more intimate quality Life. One simply ignores them.

One, striving for Przodownictwa, is able to omit, downplayed and diminish the role of the emotional and spiritual world. itself, it limits emotionality and is not capable of experiencing intimacy and long emotional sentiments, which can discouraged people.

To this, his personal reasons arising from the conditions of vibration, despite this, should be the feelings of respect for the separateness and sensitivity of the other man. It should defend itself from the apodyktyczności, understanding the fact that every vibration is as wonderful as it does, but it manifests in a different way.