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We are located in a network of reciprocity, from which we can not escape, we all tangled in one matter of destiny. Whatever touches one of us directly, it touches everyone else indirectly.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

If I enrich myself in a creative way, giving people more value in use than I am taking from them in money, do I not enrich everyone? Not directly, but indirectly just.

There is no question of renouncing life, of sacrificing, of suffering... This is the question of creating, growing, developing, gaining power and inspiring the confreres.


Yes that’s right. In addition, the Wdzięćzności principle always works – if you create something good for others as well – then sooner or later it comes back to you in multiplied form. :)

Hi, what he wants to describe probably nohow has to the above topic, but somewhere in a thread (I read them every day, there are many and I find it difficult to get the right one) on the polemics about influencing their thoughts on others. And what is it? Well, some time ago parted with my husband, I I, to someone. Very skrzywdziłam it, but now in hindsight I want to fix it all, I know it was a mistake, too quickly we gave the win, too fast divorce, etc. I want to zebyśmy again were family, but I do not know what he wants, does not speak with me for almost two years, is with someone (I am in total too) but with the relationship of friends I know is not happy. I visualize how we return to each other, I see us as a happy family, as the guests congratulate us that we are again together and stuff idyllic pictures. At the same time in the soul, please forgive him and I forgive him what was wrong. And now the question is whether it is manipulation? Is this visualization, the desire to “force” him to something? I believe we will succeed, we will create a family anew that we’ll even stronger, happier…. but that’s my opinion, I do not know what is his, or he can imagine it at all, allow himself such a thought. Of course, to visualize, please make it a good benefit for all the people involved so that no one suffers, but do you abuse it, or is it selfish on my part? I am curious about your opinion…..

And one more thing, somewhere I read, I do not remember where, the fact that we are all connected and that after some time mental exercises evolving in us the ability to metapsychiczne, such as telepathy. Is it possible that speaking to him in mind he may in some way receive? If being in an alpha state, I’m sending you thoughts of overflowing love, warming up his heart, or can he feel it somehow? Is it already stepping into the manipulation zone??? Is it rather a one-sided message?

Hi, according to it-do not do anyone who is not pleasing to you, it is simple, but when it comes to helping others, the aid for strength can also be received as evil. In my life it is like: I help, but only when someone asks for it, I never go with shoes in someone’s life, I always emphasize that this is my opinion, while the decision I leave for the person who asks, or asks. I go out with Założęnia that everyone was born with their own brains, that’s why I’m not allowed to think for another man, you can point out ways to send back to knowledge, never do anything for someone, since this one has a problem you must solve it yourself. I know that people like to wyręczać others at the time when they narozrabiają. But then, we owe us a red lamp, if someone is irresponsible it is his problem and he must deal with it, also suffer the consequences of his irresponsibility, so that we will help, since this man for a moment Zrobito the same thing, and we świecimy eyes. Therefore, nay be a good man, do not do evil, because it comes back sometimes after many years of double strength, but also does not impose itself on the aid, and when someone asks for help, if we can give guidance, or ways and Leave the person concerned to continue working or not,-this is the person’s case. In response to the Aneta issue-in fact, visualization will not change anything, it works but for the person who visualizes matters related to you alone. In my opinion, problems are solved after a direct call, it requires your courage to query directly, but it is worth it, because then you will know what you stand, the problem of harass itself dies. I would wizualizowała that I am healthy, beautiful and rich.

To Aneta I read your post and everything is remembered. For 9-years I have been in a relationship which was what I was not feeling in it/looking in hindsight/just as I would have wanted but then I thought that so should be or let it be as it is but after a few years after the wedding began to spoil the separate holidays and trips no talks Normal life situations where a person feels good. And suddenly I felt that so I can not be I must all Zlepić in the whole-I tried and I did everything I could over a year I did not know the secret and the way in general speaking positive thinking and visualization was not known to me I prayed very much when I was getting back from work I was spending a lot of time in the church bench I couldn’t understand that I could not fix it after all I wanted to return to the normal sacramental relationship with my wife so God should help me… I ended up divorce and huge Awanturami brought me out. And after some time in the church I heard the sermon of priest Rekolekcjonisty which I was surprised to say was about the mother who came to this priest and asked for a prayer for the son and the repair of his marriage and the most interesting thing the priest replied that he He may pray for him but may God not want this marriage – I could not believe these words but maybe it is. These words surprised me but I certainly felt better after them. And the reward for all suffering is the person I am currently. So at the end I think that visualization of your relationship with her husband are dreams and the same dreams can not be achieved what we want-he writes about this in NMW I think that if you start to work on it is to show your husband what you want is done the necessary work in you M order if you succeed it is great if your husband does not come back to you at least you will be able to say that you everything that was you can afford now it’s no consolation for you but believe that it is very important feeling to do everything you can by myself I know.

Thanks, Willow 67, there is a lot of sense in you what you write. Ija I guess that’s what I’m receiving that visualize it for myself. And what time will show. With us it was exactly the same, it was important company, money, and then colleagues… I felt terribly lonely in this connection, and loneliness in two is a terrible kind of loneliness… just as you write-events separately, holidays… you eat with your children I have to work, trips-eat Same… I wanted interest, I wanted to fight for me, showed that I am important… therefore I. I załuję because I had to fight and I gave up. I would like to order him to think about me as I am about him now, I would like in order to pragnąl this merge. I made a mistake but I’m just a man, I want to get a chance in order to be able to fix it… and if you do not succeed? Well, you can see it just to be… Now I am mature, I more appreciate life and its aspects, and I believe hot that deserve for all the best, because I try to give the best to others…;-))

Hello. We really find ourselves in a network of unfathomable reciprocity, you can not change reality on the strength, trying to make yourself and another complicate life. Let us try to strive for what we desire through the concentration of your thoughts and dreams on what we desire. Thoughts and dreams have a great executive power. Only you have to believe that everything that we want to meet us, even the behavior of people is changing (I don’t know why it is, but it is. I experienced this now, telling myself that I like everyone and that everybody likes me.) I cannot believe how much I have improved my relationship with the people he works with. The basic principle is to be welcomed to life and to others.

It truest true of all truths. After many years of searching I found my job satisfactory and it turned out to be a happy people…. already hasten with explanations.
Imałam a lot of coursework but I always missed something… Although the last work Florystki already had the symptoms of what I wanted to do because I wyżywałam artistically and uszczęśliwiałam people unfortunately this was not my florist and wages were small, disproportionate To Mich expectations and commitment… but quirk of fate allowed me to achieve fullness of happiness and began to innocently… I just wanted to down because I had enough of my view in the mirror and every diet ended in a failure and huge remorse Sweet treats.. It’s not hard to guess with Veeery gained… what could the moment of your life make sflustrowana life a woman? Seek help in…. the Internet.
And I found one phone, one conversation changed my life, lost within 2.5 months 10 kilo and 32 cm in the circuits felt strong, attractive, happy and I said that is what I should do.. Slimming people.. began training, personal development I was lucky because I came to a reputable company existing in the world market for almost 30 years and I am proud that with it working with it to build its own business but not for me is a priority… good luck gives me help others People to feel like me! I never think about paying and in my account there are still money which I did not times so often! In my case, everything works… I believe strongly in the law of Attraction, giving and I know that anyone can achieve it as the work which he performs gives him the unsurpassed decks of satisfaction… and knows what he wants… you have to love what you do and be a professional in what you do, give To market something valuable and still not be able to improve the form of work and services where the client is a priority because without satisfied customer there is no business and the sum of suma:)rum happiness yours All

For all these valuable comments I would like to add a few słó from each other. For whatever we pay attention, we give this energy, which rises and multipliess. We often give human attention when it manifests negative behavior and then strengthens these negative behaviors. To live the present, you have to be free from the past. No one has the power to change someone else. You only need to focus on your life and start changing them to be happy. A very good way is just forgive yourself and then we are able to forgive the other.

When someone or something does not meet our expectations, it is immediately tempting to change it! And that’s immediately without having to think about the consequences. We expect from others that they will love us, care us and care and rewarded. And what am I? Will I only be a recipient or a donor? Everything in this world is moving, prone to change and development. Man too. Back to the past it’s like being buried in the tomb. Today I know how to appreciate the good that was in my former husband but I know what I did wrong in this relationship. It was my school of life for which he podziekowałam. Today I have no sense of guilt and I think that our relationship was based on sick relationships, it was a common unieszczęśliwianie and not love. True love is a trust in every respect, to oneself and to another man. Fear causes it to come back into the past because she is safe and well known, but it takes a lot of courage to accept the future which is unknown but attractive. Trust in life because it certainly neither you nor me hurt if I myself or yourselves do not skrzywdzicie yourself!!!!
Yours Mira

Hello. According to your slow good should return to the person who tries to be good for others.. And what about those who pozyczasz Kase in Need, and later Unikaja you? What about those who take the credit, because you want to help in a difficult life situation and you are left with the weaves of this obligations? etc.. Alive already nice few years in this world and I conclude that there are little people selfless. I know lot people, but on the fingers of one hand, I can policzyc the men really sincere, good and loyal-the more appreciated their presence and gratitude that I could know them. Best regards.