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"Live in a new house in your imagination until it becomes a material character around you. In the world of imagination, start enjoying the things you desire right away, "Wallace D. Wattles


As part of the reflection on the above quote from the "scientific method of enrichment", I wish to share with you my way of finding a job.

In July this year I gained a master's degree in mathematics. (About my mental preparations for writing work and the same defense I write in another article, because it was also an interesting thing…)

Already at the beginning of the calendar year I heard from different sides of the voices that it is high time to take a job. But I still knew that it was not the time that I had to be inwardly sure that I had a job. So I started createing my new job in my mind, and I began to make sure that I was working and that this is what I want in my life, moreover, that I have the funds that I have enough for my needs.

With such a conviction in April I started to ride the schools, because my desire is to be a teacher. I drove all the schools in my county and even further. I went to every single school as I was going to work. My children Kłaniały, they spoke good day, even though I was in many places for the first time. And I walked the sidewalk leading to the school, telling myself in the thoughts that I was walking a clear way, straight to his dream goal.

In the course of these searches, I had an unshakable vision of myself standing behind the desk and witającej with Rozradowanymi disciples, I began to meditate on the details of my style of work, eg. What to do to quickly get to know the name of all his disciples, I searched for interesting teaching materials, even I created the distribution of material in the mind of selected textbooks, etc. All the time thanking you for having such a cool job and that I can play with it.

A man who is able to sincerely thank God for the things he has in his imagination has a true faith. This person will become rich; This person will certainly create whatever it wants. — Wallace D. Wattles

Even a month ago powtarzałam every moment in my mind: "Thank you from all my heart for a wonderful work, in which I can completely and phenomenally meet, from which I go with a wide smile on the face. Thank you for the wonderful students for knowledge and willing to deepen their skills. Thank you for all the good that I have met in my life and all the time she meets. "

Guess what is today???

Today I get home from work in a small rural school where she learns as much as 35 dzieciaczków. I come back with a wonderful smile on my mouth, albeit with sore, because I have a sick throat. Today I thank sundry and for this wonderful job, for the beloved kids who are going every morning under the school on bicycles and screaming "Good morning!" Thank you for a very nice and intimate bunch of girlfriends. Thank you for the forest that I see from the class windows… She just fulfilled every one of my requests for work…

It's fantastic!!!

So, in conclusion:
1. Doll a crystal clear vision of what you want to achieve
2. Think the right way
3. Then act in the right way
4. Be grateful for what you have achieved and for that at all times, you constantly achieve
5. … and your thoughts become things

What I wish you and my dear friend!

Good luck in search of work, gaining wealth and all the goods you desire!